lightning without light

Falling faster than sound

Crashing to the earth chaotically without warning

It's thunderous howl sends people to hide from it's roar

It grabs and stretches to things reaching for something to help it back up

Back to the sky to it's family

It's home

But it's home cleared in the sky and left its view

It waved to them with his back smoke

As it ate through the tree making them a new pretty red

The bolt of light had lost all it new

The beast slowly stirred and whined

People threw water and chemicals upon its red skin

They didn't like him either just like the sky the ground wanted rid of him

As it slowly left it gave up

It had no more

And soon nothing would have it

It was alone

It was sad

It was angry

The beast roared burning the forest down and devouring the men trying to stop it.

It went to towns and destroyed them, but

Even after taking away all everything that was left

Everything that others had

He didn't have his light again

Destroying didn't give him a glow

And soon without nothing to cling to he stopped burning

Without rage without love

Without anything not even it's rage

The lightning bolt faded away but

After all that it became happy because the humans down below

Even after hurting them so

They didn't know

But they gave him all he ever wanted

They gave him a new glow

They gave him something

They gave him a name

And with his name

He left in smoke