To continue my life, I had to kill somebody. That was the first thing I heard from the mysterious man in the graveyard whom I encountered right after my resurrection. He had brought me back to life and said I only had two days to find someone to kill and take his body as mine. It was a horrible decision. But, I had to do it anyway for the sake of my life.

Everything about the accident washed back to me. I was driving my motorcycle and slightly drunk at that time. I sped up to pass the car before me. Suddenly, I saw blinding light in front of me. It dawned on me that it was a truck from the opposite lane. I hit the brake but it was too late. I heard the crash and then all I saw was darkness. In the last second of my life, I had a wish that I still wanted to live and be a better person. At least, I wanted to be given a chance to be someone better before I died. Now, I thought I had found it.

I got on my feet, looking upon the sky. I could not believe that I got back to this beautiful world, seeing the big, full moon in Moonbright city. That night was silent and cold, but I loved it.

I walked out from the cemetery along with the mysterious man whose name was Jeremy. I no longer felt the pain from the accident, but the scars and the injuries were still on my body. My heart was oscillating between the fear and hope. How could I believe this man? Jeremy seemed to notice it and caught a cat passing before him. He killed the cat. Then, he produced a small bottle containing blood from his pocket, squeezed its content to the cat's mouth. To my astonishment, the cat changed into a dog and it was alive. Jeremy let it go.

Jeremy explained to me, "After you kill someone, take his blood. Then, you can continue your life by living in his body. Get it?"

I nodded. But still, I could not believe that I had to kill someone innocent and take his blood for the sake of my life. I knew I was a bad boy but I'd never killed anyone.

Jeremy gave me a suggestion. He said that he knew a boy in a senior high school, living in clover, smart and good looking. It sounded good to me.

In the morning, Jeremy took me to the school where the boy went to. His name was Elfand, 17 years old—2 years younger than me. When I saw him entering the school gate from the distance, I thought he was fine. He looked serious, cool and smart. If I managed to murder him, I would be someone better than I had been.

I came back to the school that afternoon. Puffing out the smoke from my cigarette, I saw Elfand and some of his friends talking to one another as they got out from the main gate. Then he waved a goodbye to his friends and began walking to the other side of the road.

"Is his house not far from here?" I asked.

"I think so." Replied Jeremy. "But you don't need to follow him to his house. At least you know where and when you can meet him."

I nodded in agreement. I murmured as I consulted my watch, "4.45 p.m."

I neither could sleep nor think clearly that night. I was wide awake, trying to assure myself that this was the best way to continue my life. This was my chance so I would not miss it.

Suddenly, I heard someone knocking the door. It was Jeremy. He handed me a small bottle.

"What's this? A poison? Is it deadly?" I stared at the bottle in my hand.

"Use it to paralyze him. You can drive car, right? You can use mine tomorrow afternoon while I am out to do some errands. I'll be waiting for you in the forest in the east, the vastest forest in Moonbright city. It is near the cemetery when you were buried." he told me, giving me his car key.

"Don't talk about the cemetery." I trembled at the thought of being buried there.

"Good luck." Jeremy turned back and went back to his own room.

It was the day when I had to put my plans in action. I was going to kill someone innocent for the sake of my own life. I had put on the fine clothes which Jeremy had lent me. The excitement washed through my body as I got out from Jeremy's house, getting inside his car and starting to drive to Elfand's school.

I parked the car not far from the school and stood in the place where I was yesterday. I was nervous as hell but I tried to act normally. I looked at my watch at almost every second. As I saw Elfand walking out from the school, I almost passed out.

"This is it." I murmured, trembling at the thought of killing this innocent boy.

I took a deep breath, walking towards the boy in a manner that would not make him suspicious. "Um...excuse me." I said with a smile.

The boy looked at me and said with a smile. "How can I help you?"

I said that I was a student from University of A—which used to be my real university. I lied that I had to take him there because I needed to do an interview with a group of my classmates. Fortunately, he accepted my request. But, my heart sank as I realized that I forgot to bring the small bottle given by Jeremy last night. Damn it!

"Sorry. Are you okay? You look pale." He asked me.

