A Thought on Religion:

Can you really claim to love everyone if the religion that you believe damns everyone but you? Can you really say that your god is merciful if he is willing to send every soul who doesn't believe in this exact same way that you believe? to me, this sounds like a ploy to convert people to the same god complex that you have. or perhaps it's a superiority complex. To believe that only the people who believe the exact same thing as you are worthy of receiving the eternal paradise that god has created for all his children. Why can a religion of "love" be so ready to damn everyone but them?

I am a Muslim. I have a Christian roommate who fled an abusive family to come live with me and my family. yet she's still ready to ignore us with the mentality that only her beliefs are good enough to get her into heaven. but what about pure kindness? Is a former murderer with a changed heart more deserving of eternal paradise than someone who spent their entire life doing good and helping others and being the best person they can be? She claims that Islam undoes everything that Jesus died for (the whole "You still gotta do good things to get into heaven" is different from Jesus' "believe in me and be a dick" apparently) but what kind of religion teaches that every bad thing you do is perfectly okay as long as you believe in this one thing? And sure, a lot of people try to do their very best but according to every Christian I've ever talked to, it's perfectly okay to be a dick as long as you truly believe that Jesus died for your sins. Is this a model we want our entire world based on? This is one of the most exclusive cults I've ever come across because Christians claim tolerance but you can't be tolerant and hope that your religion is right, because that means half of humans will end up burning in a fiery pit of hell.

And Christians clear their conscience through mission work. because telling people that "Hey, there's this guy who died for your sins who can save you. But now that you know about him, if you don't accept his message, you'll suffer hell for the rest of time" is apparently soothing for the soul. when I told this to my roommate she replied, "that's not what you tell people" but in saying that, she basically admitted that that's the reality. How can Christians live hoping that they're right when their solution only serves themselves? How can they live spreading the word of Christ hoping to gain mass conversions?

More importantly, Christians are living this cruel idea that everyone but them will burn in the fiery pits of hell, and the comfort in that is God is good. the beliefs are so screwed up that people have to comfort the idea that their beliefs are justified. That's not love. That's not mercy. That's not forgiveness. and that can't be religion.

She tells me that she does believe that I'll get into heaven but I know she's lying to me because she doesn't like the conflict. She tells me that she believes I'll get into heaven, but she also tells me that there is no grief in heaven, so even if I don't get in she won't remember me anyway. But I'll always remember her. heaven or hell I believe that if you're a good person you can get into heaven, and that even if you go to hell, it's not forever. You go to hell just long enough to pay for the kids you murdered or the adults you raped and then you're sent to the lowest level of heaven. because nobody deserves eternal suffering, but religion is not a get-out-of-jail-free card. that's the God I hope rules over us. I don't believe in a God who takes vengeance over his subjects. He made everyone differently and he gave us different cultures, languages, reasons to live. So why would there be one catch-all religion to believe? Why would there be one, culture-specific religion (and might I add, one that isn't at the beginning of the timeline, one that isn't at the end of the timeline, one that's just. there) be the right one? A God who created us all differently would not make one resource-specific religion with strict rules for eternal happiness the only way into heaven, he just cannot.

And maybe one day my roommate will see that her religion is such an exclusive religion that is ready to damn the world for cultural differences. Maybe one day she'll see that her religion is a slap in the face to the family that she wishes she was born into. Maybe one day she'll realize that the beliefs she believes show a God that is ready to damn the children he claims to love. Maybe one day she'll accept that Christianity isn't all rainbows and love, but that the other side is darker than the other side of the next biggest religion. But until then, I guess I'll just do my best to wish good actions and karma upon the world, because you can't preach peace if you're only wishing peace upon those who identify as you do.