Eventually, night came, and it was time for the circus performance to take place. Normally Chrissie would be at the entrance so that she could greet the guests as they arrived. Unfortunately, she was still too depressed over the loss of her friend that for tonight, she would sit just outside of the circus.

Thankfully she wasn't alone as her beloved puppy remained with her and was a source of happiness for her. His joyful barks and adorable activities did put a smile on her face as she saw him as the perfect puppy. However, it still wasn't enough for her to forget about her own sadness. Instead, she just wanted her friend Alana to return and continue to be her friend. No matter how impossible it might be.

Something that Chrissie didn't realise that there were a lot of people within the circus who were relieved that Alana had passed on. Many of them wouldn't wish the death of others but they had felt uncomfortable with the larger giantess around. Her demeanour had been a lot more aggressive than Chrissie and they felt that she was much more capable of causing harm to others.

At least when it came to Chrissie, they knew that she was too gentle to intentionally harm anyone. For Alana, many considered her to be a ticking time bomb. At least now, they didn't have to worry about her harming anyone. As far as they were concerned, Chrissie was the only giantess that they needed and the only one that they didn't fear.

Throughout the day, people did go to her to see how she was. Remy had requested that an eye be kept on her and although she was happy to be around friends, she still wanted her largest friend to be present. It was going to take some time, but she would eventually recover from this.

It was like when Chrissie had lost her older sister Claire which took place around half a decade ago. This had saddened her a great deal at the time because Claire was more than her sister. After the passing of their mother, she had become Chrissie's legal guardian and maternal figure. Her passing had hit harder as it was like losing her mother all over again.

Something that had made her eventually become happy again was that Claire told her how much she enjoyed her smiling. Because of this, she had been able to recover and still keep the happy demeanour that she had before. But it had taken a little time before that had been able to happy.

Chrissie had been deep in her thoughts when she suddenly felt something on her foot. When she looked down, she could see her puppy was leaning his front paws on her and barking up to her. This quickly got her attention as she reached down and gently picked him up. Her hand began to stroke his fur which was something that he did enjoy and barked quietly with joy.

"You're still an adorable puppy Remy Jr.," said Chrissie as she continued to stroke him. However, she gave a sigh as she did feel some sadness. "Too bad Alana can never see your cuteness anymore. Maybe she can from where she is now." She continued to think as an idea popped in her head. "Maybe Alana is with Claire right now and they're having a tea party. That would be lovely, wouldn't you agree?"

Remy Jr. barked a couple of times at this, and he wagged his tail. The truth was that he had no idea what she was talking about. All he knew was that she needed him right now and he would be there as much as he could. At that moment in time, he should have been within the tent as he would be involved in one of Genero's illusions.

Tonight, this wouldn't be happening as his focus was entirely on her and making her feel better. As her beloved puppy, he felt that this was his primary goal in life as she was his entire world. If not for her, he most likely would have starved by now or still be stuck in the tree where she had found him. One thing that he was sure about, he wouldn't be as happy as he was now.

"Remy Jr., why did Alana have to die?" asked Chrissie. She looked down at her puppy and even held onto both of his paws with her hand. "She was my friend and she died, why would anyone allow that to happen?" A few tears rolled down her face and the puppy simply looked up at her and bobbed his tongue out.

The truth was that neither he nor anyone could answer her question. Unfortunately, it was one of those things that was beyond the control of anyone. Whether she liked it or not, her friend was now gone and there was nothing that she could do to change this. Instead, she would have to live with it for the rest of her life.

After another couple of hours, the performance ended, and the visitors were leaving in order to return home. One of the workers turned up in order to take her back to the circus where everyone else was waiting. Many of them were relaxing after the performance and were enjoying a drink.

Her appearance was noticed by several of the workers and performers. A few of them did wave and say hello to her. Rather than ignoring her, she did the same to them, but it was quite sheepish and it was obvious that she was still sad. Eventually, she sat down near one of the tents and concentrated on her puppy.

Remy Jr. was doing his best to make Chrissie happy, but the truth was that he becoming tired. There was nothing more that he wanted than to see his favourite person happy again. But he would also like to be able to go to sleep so that he could be fresh in the morning to continue being cute.

Eventually, even Chrissie realised how tired her puppy was becoming and was able to get a pillow so that he could lie on. No soon had he done this did, his eyes began to shut, and he entered the dreamworld where his favourite person was happy again and they were playing in a meadow. He had no idea how they had gotten there but all that was important to him was that she was happy, and they were together.

