I am just a regular guy; when all of this crap happened, I am so much more.

9 hours ago

It was nighttime in New York, the view and atmosphere appearing so much brighter than usual. Walking down the sidewalk is a young man, a man who is a tourist with how many pictures he is taking.

The man put the phone in front of his face and began to speak. "Why good evening, and hello motherfuckers this is you, man, the one and only Uria Law coming at you from the majestic and marvelous city of New York!

Uria had the biggest smile on his face than one on the entire sidewalk. "So, I've been here for a couple of hours so far; things are nice. I mean, lovely, now I am about to go into this club and see if I get lucky tonight, said Uria putting his phone in his pocket.

Uria stood in front of the building showing his I.d to the bouncer. After examining the I.d and himself, the bouncer let Uria pass; Uria fixed his clothing, making sure that he was at his best.

Uria is a well-built man with a handsome, well-kept face with brown skin and black straightened hair tied in a ponytail held by a red band. The evening attire is a black short-sleeved silk shirt, black pants, and black dress shoes.

Uria wears dark blue glasses and has a foo lion tattoo on his back. Once inside, the smell of cigarettes and a good time filled his nostrils. The music base filled his ears, and the atmosphere made him even more excited for the evening.

With nothing to lose, Uria headed to the dancefloor and began to move to the song. The music being played is the LMFAO party rock anthem. It was a song anyone could dance to, so there were no wrong moves.

Uria was having fun and not a care in the world, two beautiful women began to dance with him, and it seemed the fun would never end. However, Uria glanced to his right for a second to see a beautiful woman in a turquoise blue dress sitting by herself at the bar. Uria headed toward her with all the confidence in the world.

The woman has curly black hair and flawless black skin. She is wearing two silver bracelets on her right arm and a silver earring in her left ear. The woman had curves in all the right places, her legs long and toned. At best, she appeared to be a c cup in the breast department.

"One water, please, said Uria ordering from the barkeep. "Water what no beer" "not yet am only twenty hi Uria, Uria Law. "Lashay Thomson, so what line are you going to use on me to try and get in my pants.

Uria took a sip of the water that just arrived" "well, truthfully, I was going to tell you my back story, dreams, goals, became an orphan. "Wait, orphan, why is that?

"I was raised by my grandparents and uncle my whole life, and grandmother died when I was 14. My grandfather passed about a month ago" "your uncle, what about him though, asked Lashay?

"Uncle lives in Brazil, so I told him I would come an see or live with him next year.

Lashay eyed the man in front of her from top to bottom; she then smiled at him. "Uria, why don't you follow me? I want to show you something, said Lashay leaving the bar and heading outside.

"Here, dude has a nice night, said Uria paying the bartender and following the women outside.

Rushing outside, Uria followed Lashay to a gray Lamborghini" "so, mister Law, why don't you follow me into having a good time tonight? Get in. Uria opened the door to the passenger seat and immediately put his seatbelt on.

"Before we leave Uria, the only relative who knows you lives in Brazil, correct?


*Silenced gun noise*

Uria looked down at his stomach to see he was shot" "shh, shh, don't fight it, just go to sleep, said Lashay.

Uria fainted from the tranquilizer" "yes, this is doctor Wallace. Get doctor Hutcherson to tell them I have a body ready for the elixir.

2 Hours Later

The feeling Uria had before was now all gone, and he was strapped to a gurney he could tell that much. Wherever he was, it was poorly lit, the hallway he was being rolled on.

"Prepare the elixir now" "; where the hell am I?

"Put him on block 4 when this is over" "who are you, people!? A man with brown hair and a navy blue turtle neck stood over Uria, his eyes were blue, but just by staring into them, he could tell something was wrong with him. The eyes that would appear to be a man were those of a soulless monster" "I am doctor Hutcherson we will be giving you the Excalibur elixir, and then you will become a alter; now, this will sting at first.

