It was now 7:00 in the morning it had now been almost a full day since the arrivals at Baron's mansion.

Waking to the feeling of a soft bed was nothing new to Uria, but awakening to a spectacular women like Elena was an entirely different matter all together. Uria gazed at the beauty he was spooning and was enjoying how soft and right her body felt next to his. His eyes grew as Elena turned her face was now in front of his.

(Damn she looks so peaceful I almost forgot that one good night sleep can wash all your troubles away).

The feeling of her body and their faces so close Uria leaned in closer ready to kiss her.


Hearing the knock at the door Uria body jolted up glaring at the door.

"Hi there sorry um some of the group who is up want to talk to you Uria, said Arron opening the door with his eyes covered".

Glaring at Arron Uria whispered to him" "go away tell them to wait" "but they want to" "go Arron, exclaimed Uria.

Arron shut the door as fast as he could, Uria looked down to see Elena awake her head resting on her arm and staring at him. Before he could say anything Elena grabbed the back of Uria head and pulled him down to her.

Their lips met and Uria eyes felt like they were going to pop out his head. Wrapping his right arm around her waist he pulled Elena closer so that her chest were now smashed against his chest.

It was a battle between their tongues and Uria was loosing, because now Elena was on top of him still enjoying his taste. The lip locking soon turned into a full makeout session as Uria's hands traveled up Elena's body.

Elena doing the same but mostly playing with his hair, Uria upper body was now sitting up to where Elena's had her legs locked around his waist and she was in-between his legs. Moving his right hand from her back Uria grabbed Elena right breast, Elena smiled at Uria doing this.

The need for air became apparent and the two separated, placing her arms around his neck Elena stared into Uria's eyes. "That was some kiss you know what brought it on, asked Uria?

"Well one you broke me out of hell, second I had the pleasure of watching you fight and sweat without a shirt, third I woke up before you and realized that you were humping my ass in your sleep.

Uria eyes grew and dropped his head in embarrassment" "if it is any consolation I was not trying to but now that I am awake why don't we do something we try some morning exercises.

"No as much as I would love to have sex with you in the shower no, we have to go downstairs and be leaders okay so come on get up, said Elena untangling herself from Uria.

With a sigh Uria got up from the bed and headed to the door. "What are you going to do Elena" " take a shower change clothes you know usual stuff" "can I watch.

Elena playfully pushed Uria out of the room" "okay I'll see you later.

Walking back to his room Uria felt something in his stomach, stopping altogether Uria felt lightheaded.

(What the have I been poisoned, am I having an anxiety attack, what is this, asked Uria in his mind)?


It was his stomach growling, with that relief Uria quickened the pace to his room and immediately changed into the clothes that was left in the drawers.

After 15 minutes of hygiene, and switching clothes Uria came out the room and headed downstairs.

Uria changed into a dark navy blue long sleeved buttoned shirt with gray lines going down it vertically. He is also wearing black jeans with in bold letters on the right leg colored in red is the word wolf, bending down he is tying the black shoe laces to his gray vans.

Making it down the steps mostly everyone is here eating breakfast of any kind. Uria grabbed a box of cereal and poured it into a bowl" "don't you need some milk with that?

Behind Uria giving the carton of milk is one of the people he will be working with today is Nevan. Taking the carton Uria poured the milk into his cereal and grabbed one of the plastic spoons that were on the table.

Nevan stared at Uria observing him" "what you got a problem say something man, said Uria.

"How long do you last" "excuse me what do you mean?

"The ability you have, how long does it last? Does it work as long as you want it to or is there a set amount of time before it stops, hell do you even know, asked Nevan?

Uria's eye's grew at the question slash deduction of his powers and how someone he barely knows, has almost more understanding then he does about his own powers.

"I don't, I don't know honestly" "no offense but everyone is still buying that whole 'your in charge' deal might want to know your limits first before hand, said Nevan taking a sip of his coffee.

"Not only that but you may be more limited out here than we were in the blocks, said Tracey sitting on the other side of Uria.

Uria looked at Tracey with a puzzling look" "how so man?

"Imagine you get high for the first time ever it last forever, then you try it again only thing doesn't feel the same as before and it does not last as long either, said Tracey.

"Basically what my brother is saying is that our bodies never really had time to adjust to our powers, but since we haven't had the collars back.

"Everyone has noticed changes about their powers haven't they, asked Uria?

"More than likely we noticed this morning with our powers, soon everyone is going to have to get readjusted to that this is life, said Tracey" "which this plan of seeing how much has changed and see if we can reintegrate into society is a good idea, said Nevan

"Is everyone ready to go and see how bad we can screw this up, yelled Tracy!?

"Yes, the group shouted in unison!"

Baron showed the group the garage, immediately Arron grabbed the keys to a dark blue buick enclave.

Nevan grabbed the keys to a pro master cargo van, the groups the split up into two groups.

Going along with Arron are Uria, Elena, Amari, and Tracey. Nevan's group consisted of Bojhan, Leiza, Jessica, and Kris" alright everyone what is the thought of the day, asked Jessica?

"Live another day however I please" "seatbelts on so you can be safe" "try not to die, said Nevan, Leiza and then Uria.

"Okay first off no Leiza that is an obvious no brainer, and Uria that too". "No try not to stand out or, draw attention to us just relax and try not to bring hell down on us, ordered Jessica.

Everyone gave her the thumbs up at Jessica obvious statement.

With those final words the two groups left to see if the world could still handle them.