It was a clear night and the stars were all out for all the world to see. On the world below lay a tavern that was close to a wooded area. The tavern wasn't known as a very respectable establishment as he it was frequented by bandits, thieves and other ne'er-do-wells. The tavern itself was a relatively new establishment as it was made out of stone after the originally wooden tavern had burned down some years ago.

Despite the fact that it didn't have the best of reputations it was usually packed and plenty of coin went into the pockets of the tavern owner. However this money was normally spent on replacing various furniture that got destroyed on a regular basis. Brawls were fairly common and could be started on something that seemed very minor. There was normally at least one injury from each brawl.

The tavern was named the Dragon's Return which referenced the original tavern which was simply called The Dragon. In one particular corner four men were engaged in a game of poker. It was a relatively new game that had only been around for a few years but already it had caught on like wildfire all across the land. People had betted away every penny they had on the game and lost while the winner took all the money back home with them.

The four men were experienced players but right now only one of them could say that they were doing well in the game. This was a man named Remy who seemed to be winning practically every hand. His three opponents were already all in and so far he had made it seem like he had a bad hand.

Remy wasn't the typical looking person that someone would find in the tavern. He had a fairly slim build with short brown hair and brown eyes. If he were to take part in any kind of brawl it looked likely that he would be broken in two. In fact he looked like the kind of person that a woman would like to take home to their parents. He wore fairly respectable clothing that included a long sleeved shirt that cost a few decent coins to be able to afford. However he had these coins to spare.

After all the men had finished placing their cards down on the table it seemed like one of them would be the winner since he had three sixes in his hand. However before he could take the money away Remy placed down his cards which showed that he had obtained a royal flush which was the best hand he could have achieved.

This caused Remy to laugh as he grabbed onto the coins on the table and brought them towards him. This was when one of the men who was sitting next to him noticed something up his sleeve. Before Remy could finish his wrist was grabbed and he was pulled up from the table. The man was at least half a foot taller than him and looked like he could push over a tree.

"Hey don't be like that," said Remy as he tried to smooth over the situation. He was used to talking his way out of various situations. It was his silver tongue that had gotten him out of most problems in his life.

"I say that you cheated," replied the Man. There was a lot of anger in his voice and it looked like he was going to snap Remy's arm like a twig.

"Me, cheating?" He chuckled for a moment. "You wound me with your words. Maybe you just need to practice at the game and maybe one day you'll win."

The man didn't say anything as he let go of Remy's arm for the moment. However he was able to go up his sleeve and pull out a card. He looked at it for a few moments before he realised that it was the ace of spades. This was when the other two men realised that Remy had also cheated them as well. He saw that the situation was turning against him and he knew that he had to get out of there fast.

"Wow how did that get in there?" asked Remy as he tried to play innocent. However he saw that this wasn't convincing his opponents who all seemed to have murder in their eyes. Each one looked like they could kill him without much effort. But with his arm free he saw that he had an opportunity to escape.

As quickly as he could he grabbed as many coins as he could and then flipped the table. This sent the cards and the remaining coins flying and it in the confusion Remy made his way out of the tavern as quickly as he could. However his fellow poker players followed him quickly, he was faster but he wasn't sure whether he could get away from them before they caught him.

His actions had caused quite a stir in the tavern but when he was outside he was greeted mainly by darkness. There was a cool breeze as well but this had no meaning to him as Remy continued to run as fast as his legs could carry him. He didn't look back to see if the men were behind him and he just kept running.

Rather than running along one of the paths he decided that he had a better chance of losing his pursuers if he ran through the forest instead, he wasn't sure exactly what he was going to find in there but all he knew was that he preferred his chances inside the forest then he could outside.

He was just thankful that none of the poker players had been armed. In situations like that he always wore a plate of armour under his shirt so that if they did shoot him that his chances of survival would be much greater than it was without it. He had seen a man get shot before and it was something that he didn't want to happen to him.

After running for several minutes Remy had to stop in order to catch his breath. He looked behind him and he couldn't see or hear anyone. He gave a sigh of relief now that he thought that he had escaped. There was one unfortunate thought in his mind and that was that there was another tavern that he couldn't show his face it.

Thanks to Remy's career as a conman he never stayed in one place for too long. He would always skip town with his ill-gotten gains or he would be chased out when he was found out. Because of this his choices of places to live were very limited. There was also the problem that he had a price on his head.