The real Chrissie just sat where she was and looked at her puppy. He looked very peaceful where he was lying, and she gave a sigh. Her thoughts were still not leaving her, and another tear rolled down her face. Nothing seemed to be able to truly put a smile back on her face at that moment in time.

It took Remy longer than he would have liked before he could actually go and see Chrissie. There had been some paperwork that he had to go through, and he considered getting a new accounted to help him. This had been the role that Winifred originally had before her untimely passing.

Finding the sweet giantess didn't take him long as he was able to spot her easily. Even sitting down, she still towered above most of the tents that had been set up. Carefully, he walked towards her and at first, she didn't even notice him. Instead, she simply looked down at her feet and stayed silent.

"Chrissie," said Remy with some concern in his voice. He knew that she wasn't in the best mood and the last thing he wanted was to do something that would make her cry. With how she was feeling, it would likely take a lot of effort to stop her.

"Oh, hey Remy," replied Chrissie in a depressed tone. She was happy to see her best friend but her own sorrow still won out.

"I just came to see how you are. A lot of people missed you here during the show, they said there is no one who can greet our guests like you."

"R-Really?" This did make her feel a little happier knowing that she had been missed and it almost caused her to break a smile.

"Of course, you are the best greeter in the circus. Plus seeing someone as happy as you does make others happy as well. Like everyone says, you're a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day." He hoped that this would cheer her up, but he could see one of her green eyes look over to him. He wasn't sure what was going to happen, but he just hoped that she didn't begin to cry her eyes out.

"Hmm, that's what Claire used to say to me." For a moment, Remy thought that she was referring to his daughter but soon remembered that it was also the name of her deceased older sister. "She told me that the world is a better place when you're happy."

"That is very true." He thought that by reinforcing this that it would help her relieve some of her sadness. "And when you're happy, the world becomes a better place for everyone. You won't believe the amount of comments that I get of people saying how you make them feel better just by seeing your smile. They even said that your puppy is the cutest puppy that they've ever seen."

"Really?" This did perk her up slightly as she always enjoyed hearing about how adorable Remy Jr. was. Making people happy was also something that she enjoyed thoroughly. She even considered it to be one of her life goals.

"Of course, seeing someone as happy as you make them happy as well. So can you smile at all right now?"

"I-I can try." Chrissie looked down at her best friend and began to smile. Although it was something that she did on a regular basis. However, this time it was different. There was a smile on her face, it was clear that the sadness was still there. It was obvious to see, and Remy knew it.

"Ok, you can stop now." Quickly, the smile disappeared, and she was still looking sad. "Why don't you get yourself some sleep. A princess needs her beauty sleep so that she can be her best for everyone."

"Ok Remy, I'll go to sleep." She was looking tired as well and Remy thought that after a good night sleep that she would feel refreshed. He too was feeling tired and wanted to go to bed.

Slowly, Chrissie did rise up to her feet and she picked up her puppy. However, she picked up Remy too who was only able to say a few words before she began to walk towards an open area of land that was just outside of the circus. He knew what was happening so he any kind of protest most likely wouldn't work.

Instead, all he could do was watch as the sweet giantess lay down on the ground and closed her eyes. In her arms she had both her best friend and beloved puppy. The latter was able to fall asleep relatively quickly while Remy was stuck there for a while before he too finally began to slumber.

Thankfully the night was relatively warm, so he wasn't becoming cold. It did help that Chrissie's body heat did also keep prevent him from freezing. Before he did fall asleep, he was able to look up at her and he could see that even while asleep, she didn't seem to be her usual self. All he could hope for that at some point in the future that she would become her happy self once again.

The hours of night soon gave way to dawn and even then, it was another few hours before Chrissie did begin to wake up. Slowly she began to open her eyes and she could see the beautiful sunny sky above her. Normally this would be a sight that would put a smile on her face straight away. Although it did help her wake up in a better mood, there was still sadness that she could feel.

Next, it was Remy Jr. who woke up as he was able to sense his favourite person waking up. Quickly he looked up to her and began to bark while he wagged his tail. This did get a positive reaction from her, and she moved her arm slightly so that she could give him a stroke on his head.

This movement in turn woke up Remy who could have done with another hour or two of sleep. He groaned slightly as he came around and he felt a little lightheaded. For a moment, he didn't know where he was, but he began to remember before long. This only caused him to groan slightly as he looked up at the sweet giantess. The normal smile on her face wasn't there but he could feel her presence.

