Lo Siento

The world sometimes feels,
A hunger I feel to find

Surrounded by a world
Of different vibrations,
I am dissonance.
Harmony, broken and shattered
to fit into my body,
That is me.

You are unattainable.
A normality that I
Cannot possess.
A piece in a puzzle
That is not my picture.

Although we did look nice together,
It never made sense
With the rest of the pieces.

When one is alone,
And thinking,
And broken,
It is easy to convince yourself
That you don't matter.

That because you feel faded,
You are in fact fading.

I have miscalculated movements
In many circumstances.

Heavy steps, blundering
Through the world as if I were blinded.
Loneliness is the gift I'm good at,
Both being and giving.

The lost soul in the graveyard.