The victims of his cons were none too happy with his actions and had placed bounties on his head. Because of this he couldn't stay around populated areas for too long or else he would get spotted and likely captured by a bounty hunter. He didn't want to risk being discovered by one of those people because he knew that some preferred to take their bounties dead. He thought that he was probably worth more money alive but for some bounty hunters the hassle of taking a live target in was not worth the extra coin.

Knowing that he had gotten away Remy began to chuckle and he went into his pockets to see how much money he had been able to gain. Even though there wasn't much light he had been able count his money. His efforts had turned him a profit but not as much as he would have hoped for. If he hadn't been found out he could have walked away with all of the winnings instead of what he was able to grab. He gave a sigh but he was just glad that he was still breathing, he dreaded to think what could have happened if the other men had been able to catch up with him.

Suddenly Remy began to hear another sound. He waited for a moment as he wasn't sure exactly what it was. However as the seconds went by he began to realise what it was, in the low light he could see something heading towards him. Before he could fully see what it was he turned and ran once again.

Mere seconds later he found himself running away from wild boars that were running in a group. Unfortunately for Remy he just happened to be running in their general direction but in his mind they were chasing him. He needed to get away they trampled him to death, it would be a painful and somewhat horrific way to die.

Ahead of him Remy could see a light, he knew that it wasn't the tavern but with everything that had happened recently he was willing to take his chances. He ran towards the light and the boars seemed to follow. Unfortunately he was beginning to become exhausted from his efforts and he didn't know how long he could keep running. He could see that he was getting tired and was actually close to collapsing.

In his life Remy had outrun several different things, mostly people but a group of wild boars was probably one thing that he couldn't outrun. He just hoped that the light that he was running to was some kind of safety. The last thing he wanted to run into was his previous pursuers. They would likely kill him or at the very least chop off his hands for cheating them in poker.

Remy could feel the boars right behind him, he could feel their breath on his legs and he didn't want to look back. He didn't want to know when they would trample him since he thought that ignorance was bliss. However as he looked forward he could see that he was very close to the light. With all the energy that he had left he ran towards it and hoped for the best.

The sight that greeted him caught him completely by surprise. What he could see was a fairly large fire that was burning. This wasn't what had surprised him but instead it was who was tending to the fire. He could see that it was a woman who looked pretty, she had long blond hair that went down to her mid-back and stunning green eyes. She wore a light purple dress and didn't wear any shoes. It wasn't what she was wearing that surprised her but instead her sheer size.

Even though the woman was sitting down she was almost three times Remy's height and she looked down at him. She was gigantic in size and almost instantly he felt some fear but he was too fatigued to attempt an escape. In a way he was going to accept his fate whatever it may be.

"Hello there," said the Giant Woman who looked down at Remy. His sudden appearance had startled her for a moment but she quickly overcame this. She did smile at him and he could see that she still had all of her teeth and that they were well maintained. "I wasn't expecting company." She saw some of the boars approaching and this only made her smile continue. "Oh goody, you've brought dinner as well."

As the first boars laid eyes on her they quickly stopped in their tracks. Some squealed in terror and turned around to try and run away. Unfortunately one wasn't fast enough as the giantess reached over to it and grabbed it. She lifted it up in the air and it struggled with all of its might. Unfortunately it wasn't strong enough to break free of her grip.

The boar's struggles didn't last long as the giantess slammed it down to the ground. Remy could hear a loud cracking sound which was numerous bones in the boar. When she lifted it back up the boar wasn't moving and was completely limp. It was obvious to both her and Remy that it was dead. This was exactly what she wanted as she looked at it for a few moments, she licked her lips as she imagined how it would taste.

"Thank you for bringing me dinner," said the giantess. She placed the dead boar on the ground. Remy was about to back away but he felt that the danger had passed and that he was safe. However he didn't know if this giant woman was a threat to him or if she was as friendly as she seemed. "Do you know how to skin a boar? I can never do it properly and I really don't want the fur to burn."

"I-I think I still remember," replied Remy who was still trying to find his words. He had a small knife on his person that he thought that he could use. He couldn't take his eyes off of the giantess, he had heard of giants but he had believed that they had died out due to a plague a few years before. "Are you a giant?"

"Well I am very tall so yeah I guess I'm a giant." There was no sarcasm in her voice which meant that she did have to think about it for a few moments. "Did you want to join me for dinner, you did bring the boar so it is only right that you join me. That is right after I cook it of course."

