Chapter Two Blowing Up

Admiral Nelson was found outside his quarters, some twenty feet away out cold. Captain Lee Crane found him, when he called Sickbay and Dr. Jamieson to come quickly.

A few moments later, Dr. Jamieson and his tech Stoner brought the gurney to bring him to sickbay.

"Doc, I don't know what had happen. I was just walking by, when I saw the Admiral on the floor?"

"Lee, I will be sure to let you know, when I do a full work up on him, but for now, I suggest you. Stay out of the sickbay, until then!"

"Of course. I will inform Commander Morton on what happened. I will be in my quarters, until further notice."


In another part of the submarine.

Since it was late, Chief Sharkey was making rounds before going to see how his wife Julieanna was feeling. But then he remembered that she was on duty in the radio shack for the late watch.

He was hearing some type of a moaning sound around the corner, when he saw Phil Galloway trying to help himself up from the floor.

He runs over to help him out, along with asking on what exactly happened to him in the first place.

Galloway was rubbing the back of his head. "I don't know Sharkey, something hit me in the back of my neck." He says quickly.

"Come on Phil, I am taking you to Sickbay to be checked out by the Doc."


In sickbay

Dr. Jamieson was quite sure that Nelson was fine, but his blood work came back to show some form of strange gas. As it was still in his lungs to have him probably pass out in the hallway.

Nelson was laying on his back in sickbay, when Dr. Jamieson told him that he can go to his quarters to relax. But for him to come back in the morning for a quick check up.

"I will be sure to be here in the morning Doc, for now I will stay in my cabin under guard, just in case something else does happen to me."

"Look Harriman. Other then the fact that your lungs still has the gas, nothing else showed up with your lab work. Get dressed, I will have Dr. Sterling walk with you to your cabin."

"Thanks!" Before walking over to the closet to pull out his clothes before looking for Anthony in the lab.


Lee Crane went to his quarters to take his break. He was still stewing over the fact that Admiral Nelson was keeping things to himself, not only recent, but over the years to really have him think that something has to be said, before it's too late!

Even though his own wife has been pushing it beyond it's limits, and right now, he was not in the best of moods to say a word to the man.

Any rate He fell asleep on his bed, having to forget about locking the door. It was sometime later, when he felt a present in his quarters, thinking that it might be his wife Rose Marie, when in fact, he felt something covering his head before passing out.


Sometime later in Sickbay...

Rose Marie, Doc Jamieson and Doctor Sterling were watching Lee Crane come around finally after passing out.