This is a story about DYING, it may be triggering to some, some so I'd like to give fair warning. I wrote this while in a rather depressed state, so please if this is something that you are not comfortable reading Do Not Read It. -DB

I can't understand this feeling, numb from everything other than pain. An anguish and a sorrow that comes from the very being of the soul. The feeling of feeling completely lost and alone in the world, suspended in a never-ending unwavering darkness. Those last moments that I can clearly remember relay through my mind, the faster the images flash through my mind the tighter my chest feels and the pace of my heart increases. My mind is racing, but my body is frozen, I'm trapped in this darkness, seeing shadowed that are impossibly darker than this void.

These shadows look like people and I go unnoticed, the pleas for someone to look get stuck. I need to be seen, Oh god! Why can't they see me? They're all shuffling around, mindless in their own little worlds, like ghosts… Are these people dead? Are these the ghosts?

I feel the panic well up inside of me to the point of hysteria. Suddenly I can move and the things around me begin to lighten. I see the faces around me and they seem fine and alive. How are they fine if they can't see me right in front of them?

As soon as the thought came upon me realization dawned like a bucket of cold water. I remember my last moment now, the haze that surrounded it is now gone. The sound of banging, frantic screaming and crying shatter my ears. The feeling of burning agony and flames licking my skin surrounds me. I died, I'm the ghost.

Cold arms wrapped around me and a voice like ice whispered in my ear "Don't worry darling, Death is here."Again I slipped into darkness and was consumed.