All of a sudden, Uria felt a needle stab him in his neck" "Gahhhhh, no one does this to me, you going to pay for this!

"No, no, you misunderstand me; we aren't fascist, a cult, or going to hurt you. We will make you better, Mr. Uria Raphael Law; my wife got this I.d and a lot more information from your wallet.


"Put him in block 4 in that new cell, the soundproof one, make sure he doesn't disturb the others.

Uria has pulled off the gurney and carried it to a cell; in truth, the cell was like one you find in an insane asylum. The only way in was the front door, and on the door was a sliding view window. Uria's body felt limp, his bones were aching, and he felt warm.

(What, damn someone helps me, Uncle Raphael, god help me am scared I don't know what to do I?!

Uria felt a pain surge through his entire body from nowhere; that felt like he was getting crushed by a steamroller.



5 Hours Later

The idea of speaking was complex for Uria to conceive, his throat felt like it was bleeding, and even that could be an understatement compared to how the rest of his body feels right now.

Suddenly the door to his cell opened, and men with guns dragged him out of his cell. Uria looked around to see seven other people in orange jumpsuits staring at him.

Feeling in Uria's legs started to come back, Uria tried to stand on his own, but the minute he tried to, the but of a gun was placed in his stomach. "No, I can't have any of that now, can I, boy" "...I want? A man with a black baseball cap and lumberjack beard held a ar 15 automatic in his left hand. The man smiled, showing both his front teeth are gold. The attire is black SWAT-like gear, except there is no logo or emblem that can be seen.

"Look here, my name is Lieutenant Albert Schweitzer; I now own your ass, you sorry sack of shit. During your stay here at the Ocho Lupus Pin, here is the food chain.

Pay attention now to the food chain; you are the inmates, guests, patients, or experiments at the bottom. The cockroaches and rats that crawl around up in here.

"As you have already been so acquainted with my guns, by the way, this is Sasha; she loves to rapid-fire, Albert said, patting the firearm."

My chair I sit my ass on, the table I eat my dinner off of, and my food eat off the table.

Finally, we get to us, the wolves who watch over all of you. That means you disobey us; we will eat you up and spit you out; there seven blocks you are on block number four, my friend.

Eight prisoners on each floor, so I want you to know you have six days to find out what you can do or well?

"What will happen to me? Tell me.

"Old Yeller was the best dog in the west until we had to put him down, so either figure what you can do, or Sasha here is going to have a fucking field day on your skull.

Get him up out of here and out of my sight, exclaimed Albert!

Uria is once again dragged to that insane cell; this time, Uria better looks at some people. Looking to his left, he saw a man with a red snake tattoo that covered the left side of his face.

Next to him a man with his jumpsuit jacket tied around his waist. This man has jet black shaggy hair and a scar that covers a majority of the left side of his mouth.

Turning to the right in a cell is a girl with brown skin and brown hair parted to the side.

Uria arrived at his cell. Once the door was opened, the guards flung his body into the room. Uria felt a little worse now, the entire time thinking of a happy thought.


"Uria, my boy, what is that your making, said an old man.

"It's a fish, gramps, my rainbow glowfish" "so it changes color, doesn't it? "Yes, sir, but I thought that maybe with each color is different, like when it turns red lime green lines appear on it too.

Flashback end

2 Hours Later

Uria awoke again in the insane room, feeling a lot better now. Lifting himself off the floor, Uria noticed that he to was now in a strange orange jumpsuit" "I haven't had that good memory in a long time.

Uria looked at his hands and pondered about his situation. (I should have listened to my grandmother when she told me never to go to clubs, hah, I wish I could be that rainbow glowfish.

"Rainbow glowfish red said Uria was staring at his hand.

In an instant, all of Uria's skin became red, and his nails became lime green, and his hair and teeth. The lime green lines traversed his entire body, and his eyes were also lime green; Uria felt odd and powerful.

"What's happening to me?