Chrissie continued to look down at the primitive man and she was happy to see that he was warming up. Although he was still shivering thanks to being stuck out in the heavy rain it seemed like it wasn't as bad as it was. He too looked up at her and as he could see her smiling it made him feel more at ease. It was also an indication that not everyone who worked at the circus wished him harm.

Elsewhere Remy was still just finishing off some paperwork. One thing that he was glad about was that they didn't have to worry about putting on a show. Instead they were to go into one of the nearby towns in the morning and promote the circus. At the same time, he also had to find someone to sponsor the circus in what was hopefully a long-term deal.

One thing he had to make sure of was that it wasn't just some local business. It had to be one that stretched further across the land so that people would recognise it and be more likely to use their services. Advertising a local business while they were in the area would work well for a short time but once they travelled to other parts of the country it would almost be as good as useless.

The thoughts that he was having quickly subsided when he noticed Chrissie crouching down to the primitive man. Almost instantly he felt a combination of anger and concern as he had already told her not to go near him. Because of this he quickly got out of his chain and made his way towards her with some haste. He needed to do something before something happened that could upset her.

"Chrissie!" stated Remy in a fairly loud voice. This time he didn't try to hide his anger and this quickly got the giantess's attention. She turned her head and looked at him, at first, she was happy to see him but when she saw how annoyed he looked, a wave of worry took over her as she knew that she was in trouble. "What did I tell you Chrissie? Stay away from him, he's dangerous!"

"B-But he was cold," replied Chrissie. Her tone was somewhat scared as she knew that her best friend wasn't happy with him. "I didn't want him to get sick so I gave him a blanket to keep him warm."

"I don't care if he's cold. I told you to stay away from him!" The giantess seemed to be getting a little sad as she saw him pointing up to her.

"B-B-But..." Chrissie was getting more upset by the moment and tears were starting to form in her eyes. Usually Remy would do whatever he could to try and prevent this from happening. This time however he didn't attempt anything like that.

"No buts! Leave him alone right now!"

"But princesses make sure that no one is feeling bad."

"You're not a princess Chrissie!"

There was a few moments of silence as what Remy said really sunk in with Chrissie. The silence was soon broken by the sound of her crying as she quickly got up to her feet and moved away at a fairly fast pace. It was obvious that his words had upset her a great deal and she simply moved away in her sadness.

Remy Jr. too followed her but not without giving Remy a quick shake of his head with disapproval before following his favourite person. This left Remy himself standing there by himself and he could only sigh as he realised that he might have made a fairly big mistake. But he did glare at the primitive man as he felt that this was all his fault.

Rather than going out to Chrissie straight away, Remy instead returned to his hut so that he could continue with some of his work. The sound of the giantess crying could be heard throughout the circus. This did make him feel a little bad but he knew that Chrissie shouldn't have disobeyed him. He was thinking more of her safety than anything else, although now he was regretting what he had said.

The events that had taken place hadn't gone unnoticed as a few of the workers looked towards where Chrissie had run to. Most of them were appalled by what had happened, some did want to go to her but she had moved away too quickly for them to catch her. Plus, they still had had duties to take care of and simply didn't have the time to see if the sweet giantess was alright.

Eventually she did stop storming away and sat down by a large tree and simply placed her head in her palms and sobbed. She wasn't alone as her puppy remained there with her and he could do nothing but sit and howl as his favourite person was still upset. He didn't fully understand what had happened, all he knew was that Remy was the cause of Chrissie's sadness at that moment in time. All he could do was stay close to her in case she needed a hug or something like that.

"W-Why would Remy say something like that?" asked Chrissie as she looked down at her puppy. "I was only trying to help." She continued to cry and Remy Jr. did bark up to her as he was trying to make the situation better. "I was only trying to help; he didn't have to say that to me."

More tears rolled down her face and, on the ground, below here there were a couple of puddles. She wanted to stop as she thought that a princess shouldn't really be crying but she couldn't help but cry as she was too upset. The giantess just sat there but she felt Remy Jr.'s fur brushes up against her feet. It tickled her somewhat and instead of just looking down at him, she picked him up and gave him a hug.

Even though she was very upset with what had happened, she still remembered to not hug her beloved puppy too hard. The last thing she wanted to do was accidentally hurt him, this would be something that would truly make her sad. There were some barks from him and this did make her feel better about the situation.

One thing that she could always count on was Remy Jr. being there and not shouting at her. She was always happy to see him and at this moment in time, she thought that he was the only true friend that she had right now.