"Err yeah sure." He didn't think that he had much of a choice in the matter as he didn't want do anything that could upset her.

For the next several minutes Remy began to skin the boar. Unfortunately blood was going onto his clothing and for him it wasn't a pleasant sight. He would sometimes look up and see the giantess looking down at him. Her smile hadn't faded and it seemed to be a pleasant one rather than one that creeped him out.

Something in his mind still couldn't get over the fact that he was skinning a boar for a giant. If he had been asked an hour before this what he was doing now was one of the last things that he would have thought would happen. The blade that he had was only really for protection and wasn't really designed for skinning boars. However he soldiered on anyway in hopes that he would succeed quickly.

Just as he was finishing skinning the boar he could see the giantess was setting something up over the fire. It was also the first time that he had seen her standing up and she seemed even more enormous now than she did before. He guessed that she was around thirty feet in height which meant one of two things in his mind. One was that she was either quite young or below average for a giant.

In the past he had studied giants and discovered that they were similar to humans. One thing aspect about a giant which was different from humans was that humans normally stopped growing when they reached eighteen or somewhere around that age. This was not the case with giants who grew throughout their lives. This meant that the only time a giant stopped growing was when they died and by then they could easily reach three times the height of this giantess if they lived a long life. He had heard of giants who grew even taller than that but he thought that they were few and far between.

"Have you finished yet?" asked the giantess as she finished what she was doing. Remy could see that she had placed two tall sticks on opposite sides of the fire. He didn't need to imagine what they were for.

"Y-yeah it's done," replied Remy as he looked down at the boar. Before he could say another word he saw a giant hand reach down and pick it up. As he looked up to the giantess he watched as she grabbed a large stick and stabbed it through the mouth of the boar. It didn't take much effort for the stick to come out of the other side and then she placed it on top of the two sticks that she had placed either side of the fire. This meant that it could now be cooked although she would need to turn it in order to ensure that it would be cooked evenly.

"Thank you for that, I never like skinning animals. It's way too messy and it makes me feel like I'm being cruel."

"Well you did kill it." He couldn't believe what he was hearing, the giantess felt cruel by skinning the boar but not by actually killing it.

"I know but I only killed it because I needed food, otherwise I would have just left it be." She then placed her hands on the ground right next to him. Her palms were facing up towards the night sky. "You don't mind if I take a closer look at you?" Remy wanted to say no but he still didn't want to upset her so he nodded. He stepped onto her hands and he felt himself get lifted off the ground and he saw her face up close for the first time. He thought that she looked very beautiful and he could see the freckles on her face. He watched as her emerald eyes studied his body almost like a rich man studying silk from the lands far to the east. "Your shirt's all messy."

"Yes, skinning the boar is a messy job." He cleared his throat as he was still nervous, although she was sitting down he was still more than ten feet off the ground. If she dropped him the fall wouldn't kill him but would likely lead to him receiving a serious injury. "I'd like to thank you for helping me out with those boars. If you hadn't of been here I wouldn't like to think what would have happened to me."

"Don't worry about it and thank you for skinning the boar for me err..." She fell silent for moment. "This is a little embarrassing but I never asked what your name is."

"I-It's Remy. And your name is?"

"Christyne but I prefer to be called Chrissie." She smiled at him again, she would shake his hand but she was using both of them to lift him up into the air. "Do you mind if I just called you Rem?"

"I would prefer Remy to tell you the truth." He couldn't believe that he had just said that. He expected to be dropped at any moment but he felt the hands holding him stay solid below his feet.

"Oh sorry, I'll have to remember that." She chuckled at herself as she slowly began to lower her hands. "Now it should take a little time for the boar to cook but maybe we can play a little game while we wait."

"L-Like what?" He thought that he was going to be manhandled like a doll. However there was something about Chrissie that he saw as being off. He couldn't put his finger on it for the moment but he thought that he would figure it out eventually. He was normally good at reading people, it helped him know when to carry on with a con or when to cut and run.

"I don't know, maybe we can play hide and seek." She thought for a moment. "No I need to attend to the boar or else it'll be cooked one side and not the other." She began to think for a few moments as she tried to come up with a new game to play. "How about we'll see who is the strongest out of the two of us?"

"No because you're a giant. You have an unfair advantage over me, no matter how strong I get I'll never be as strong as you."

