Chapter Five Blowing Up Finale

Once Susan was able to get past the strain of change with her body. She was able to finally relax her breathing, while Dr. Sterling kept checking the medical scanner with her vitals.

After a moment she speaks in the voice of the creature. "My name is Valour, I am truly sorry about the attacks of your crew members. I understand better now, that I am going to be staying alive inside this body, however my essence, it was once were in past will die, while my brain and thoughts will continue on, too much damage was done to save me entirely.

Dr. Jamieson came over to check her out further, while looking at the medical scanner. "Valour, I do hope, you will be able to continue on with being a part of this crew, with what help that we can give you. Susan Wallace needs to have her own identity, when ever she needs to be herself."

"We understand Dr. Jamieson, I just need to learn all over once again, it's just a shame that I am the last of my kind, Admiral Nelson, please understand that I am truly sorry for what was done to you and the others, including your best friend Captain Lee Crane.

I will leave Susan's body for now, however I will stay in the lab, until she is ready to have me again as the host." It was at that time, Dr. Sterling after handing the scanner to Jamieson, had to catch her before falling to the ground.

They would make sure the vacuum is placed back up once again, with everyone leaving for sick bay to check out Susan further with her health.

Sometime later in the main lab with Rose Marie orders, she was able to confer with the medical staff, to help develop a metabolic vaccine to be given once a week to keep Valour inside of Susan's body, it will be used right away on her, outside the vacuum of the lab with Valour. There were no other issues to be discuss, other then the fact that the crew had to get used to the idea.


Five days later on there way home to Santa Barbara, California, it was finally time for Admiral Nelson to speak with Lee Crane, and the spot to find him was in the ship's pool relaxing with Rose Marie, when in fact, it was her that called him to come and settle there differences.

When Rose Marie looked up to see him walking over to the edge of the pool. She tells Lee that she has to leave to finish up some work in the main lab with Susan on a new enhancement for the cloaking belts, She just used that as a excuse, to have the Admiral speak with her husband. She moves over to give him a quick peck before leaving the pool area.

"See you later, Lee?, Admiral, I suggest a nice warm swim to loosen up the muscles." She smiles to herself before moving off.

"Actually Lee I have my trunks on underneath, give me a minute, and then we can talk about something that has been on my mind for awhile." Five minutes later, he swims over to Lee at the deep end of the pool, with no one around having to be late at night.

"What's on your mind Admiral?" While moving up and down his legs for exercise.

"I understand your been upset at me lately for the lack of trust between the both of us, for when it comes to certain missions with ONI,and not giving you the details that is really needed to run the mission the right way, for that I am truly sorry about, It's just my nature to be that way, I just don't wish to have you leave again, because of me being stubborn."

"That's for Sure Admiral, any rate, I was just feeling lately, that you never seem to trust me with having to run this submarine with those details, to really upset me greatly the past months."

"If ever that happens again Lee, please kick me in the ass to set me straight, is that all right with you, lad?" While padding him on his back while moving away from the back board. "By the way, we can thank Rose Marie once again for getting involved in this matter, she was very worried that you might leave again for the Navy."

"When it comes to my wife Rose Marie, she's always worrying about me."

It was at that moment, a lone female came into the pool area to try her hand at swimming, something she always wanted to try over the years.

When she join the men at the deep end, Valour answered Admiral Nelson's next question. "It's something I always wanted to try, now that I have a host to keep me alive, and I believe Susan was always afraid of the water for when she was a little girl.

"One thing for sure Susan/Valour, life on the Seaview is going to be really interesting for everyone involved, now all you need is a boyfriend, to really get things stirring inside the pot!"

"Admiral Nelson, I don't understand the phrase, I will need to look it up on the computer." He laughed, along with Lee Crane moving off into the water to finish up his laps before meeting up with his wife again.