"Chrissie!" shouted a voice. This caused Chrissie to quieten down as she began to listen. At first, she thought that she had simply misheard her name being called out. "Chrissie!" This time she was sure that she had heard it and for a moment she thought that it was Remy's voice that she could hear. However, she had heard it many, many times before so she would have recognised it. Instead this voice seemed to come from someone else and this confused her for a moment.

Just then she saw someone step out from near one of the nearby trees. Chrissie looked over to him and she could see that it was Genero. Like with Remy Jr., she was happy to see him and a part of her hoped that he could do some kind of magic trick for him. But this was something that really wasn't on her mind.

"Hello Genero," said Chrissie. Her usual joyful tone was replaced one that was sad.

"Hello Chrissie," replied Genero. He stepped closer to her and he seemed to be quite concerned about her. For a moment he said nothing as he thought about the best thing to say. "Is everything alright?"

"N-No, Remy said I wasn't a princess." This caused her to cry again and it caused the puddles on the ground beside her to grow even bigger.

"And why did he say that to you?" He was curious but he also thought that talking things through in order to try and figure a way to make things better.

"B-Because I gave that man a blanket, he was cold and I didn't want him to get sick." Genero knew that she was referring to the primitive man. Like Remy before him, he too thought that it was best to stay away from the primitive man as he had killed a member of their circus.

"So why did he shout at you for doing something that some would consider to be a kindness?" He was careful with what he was saying as he didn't want to upset her any further.

"B-Because he told me not to go near him." She wiped away another tear from her eye before it could roll down her cheek and only add to the puddle below.

"That is why he was angry at you. He told you to do something and you disobeyed him. He didn't want you to interact with that person not for fun. He was worried about you and didn't want to see you get hurt. That man is very dangerous and even though you're a giant, he can still possibly hurt you."

"But he's not dangerous. He was scared and cold so I gave him a blanket and showed him kindness. That's what my sister taught me, always be kind to people and people will be kind back to you. She never lied to me and also told me that only gentle giants can get hugs from people."

Genero fell silent for a moment and he was beginning to see where some of Chrissie's mindset and mannerisms were coming from. This was the first time that he was hearing about Chrissie's sister and the fact that she wasn't around led him to the conclusion that she was now deceased. But from the tone that the giantess was using, it was obvious that her sister was very important to her.

"That might be true but there are some people who simply don't deserve your kindness. He happens to be one of them in the opinion of Remy, myself and everyone else. What you did wasn't wrong but was unnecessary."

"No." For one of the few times that she could remember, there was a sharpness to her voice that seemed somewhat annoyed. "Everyone deserves kindness no matter what!"

This caused a small streak of fear to run through Genero as this was the first time that he felt some intimidation from her. He could also see that nothing he could do or say would convince her otherwise from her mindset. There was truth to what she was saying and it seemed that she was never going to change her mind on the matter.

"Ok, ok you're right there," stated Genero. He thought that it was simply best to agree with her in this subject, even know deep down he knew that she was right. "But you still need to come back to the circus. All of your friends are there and we're worried about you, also I think that it's best to talk to Remy."

"But he said that I wasn't a princess," replied Chrissie. "That is something that is very mean and it made me sad."

"I know it did but you can't simply stay here forever. Besides he likely didn't mean it, he was just angry and everyone does things that they later regret. I'm sure that you've done something like that as well."

"I-I guess so." This was something similar to what Claire told her some years ago and she could see some sense in what he was saying.

"So, it is best to talk to him and I promise you that everything will be alright. Now will you come back to the circus with me?"

Chrissie didn't say anything and simply nodded her head. With that she also stood up to her full height which was taller than many of the trees that were around her. The giantess did begin to follow Genero back to the circus with her puppy walking alongside her. He had simply stood and watched everything happen. He was glad to see that his favourite person wasn't as sad as she was a few moments ago. This did make him feel happier but now they had to go back and hopefully talk through their problem.

For Genero it hadn't been too difficult to find her as all he had to do was follow the trail that she had left behind. Being a giantess meant that even when she was careful, it was easy to track her down thanks to things such as footprints and broken branches on trees. He was just glad that she hadn't wandered off far.

By now Remy had been standing outside of the hut as he was going to go and search for Chrissie. He did feel somewhat bad for what had happened and he wanted to make sure that she was alright. Even though he knew that not much could physically threaten her, he knew that her mentality might make her do something in panic.

