I wish there was a messiah to hear my pain

To tell him I need peace & love more than money & fame

I'd give up anything to meet him, even whatever I'd gain'd

Then my horror would go, like dirt washed away by rain

Then I heard a voice so faint was he

Said that he'd come to help and "guide" me

"How can you help me?"Said I, "An old timer like thee?"

"What do you need help with?" He ask'd, his voice so loud and "free"

He told me sit down, Son tell me again that do you needed?

What it is that made a sinner like thou plead?

What medicine does your pain is to be feeded?

Maybe there's something inside you, like an "evil seed"

I said, "O' pious and wise and caring and free

All I need is this big burden to be taken off of me

A burden of pain, horror, fear and misery

And grant me the power to be who I want to be…"

"I need a woman, I need someone's love

I need my soul to fly higher than the mighty dove

She will be there with me, in smooth and in the rough

This is all I need, this is more than enough"

"It seems you're enclosed in a shell, from what I see in you

You want to be free, but there something enchaining you

Like you want to fly, but your wings held down by a demon or two

And you're lost and desperate, and not know what to do"

"So what do I do? Is there any remedy?

Is there any hope in this cruel world for me?

Or would I die under this old tree?

Realizing that there is no hope for a poor soul like me"

"Young man, stop being naïve and know there is hope in a mile

Such a hope that would make your life worthwhile

All you need to do is let your negativity flow out like the Nile

And forget everything and just…smile…"

"A smile? a smile? A smile can set me free?

No, it would render me useless than this dumb tree!"

"Do not you dare use that tone with me!

"I doubt that you actually want to be free!" Said he.

No old man, being free is my true right!

You wouldn't understand because you do not have my sight!

I'd try, I'd try and I'd fight and I'd fight!

And I would finally be free, with all of MY might!

He says "Get up!" I thought he was asking for more

Then he slapped me with a force I'd never felt before

His gentle sway knocked me face-down, on the floor

Making me think twice, "Was he seventy- three, or twenty-four?!"

I got up rubbing my cheek, he said to look inside

There was this evil in me and there was no deny

He told me that my good and bad are constantly on the collide

And there is only one thing which could make my good revive

"Please tell me O' pious one!" I am in need right now

Because I do not like the way my life will go down

And I'll do whatever you said; this to you is my vow

Just please, I beg you, do anything to get rid of my frown!"

He said "listen up son because it's the last time I'm going to say

There is an evil beast inside of you, which you need to slay

And for that, be simple, get a woman, go in the fields and run astray

Do anything to get your mind off of your hatred, your fears and your dismay"

"Believe in yourself son, as this is true

No one will love you more than you

Only then you might get a partner, and maybe get a child or two

They will believe in you, love and care for you!"

I felt so alive, so vibrant and so clear

Like all of a sudden, my worries went away with my fears

I stood there, humbled, felt like my destiny was near

Ad at that moment, I shed a single thankful tear….

Thank you pious angel you've helped me

You've been patient with me, you've guided me

You taught me the single lesson to be free

Is to believe in myself and let all the negative be

Then I saw Masroor stand by, witnessing the new me

I rushed towards him, so young and "free"

He said," You're looking fresh; you got a secret wanting to share with me?"
I said," Yes, Masroor! A smile at all adversaries is the simplest remedy…."