Echoing Lies

All of these lies echo inside my head,

Fueling the darkness in my heart,

I can't stand it; I just can't stand it anymore.

I cry out; I cry out to You, oh Lord,

With everything that I have,

I need You right now.

Please, oh, please, won't You save me?

Save me from all of these lies.

I need You; I need You to wipe away my tears.

I'm scared; please, won't You still my trembling?

Speak over this fear; this fear inside of my heart.

Hold me tight; never let me go,

No matter what,

Just keep on holding me tightly in Your arms.

Never let me go.

I can't live without You here in my heart.

Take me; take me over.

I want to dream once more.

Just look; just look at this monster,

This is who I've become.

When I look at myself in the mirror,

I can't stand the person staring back at me.

The lies echo inside of me.

These echoing lies,

They fill me up on the inside.

I don't know; I don't know why.

This monster,

It grows deep inside of me.

Its teeth are razor sharp,

Slicing deeply into my skin,

I can't stand who I am anymore.

Please, rain Your saving grace,

Rain Your saving grace onto me.

I want to drown in it.

Let it seep deeply into me.

Chase away these echoing lies.

Chase away these echoing lies.

I need you to chase away these echoing lies.

You died on the cross for me.

I can never do what You did.

All I can do is be grateful; grateful to You.

Shine inside of my heart,

Tell me everything will be all right.

Breathe Your very being into me,

Bring me back into life.

I need a reason; I need a reason to live.

Let that reason be You.

You've overcame death,

Chased away the fires of hell,

Never giving up on anyone,

I need You; I need You.

Please, save me; save me.

These lies,

They echo deep inside of me.

God, save me; save me from these.

No matter how painful,

I know You're there; you're always there.

You're always by my side,

No matter what,

You're always by my side.

Echoing lies,

They don't stand a chance.

Echoing lies,

Let's defeat them together.

Echoing lies; echoing lies.

Painful echoing lies.