However, he needn't worry as he saw Chrissie walking back towards the circus with her beloved puppy on the ground running alongside her and Genero walking with her as well. He was glad to see that she was alright and he did step towards her as well. His arms were crossed as he was still annoyed but he wasn't prepared to shout at her again. That would have likely led to a repeat of what happened.

"There you are Chrissie!" stated Remy. His voice was somewhat stern but it didn't sound angry at all. Instead it was more concerned than anything else. "You really shouldn't run off like that, it could be dangerous."

"I know Remy," replied Chrissie. There was still some sadness in her voice but she looked down at him. "But you said that I wasn't a princess, that made me very sad." She thought about it for a moment and she seemed to be still very upset by it.

"Yes, I did and I'm sorry about that." He realised that he had done something wrong and the last thing he wanted was for her to remain upset. Although he knew that she wasn't a real princess, allowing her to believe so made her happy. Since it didn't affect anyone else negatively it was best for her to keep this belief. "I shouldn't have said that, I was angry and I should have thought about what I was saying."

"Hmm." There was a pause for a few moments as she began to think and just then she began to smile again. "Ok, I forgive you." Genero was surprised to see Chrissie forgive Remy so quickly, he thought that it would have taken more time. Instead it seemed to take no time whatsoever.

It seemed that he didn't completely understand the mindset of the giantess. As far as she was concerned, as long as someone apologised then they could be forgiven. Especially if it was her best friend as she was very eager to forgive them and move on because as far as she was concerned, that was what friends did.

"Ok good," said Remy who seemed happy that the situation was being put behind them. "But you have to take my warning seriously, stay away from that man. He is very dangerous and I don't want to see you get hurt."

"O-Ok Remy, I will," replied Chrissie who could see that this time she had to really heed his words and not go too close to the primitive man.

"Good, now there is still a little work to do. Then it'll be time for bed as we have another early start."

Chrissie simply nodded as she stepped away. It was around this time that Remy did step to Genero and thanked him for bringing Chrissie back to him. The illusionist was happy to help but he had been somewhat concerned as well. He did promise to show the sweet giantess some more tricks before she went to sleep. This was something that Remy didn't mind, just as long as they didn't stay up for too long.

Even with Remy now, the time for work had passed as he thought that he could have a little time to himself before going to sleep. Practically everything that he had done for the last several days was work related and he needed time to simply recharge and do something that he could appreciate.

By this point in time he wasn't even sure what to do for fun anymore. All of the other things that he had done was either for some kind of gain, work related or even something to keep Chrissie happy. Now that he had a little time, he didn't really know what to do and this was something that he found concerning.

One idea was to spend a little more time with Chrissie but he was sure that she was occupied with Genero. He did owe the illusionist a lot and since he was always happy to perform for the giantess, he thought that it was best to leave them be. But now he found himself to be in a little bit of a bind.

Now that he had some free time, he didn't know what to do with it. In a way it made him feel like he was a boring man. When he was younger, he would often find plenty of things to do in order to keep himself occupied, that was before his tendency to con people had yet to manifest itself. Now he was simply sitting behind a desk without all that much to do, it made him feel like he was getting old.

That was when he began to hear the primitive man crying out. It sounded like he was in some pain and this caused Remy to quickly get out of his chair and make his way outside. If there was something that was a serious problem then he wanted to have it dealt with straight away.

Not just that but he also wanted to make sure that the primitive man didn't die. One reason was because he knew that there would be people who would want to study him. His current wife to be Doctor Dam would probably jump at the chance to observe him and see what made him tick. The other is that he knew that killing would only bring more problems than they already had.

In his days when he lived off conning people, never once did he consider murdering any of his victims. This was mainly because it would result in a lot more heat on him than there already was. For a conman, law enforcements would not pay as much attention on him if he was a murderer. That mentality had carried over to everyday situations as well which led him to quickly making his way towards the primitive man in the hopes that nothing serious was taking place.

Just as he arrived, Remy could see that there was a small group of workers around the primitive man and they were laughing amongst themselves. He spotted one of them kick the primitive man square in the chest and it was obvious that it caused the chained being to feel some pain.

"Hey!" stated Remy in a loud and annoyed tone. "What do you think you're doing?" His voice did catch the workers by surprise and they turned and looked at him. From what he could see they looked as if they weren't expecting him, not just that but there was the stench of alcohol on them. It was clear to him that they had been drinking and now it seemed that they were making ill decisions.

"Hey there boss," replied one of the workers. His words sounded a little slurred to what they would normally be. "We were just having a little fun."

"And what kind of fun is that? Please tell me."

