Chemical warfare
is wrong

It's never right to harm
the citizens of your country
It's never right to harm
the innocents

Children are off limits

At all times

But I can't see
how throwing bombs at the problem
is going to produce a solution

Violence begets violence
and all the other adages
that tell us
"Don't hit back;
stand up
and look them in the eye,
but hitting them

And now
well now we have a problem

Because bombs will not go unanswered

We are not invincible
and it's foolish
to ever
think differently

War is threatening
and I do not
want to see my brother
(who is almost sixteen,
who loves welding,
and just went on his first date)
be dragged into a war

War is not something you
should ever bring onto your country
Not if you can help it

And now we might be going
because someone couldn't keep missiles
in their silos
and talk to these countries
and look to other options
before throwing their citizens
into the line of fire

Knee jerk reactions
are rarely the right way to go
You just end up with regret


I hope we don't end up regretting this