"M-Morning Chrissie," said Remy. He was still a little groggy and he wouldn't have minded having another hour of sleep. "What time is it?"

"I believe that it's time for breakfast," replied Chrissie who hadn't fully understood the question that she had been given. The truth was that even if she was able to look at a clock, she wouldn't know how to read it.

"Of course, it is." He hadn't really expected a different answer to this and was slightly annoyed at himself for asking. "Let's go and get ourselves some breakfast, shall we?"

"Ok Remy." Her voice was relatively quiet and reserved but she did rise up to her feet. The movements were slow but also safe as there was little chance of her passengers being harmed by her.

Once Chrissie had stood up to her full height, she began the short walk back to the circus where others were already beginning their work for the day. Her arrival hadn't gone unnoticed as many would stop and look over to her as she walked by. Like the night before, many of them greeted her upon her arrival while others just carried on with their work. She was sure to greet them back as she thought it would have been rude not to.

Although she was still increasing morale within the circus, the others could still tell that she wasn't her usual self. The truth was that she was still sad but not as sad as she had been the day before. Little by little she was recovering from losing her friend, but this was simply something that was going to take time.

There had been a few who had tried to help Chrissie, but the truth was that this was simply something that wouldn't be fixed quickly. As long as she had her friends around her and general positive outlook, she would eventually return to her old self. Even if it wasn't going to happen overnight.

Eventually Chrissie did sit down and begin to eat her breakfast which consisted of a huge bowl of porridge for herself. There wasn't too much flavour to it, but she didn't really mind too much as it was nourishment that her body needed. Remy Jr. sat down next to her and was digging into some chicken that was left over from the night before.

The sound of his gnawing and chomping could be heard and as far as Chrissie was concerned, it was simply adorable. As far as she was concerned, everything that he did was adorable. Even when he would leave an unwanted surprise, she would still say that the manner he would do it was cute.

Today was going to be a standard day as far as a lot of them were concerned. There wasn't really that much that could be done but prepare for the performance that was taking place that night. Because of this, Chrissie wasn't really tasked with doing much besides helping to steady the large pole in the main tent which supported the structure. It had moved slightly, and it had been decided to put it right.

Thanks to her great size, this was a task that she was able to do quite easily with some supervision. During this time, Remy Jr. had been with her as well and she had time beforehand to make him a new outfit. This one consisted of a builder's outfit and a small hardhat style headwear. It made him look as though he was taking part in the job and was dressed for the part.

This only added to the perk of the job and for simply being there, Remy Jr. did receive plenty of strokes. This made him very happy, and he enjoyed the attention that he was getting. Especially that what he got from his favourite person. The outfit wasn't entirely comfortable for him but as long as it made her happy, he would wear it.

Next on her tasks for the day, Chrissie had to help move some food that was being delivered to the circus. It was a task that would normally take several men in order to complete but it would only take one giantess. It was a simple job that she was able to complete relatively easily.

Of course, when the task was done, it wasn't as simple as stepping away. It had to be examined in order to see whether everything was up to code. One of the workers was qualified to do this but he wasn't the only one who checked. Remy Jr. also had a look around and this was allowed since he was dressed as a builder, and he wasn't doing any harm. By the time he had started, the examination had already been done.

Once he was done, he sat down and looked over to Chrissie. Quickly he began to bark at her, and she lowered her hand and stroked him on his head. Due to the hat that he was wearing, he couldn't feel her fingers like he could before. He was happy either way and felt like he had helped.

"Builder Remy Jr. says that everything is fine," said Chrissie to anyone who was close by within the main tent. "You're a good boy." There were a few more barks from him as he was simply happy to help.

Watching on from inside of the tent was Remy, he stayed mostly hidden as he kept his eye on the sweet giantess. He was still concerned about her and wanted to make sure that she was fine. Although he could see that she was still a little sad, there was definitely an improvement that was taking place.

He also couldn't help but look at the outfit that had been made for Remy Jr. and he too thought it looked cute. Rather than acting like a builder like Chrissie had mentioned, he thought that the puppy was more like a foreman, but he didn't correct her. Instead, he simply let her have her fun.

Once she was done, both Chrissie and Remy Jr. left the main tent so that they could see what other work was to be done. Instead, they ran into Genero who was practicing some more of his tricks. He was more than happy to show them to the pair as he knew that they could do with being cheered up.