"I-I guess that's true." She began to think again and even placed her hand on her chin as she thought. He was surprised by how much she was having to think and this only added to his suspicions about her. One other thing he knew about giants was that their intelligence was on par with that of humans. Chrissie however seemed to be much slower wit than normal and he thought that he could turn this to his advantage. "Do you have any ideas?"

"Maybe you should concentrate on the food, if you undercook it we will likely come down with some kind of food poisoning. But if you cook it too long the meat will be burned and become inedible. You wouldn't want that to happen now would you?"

"I-I guess not." She could see truth in his words although she was a little disappointed that she wouldn't be able to play a game. However she thought that there would be more opportunities in the future.

While the boar cooked Chrissie concentrated entirely on making sure that it was well done. She didn't say a single word as she continued to concentrate. Remy too stayed silent but he was studying her. He found her to be someone who was worth watching as he could figure out a lot about a person just by looking at them.

This ability of his always helped him when he was working a con. He would try and target people that he thought were easy pickings since going after more weary people was an unnecessary risk. He did consider what he could do to extort some money from her but from what he could see it was not worth it. Chrissie didn't seem to have any money to speak for and if he tried to extort her rather than placing a bounty on his head she would likely crush every bone in his body.

He still thought that there was a way to take advantage of her. Maybe not the money but he knew that he would think of something. Chrissie was too big of an asset to waste so he knew that he would have to figure something out soon. However while he was looking at her he watched as she took the boar off the fire and began to examine it. She even touched it for a moment and although it was hot she didn't flinch.

"Ok it's done," said Chrissie. She looked down at Remy who was standing close by. "Will a leg do for you? I know that humans don't eat as much as giants but I can never remember how much though."

"A leg will be fine," replied Remy. He didn't need to wait long for Chrissie to rip one of the legs and passed it down to him. As he touched it he could feel just how hot it was and it almost made him drop it. He was able to keep a hold of it and he looked up at her. He could see that she was already digging into the boar as she ripped the cooked flesh with her teeth. He was thankful that giants didn't eat people or else he would be in a lot of trouble right around now.

As Remy began to eat the boar leg he appreciated that it was well done and he didn't seem to fear about food poisoning. He sat down and ate and a couple of times he wanted to say something to Chrissie but he thought it was best not to disturb her as she ate. He just carried on with his food.

Within minutes there was nothing left of the boar except for the skeleton although Chrissie had accidentally eaten a couple of the bones as well. She felt like most of her hunger had been satisfied but she felt that she still had some room left. However since there wasn't any other food around she would have to be satisfied for now. She looked down at Remy who was just finishing off his boar leg and she smiled at him.

"Did you enjoy that?" asked Chrissie. She had moved a little closer to him and she was truly beginning to see just how small he was in comparison to her.

"That was very nice thank you," replied Remy who wanted to stay on her good side. Plus he was still trying to figure out more about her.

"Are we friends now?"

"What?" The question had caught him by surprise. He wasn't sure exactly how to answer it at that moment in time.

"Are we friends? We've eaten together and spending time with one another so does that mean that we're friends now?"

"Erm?" He thought about it for a moment and he thought that the situation to his advantage. He thought that it was in his best interest to accept this olive branch rather than turning her away. "Sure we're friends, in fact I can see us becoming best friends."

"Really?" Her eyes seemed to light up. Before Remy could react he felt himself get picked up and thrust closely to Chrissie's breasts. She squeezed him quite hard and he was struggling to breathe. "You don't know how happy that makes me feel."

"Chrissie I can't breathe!" He could only just about say this as he was still gasping for air. However he was heard and she loosened her grip around him. Her breasts had been soft but he had been too close for comfort. He soon found her gigantic hands around him and he was lifted up to her level. She gave him an apologetic smile and her cheeks had turned red with embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, I've been told that I don't know my own strength."

"I-It's fine." He had caught his breath and he could see that she was truly sorry about what had just happened.

For Remy the night had gone from good to bad to very curious. He had made himself a friend in the form of Chrissie who seemed to be a very trusting person. Right now he didn't have anywhere to stay and the threat of bounty hunters were always looming. He thought that if he stayed with Chrissie no one would dare touch him, he didn't think that she would like someone trying to take her friend away from her. He saw how she had killed the boar with ease and it would just be as easy as if it were a person. All he could do now was stick by him and use the situation to his advantage.