"I am fine." I replied. "Can we go now? I parked my car over there." I pointed to the place where I parked my car.

As we got into the car, I locked the doors. Although I failed to paralyze him, but at least he could not escape from here. He sat on the back, reading a book. I hoped he got so engrossed that he would not notice that I was going to take him somewhere else.

"Where are we now?" Elfand asked me as we finally arrived in the forest.

"I…I'm lost." I replied, trying to convince him that I would do no harms.

He looked at the surrounding suspiciously and suddenly pulled me by the back of my collar. "Are you trying to kidnap me? Who are you?"

It was rather difficult to breathe but I struggled to get his hands off me. I fumbled for the knife in my bag, and when I found it, Elfand had managed to unlock the car door and escaped.

"What the…?!" I thought I was the dumbest murderer in the world. I got out from the car and ran after him. But it was rather difficult to chase him in this dense, vast forest. Now, he was nowhere to be seen. He had escaped.

I cursed, screamed and yelled in frustration. I had lost him. As the night began to spread itself on the sky, I wandered around. Thanks to the full moon for the bright light so that I still could see my way in the darkness.

"Jeremy! Jeremy, where are you?! I am heeereee! You said you'll be waiting for me here. But where are you now, old man?!" I shouted. There was no answers.

I lied on the ground in despair. I'd lost my hopes. It was already 9 p.m., which meant I only had to wait for three hours for the time to come and got back to the graveyard.

I was worn out that eventually I fell asleep for a while. Then, I woke up to the rustling sound of the leaves. I got up at once and looked at my surrounding. Was it an animal passing by or Jeremy?

I looked at my watch. It was 11 p.m. I knew I was getting closer to the death but I surrendered. As I lied again on the ground, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a man's voice.

"What are you doing here?!" he shouted at me. It was Jeremy.

Jeremy bent down to see me and shot me an angry look. "How can you just sleep here and do nothing?!"

I got up and snapped back. "I hate you! I have been waiting for you for hours! Where have you been?! I have lost Elfand and now I am just waiting for the death to come! You stupid old man! You are a liar!" I was boiling with anger and I walked away. Jeremy followed me and asked how Elfand managed to escape. I tried to explain what had happened to him while I had no idea where I was now. I just kept walking in the forest, under the moonlight.

I stopped at once as I noticed something moving behind the bush in front of me. I whispered to Jeremy, "I think there is someone behind that bush."

I walked slowly, getting closer to the bush. I was right. There was a boy, scared to death when he saw me. Elfand! I guessed he could not find the way out from this forest.

He ran again. Now I would not miss him. As I glanced at my watch, I ran as fast as I could with a knife in my hand. I only had ten minutes left.

I sped up my pace as I saw him falter and fall down onto the ground and caught him. I took a glance at my watch again. 11.58 p.m.

I pinned him down and held him by his neck. As I lifted the knife, ready to stab his throat, Elfand looked behind me and exclaimed, "Father?!"

"What?" I turned my head in confusion and swung the knife towards someone behind me. For a second, I thought that it was his father trying to help Elfand, so I should prevent him from hurting me. But, it dawned on me that I had accidentally stabbed…Jeremy.

I was aghast. My body trembled in fear as I saw Jeremy fell onto the ground. "Jeremy?!" I knelt down beside him. He was dead. I had killed him.

To my surprise, Elfand got up and said, "He is my stepfather. I know him and his supernatural power. He must have used you and lied to you about the resurrection to kill me. Fortunately, you saved me instead."

I was taken aback. "Then, what about taking someone else's body as mine? Is that a lie?" my voice trembled as I stared at Elfand's eyes.

"There is no such a thing. You are already dead and you will never come back to life again. You are a ghost. My stepfather has a power to make the ghosts 'alive' but actually they are not." He touched my face gently, kneeling down before me. "But, you have done something good. You have saved my life and from now on I will live my life in peace. Now, I hope you'll rest in peace in another world full of happiness." he said as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Thank you, Elfand." I said with teary eyes and a smile.

That was the happiest moment in my life before I finally closed my eyes for eternal sleep. Elfand rested me on his lap and said, "Goodbye."

The End