Chapter 1

From the distance it looked like three cigar shaped pirate ships were attacking the Cosmic Traveller but they were only sparring.

The largest cigar shaped ship was Mother. It was small enough to land in Cosmic Traveller shuttle bay. The two cigar shaped ships were Maiden and Crone. They were just a little smaller than Mother. There are ports Maiden and Crone fit in and on the Mother ship. Only the noses of Maiden and Crone would be in Mother.

They were separated and shooting shakers at the Cosmic Travaller. The Cosmic Traveller gunners were shooting back.

On the Mother's bridge was Commodore Chesmu, a Krims with shoulder length gray hair with a hint of darker hair underneath. He had a third eye bump like all Krims do. He was wearing a fishing vest over a long sleeved Henley with the sleeves pushed up showing his over tattooed arms, cargo pants and hiking boots.

He was sitting in the pilot/command/coms/systems chair. The stations can be moved to different pop up chairs. Since Chesmu was the only one on the bridge all the stations were close to him. He had a headset on and was communicating with the Cosmic Traveller.

"Let us board and no harm will come to your passengers." Chesmu said trying to sound tough.

The answer from Cosmic Traveller was delayed as Breena confers with Captain Coolco.

"No, we have nothing for you." Breena replied.

"It doesn't mean you don't have something I would want, does it?" Chesmu asked, laughed, disconnected communication to Cosmic Traveller then turned on the intercom to all areas of all his ships and ordered, "Keep shaking them."

He shut off the intercoms then continued to fly his ship.

In Mother's gunner station two Blue Moon shooting at the middle sphere of Cosmic Traveller.

The gunner stations on the three pirate ships were different from the ones on Cosmic Traveller. They consisted of a chair and a console with monitors mounted on a wall.

Blue Moon like all Wallaw didn't speak but signed or telepathically to other Wallaws because she had no vocal cords. She did look like a white human woman with dark hair, wearing a Hippy style outfit.

When the shakers from Cosmic Traveller shook her too much she did sign something then went back to shooting at the Cosmic Traveller.

Over at Maiden's bridge Orva was in the Captain/pilot chair. She was maneuvering the Maiden around the front sphere of the Cosmic Traveller.

Orva was 21 year old Bera and at that time wore Emo style clothing. She was a Deza Bera, who are between 4'6" to 5'6" as adults. Orva was 5'5" had shoulder length blond hair. Like all Beras she had aura sensors that start at what look like ears then continues as a thin line of fibers under and above the eyes then connects to the other side of the sensors on the nose and between the eye brows. Her actual ears are on top of her head and look similar to bear's ears. Her eye color changes with her mood.

Dayanara was on the bridge at systems control and communication. She was Krims, in her mid forties with Caucasian skin tone and dark short hair. Her style of clothing was bright colors and many layers.

"Are they giving up?" Orva asked.

"No. They all are saying they have nothing in the cargo holds." Dayanara replied.

"How about in there closets?" Orva asked.

"Probably not. They're going the wrong way." Dayanara answered and hung on as the ship shook.

"Ocee. He always knows how to mess things up." Orva said knowing Ocee was going to another boarding school and he never stayed in them long.

The Maiden shook again.

In Crone's engineering Onawa was busy keeping the engines going. She was cussing in her native tongue.

She was Ira'Oy who looked like a Human Pacific Islander. She had a time line tattoo on her left arm that had over forty leaves. She was 381 but looked like she was in her late thirties. When in engineering she wore T-shirts, cargo pants and steel toed shoes but when else where she wore light flowing clothes with appropriate shoes to go with each outfit. She had been Galegina's wive a long time and Hohots's mom.

The time line tats start at age 1 with a dot, leaf or something small. Every ten years they get another small tat that would be attached to the one before with a line. If something significant happens that can also be added to the line before the ten years. The time tat would wrap around arm, body and so on like a vine.

Up in Crone's gunner station one Tama suddenly had a vision. She pushed the intercom button and yelled, "Millie is coming!"

Tama was Krims and 62 but looked in her thirties. She had red hair and Caucasian toned skin. Her wardrobe style was more country/farm girl but no overalls.

On the Maiden's bridge Dayanara got the same vision, pushed the alarm button and exclaimed, "Millie is coming!"

Orva reacted by piloting the Maiden to Mother.

While on Mother's bridge Chesmu got the same vision as the other Krims. He pushed the red alert button. Chesmu piloted the Mother so the other two ships could dock.

The Maiden and the Crone docked in their ports on Mother becoming the Goddess. The Cosmic Traveller pulled in their guns. The Goddess left as the Dragon Master, a boxy shaped massive UPRA command ship, arrived.