"Well we thought that we could show our new friend here how things work around here." This was when Remy glanced over to the primitive man and he could see bruises from where he had been struck. Whatever fun that they had been having it was obvious that their prisoner wasn't enjoying it.

"He doesn't look to be having fun to me. Now if you value your jobs, I suggest that you find something more productive to do. Like go to bed, you've drunk too much and unless you want your marching orders tomorrow you better sleep it off."

The group looked at Remy for a few moments before one by one they turned and walked away. They knew better than to try and argue with him as they wanted to keep their jobs. Plus, they hadn't drunk enough beer to make themselves that foolish just yet.

When they were gone, Remy couldn't help but give a sigh. He was finding it more and more difficult to keeping the primitive man safe for the time being. There was a lot of animosity towards him thanks to killing Vincent but he also knew that the circus couldn't devolve into mob mentality.

One thing that he also realised was that the primitive man had yet to be fed or given any water. This was something that he was somewhat reluctant to do as resources at the circus were not as plentiful as he would like. However, he couldn't simply let him stay there without eating anything.

Even if he was to feed the primitive man there was another problem that he had. This was that since his hands were still tied behind him, he wouldn't be able to feed himself. Because of this, someone else was going to have to feed him and that was where the problem arose from. Someone would have to feed him and he wasn't sure if there was anyone who would be willing to go near him.

That was when Remy did realise that there was one person who would be willing to feed the primitive man and even do it with a smile on her face. Even though he had just told her to stay away from the primitive man, he had to admit that Chrissie was the best person. Not just that but she would be more than happy to do it.

Several minutes later the primitive man found himself looking up to the giantess who was sitting close to him. She had a regular size spoon in her hand and what looked to be a bowl of porridge. She was also wearing her nurse outfit and was referring herself to the name Nurse Chrissie.

As Remy had expected, Chrissie was smiling as she tried to feed the primitive man. When it had come to convincing her to do it, he had to admit that just this once she could go close to the primitive man but he asked her to be careful. She had wanted to wear her nurse outfit while she did it and even her puppy wore his doctor costume and it made them look quite cute.

"Open wide," said Chrissie as she brought the spoon of porridge towards the primitive man. He wasn't sure what was happening but he didn't really want to eat. Because of this he kept his mouth shut and seemed to refuse to open it. However, there was a small gap that the giantess did find and she was able to shovel the porridge into his mouth. She smiled at this and took the spoon away. "See it's not so bad, I didn't really like it at first but it tastes better with a little bit of sugar. It makes it go down all yummy and lets you grow big and strong. Porridge is very good for you and I eat it for breakfast almost every day. Although it is a little strange to eat it in the evening."

Remy Jr. barked a couple of times as he too agreed with what she was saying. Like Chrissie before him, he seemed to be happy to help the primitive man. Everything that she wanted to do; he was more than happy to help her achieve this. No matter what, he wanted to remain by her side.

Even though she was doing this, Remy did keep his eye on them from a distance. He still couldn't believe how happy the giantess looked while she was trying to feed their captor. It almost seemed uncanny to see someone so happy all of the time. When it came to those kinds of people, they normally tried to remain happy so that they could forget a trauma that they had suffered. However, when it came to Chrissie, she was happy simply because she was genuinely happy.

He watched as she continued to feed the primitive man, she even hummed as she did this as she wanted to help. It also gave her an excuse to put her nurse outfit on again, any situation that needed that outfit was one that she was willing to go through.

The primitive man didn't seem to be enjoying it all that much. Porridge was unlike any food that he had tried before. It was hot and he didn't like it all that much and yet the giantess kept feeding it to him. A couple of times he did turn his head away from her but she was still able to force the spoon into his mouth.

All of this time she worked with a smile on her face and she couldn't help but feel like she was truly helping. Some would have thought that she would still be annoyed towards Remy for stating that she wasn't a princess. However, it seemed like she had forgotten the entire thing as she had forgiven him for this. Many would have considered this to be odd but in Chrissie's mind, since they were friends it meant that it was much easier to forgive one another.

But from Remy's point of view he still had the problem of the primitive man. As far as he was concerned, he wanted the primitive man out of his life as soon as possible and it would likely happen tomorrow. But even then, there was a chance that he would still be stuck with him. In a way it would be a little like Chrissie, at no point did he think that the sweet giantess would still be with him.

It seemed that life was throwing so many problems at him that he was struggling to keep track and fully figure out what he was supposed to do. He was sure that with enough patience and thinking that things would eventually work out. It was just getting to that point that was his problem.