Chapter 5

Harry lived in a small but modernized cabin along the banks of the Blue River. He was mindlessly watching television one evening when he heard a knock on the front door. He was surprised to find Gertie standing on the porch when he opened the door.

"Happy Birthday, Harry," Gertie greeted him with a wide smile. She was wearing a green cotton dress and she smelled of perfume.

"I can't believe you remembered," he said, impressed.

"I remember everything," She told him. "You have any booze stashed here for a birthday toast?"

"Come in," he said, stepping back and allowing her into the cabin.

He gave her a brief tour and Gertie was amused seeing the high school photos of Plasma on his living room wall.

"It seems so long ago now," Gertie sighed as she studied the photographs. "Were we really that young?"

"The best year of my life was the year you joined the group," Harry stated as he stared at the photos.

Gertie looked at him with appreciation. "All the successes I later enjoyed still couldn't compare to those early days," she said.

"What are you going to do now?" He asked.

"I'm still writing for other people," she shrugged. "I'm volunteering at some after school programs. I'm doing okay."

They continued staring at the photos on the wall and then, all of a sudden, without warning, Gertie pushed Harry against the wall and she pressed herself against him. "I still want you," she confessed.

Harry was startled. There had been no sign of romance or sexual desire on Gertie's part since her return. She was coming off a divorce and adjusting to single motherhood and establishing her new life and Harry assumed she was in no hurry to start over.

"I always wanted you," Harry whispered, lightly kissing her on the lips.

"I know," she said softly through the kiss.

Harry gently returned her kiss while rubbing his hand through her still flaming red hair. Gertie flicked her tongue between his lips and Harry gently sucked on it while his other hand moved to her thigh.

They made out like the teenagers they once were and Harry slowly moved his hand up under her dress and he purposefully slipped her panties down her legs until they fell to the floor. Harry's hand cupped her hairy womanhood and one of his fingers worked its way inside and Gertie didn't stop him. She was warm and moist and she sucked in her breath while her mouth stayed glued to his lips.

Gertie's hands went to Harry's belt which she unfastened and she pulled his jeans and briefs down his legs until they fell to the floor. They were both breathing rapidly and Harry grabbed her leg, spun her around so her back was against the wall, and he lifted her leg up while hiking her dress up too, removing his finger from her entrance while she took his penis in her hand for the first time in nearly twenty-five years. Harry wanted to cry.

Gertie directed it inside of her while they continued to passionately kiss. Gertie wrapped both of her long legs around Harry's waist which allowed him to completely enter her.

"Oh!" She moaned welcomingly. "Oh, God, Harry! Finally."

Harry experienced an unleashed passion he hadn't felt before. Gertie's ass smacked against the wall and she began to whimper with pleasure as Harry literally banged her against the wall before he carried her by the bottom of her ass to the kitchenette table. He set her down and turned her so she was facing the table. Gertie willingly bent over and Harry lifted her dress to see her lovely ass while he slipped his cock back inside her from behind while pulling her dress off over her head and unhooking her bra which fell onto the table.

Harry wrapped his hands around her breasts and he rammed himself hard into her, watching his cock slide in and out while Gertie shook her wonderful ass and he squeezed her bouncing breasts and they found their rhythm. He was being unusually forceful and physical because of twenty five years of bent up frustration, longing, want, desire, resentment, hurt, and need.

Gertie turned her head and looked at him with amazement as they continued their long-delayed sex, her moans of pleasure echoing through the cabin. Twenty-five years of pent up sexual frustration and yearning expressed without words and Harry felt Gertie tighten around his shaft and suddenly she was orgasming and he felt himself begin to tense as he too climaxed, both of them singing out in ecstasy and when it was over Harry slumped over Gertie as she lay on the table trying to recover from the unexpected sex they welcomingly shared.

"I have to say that was incredible," Gertie panted. "I thought I was too old for it this way."

Harry kissed the back of her neck and rubbed his fingers through her hair before finally regaining enough strength to lift himself off of her. Gertie stood and turned to face him in her lovely nakedness.

"What about that drink?" She smirked.

Harry grabbed a bottle of wine from the refrigerator and two glasses and he led Gertie into the bedroom, sitting on the bed in the nude drinking wine and looking at each other with sly grins knowing they had finally fulfilled a twenty-five year old delayed fantasy. When they finished the wine, they lay together on the bed holding on to one another.

"You were always the one I wanted," Harry told her.

"I know," Gertie said, snuggling close to him. "And now you have me. Happy Birthday, Harry."