Hey, this is CreativeCatMeow bringing you a new fantasy novel that I created in hopes of trying to make a better fantasy novel than my previous attempts.

You can also read this story on Wattpad, my username is still the same as it is here.

This is my original story that I worked on night and day (I can tell you it has not been easy trying to write a fantasy novel). I had always dreamed that someday I would be able to get started writing on it and here I am now.

I will have the official chapter for my novel coming soon, but until then, I do have some writing that explains the history of why there are no longer dragons and other mythical creatures on earth.

So here it is to kickstart my novel, the History of the Mythical War.

Long ago, Earth was once ruled by dragons. Even before the first humans, they protected the many magical races that lived in peace in the dragon's protection.

But when humans came into the world, everything changed.

They changed the land by uprooting trees as old as the dragons, overfishing the fish that swam in the rivers and hunting the mythical creatures for fun.

Draglus, a young dragon that despised the humans existing on the earth that all mythical creatures had called their , he had enough and started making an army to challenge the humans who had taken away the land they used to live on.

His father, Thunderous, soon caught word of what he was doing and tried to reason with Draglus had already made up his mind and turned his back on his father.

The next day he started the war, with his army he brought death and name of the war came to be known as the Mythical War.

The dragons and the other mythical creatures who had not turned to evil and sided with Thunderous protected the humans they could save from further harm and challenged Draglus's army.

It was both a great and deadly battle to protect the earth and the humans that had harmed it.

Thunderous knew that not all the humans caused the destruction of their home. He knew that war could not solve everything.

Finally, he decided to use the last resort, the mighty Draco was a crystal created long ago by the gods that once looked after the mythical creatures before the dragons.

With its power, he used it to defeat his son that had been corrupted by 's power weakened him to almost to the point of blacking out on the ground.

The dragons and mythical creatures that followed Thunderous, restrained Draglus and those who had followed him. Thunderous looked around to see the destruction and sorrow that his own son had caused.

He knew that the humans might never trust the mythical creatures again. They would hold a grudge of their kind.

With the last of the Draco Sphere's power, he created a gateway to another world where the dragons and mythical creatures could live away from the humans.

Before he was about to lead the dragons and the mythical creatures into the portal, a small human girl caught his eye as she started walking up to him.

Despite her parents trying to get her to come back, she continued walking until she stood in front of Thunderous."Do you have to go? You saved us, will I get to see you again?" the girl asked, as tears started to fall from her face.

Thunderous felt bad, he didn't know that there was at least one human that didn't blame his kind for the destruction of her town during the war.

From the sack he carried around his waist, he grabbed a book that he had enchanted just in case if there was still a human that cared about dragons and mythical creatures.

A large blue gem was at the center of the cover for the book. It glowed a light blue."I'm afraid we might not return, but if you truly care for us, use this book and say the words that are in it to open the way".

"This book will tell you everything you need to know about the dragons and the creatures that we look after. Look after it wisely, it is the key to our new world," Thunderous said, handing the book to the girl.

The girl took the book and it magically shirked to her size so it wasn't too any more stalling, he leads the mythical creatures and the dragons through the portal.

When all had walked through the portal, the portal closed when the last of them had come, girl wiped her tears away and then looked down at the book, it's title read The Book of Altus in large letters.

She opened the book to see the writing was in the language of the first page was a message that Thunderous had told her about.

It read:
In your eyes, we are gone, though you may still hear the dragon's song. Open thy gate and spread no hate. For you will find where we are.

Since those times, The book has been passed down through generations. Until wars soon broke the peace, displacing the book and being lost to the decedents of that family.

The book soon turned to legend, before becoming lost in the history.