Although both of them had seen the tricks that he showed them several times, they were both completely amazed by them. In a way, it was as if it was the first time that they had ever seen them. It was one advantage for Genero to have an audience like Chrissie and Remy Jr., they would always enjoy his tricks and never question how he had done them. Instead, they had simply enjoyed them and was bought into the illusion.

"You're amazing," said Chrissie as she looked at Genero and clapped her hands. She had just seen him perform a relatively simple magic trick but to her, it had completely blown her mind.

"I thank you my dear," replied Genero who acted as though he was in the middle of a show. "And of course, you're the best audience a magician like me could ask for. Want me to show you another trick?"

"Of course, I always love seeing your tricks."

"In that case, I just need you to pick me up for a moment. I think I can see something behind your ear."

"You can?" This confused her and she placed her hands down onto the ground so that he could step onto them. Once he was on her hands, she lifted him up towards her ear and he reached behind it in order to seemingly grab something. However, it was something that had been up his sleeve and he retracted his arm so that she could see it.

"Just as I thought, there was a coin behind your ear this entire time."

"How did that get there?" Chrissie's gigantic green eye looked at the coin that was in his hand and she was in complete disbelief. Quickly she put Genero down and then checked behind her ears just in case there were any more. Much to her disappointment, there was none.

"Hmm, maybe you slept on it, but then again they can come from anywhere." He knelt down to where Remy Jr. was standing and performed the exact same trick as well. "See, your puppy had one as well."

"Wow, that's so amazing." Like she had done with herself, Chrissie began to check behind the ears of Remy Jr. in order to try and find more coins. Unlike Genero she was unsuccessful in her attempts. "How did you find that?"

"It's simply a matter beyond the comprehension of mere man. Reaching down deep into the realm of magic, I can make the seemingly impossible happen. Just like I can make your puppy disappear and reappear again." His tone and mannerisms still made it seem as if he was performing in a show. The audience that he was entertaining might have been one giantess and dog, but he still put a lot of effort into it. Immediately he heard the applaud of Chrissie and her look of amazement was prevalent. He knew that even if he was given a harsh crowd, as long as he performed to her, he would always feel as if he was a success.

"You're the greatest magic man in the whole wide world." There was excitement in Chrissie's voice as she spoke. Genero bowed to her, and he still had a smile on his face as he finished off his performance.

"That my dear is where you're correct. But unfortunately, now is the time to bring this performance of mine to the end."

"Oh, how come?" There was disappointment in her voice as she leaned forward and looked at him. The truth was that he was somewhat reluctant to stop but he knew that he couldn't perform forever. Plus, he thought that she probably had other tasks that she needed to complete.

"Simply because my magic has blown your mind so much that it needs time to recover and come back up to speed. If I went any further, you might see something so amazing that you can't really register it properly. Because of this, I need to stop for now and show you another few tricks later."

"Ok." She was still disappointed by this, but she could understand what he was talking about. The truth was that he had been beginning to run out of tricks and thought that he would be repeating himself before long. "I know that your next tricks are going to amazing like the others."

"Indeed, they shall be my dear, but for now I must depart."

Chrissie had expected him to use some kind of magic trick in order to leave but instead, he simply walked away. He left her the two coins that he had taken from behind her and Remy Jr.'s ears. Since she didn't fully understand the concept of money, to her it was just two shiny pieces of metal that had gotten her attention.

Like before, Remy had watched on and he was glad to see that Chrissie was looking happier while she was watching the performance. He thought that if she was constantly watching a magic show then she would no longer be sad. Unfortunately, this was something that was simply impossible to maintain. Instead, all that could be done was to bring her happiness back up one step at a time.

There was no doubt that one day soon that the sweet giantess would return to her happy self and continue to bring up the morale of everyone around her. Now that the magic show was over, she got up to her feet and picked up her puppy before walking away. She didn't really have anywhere that she needed to go. Instead, she would simply wander around and wait until someone needed her for a task.

Remy would have continued to keep an eye on her, but he had things that he needed to do himself. There was plenty more money coming into the circus than there had been before, but he still had to make sure that it was all going to places that they needed to go to. If any was being wasted, then he would have to find a way to prevent that from taking place.

It was amongst the most boring and yet important jobs within the circus. Out of everyone there, he was the most qualified to perform this task although he did miss the fact that Winifred wasn't there to help him. Nothing he could do would bring her back, but he hoped that he could make her proud.

On his mind, he also thought about his daughter who was some distance away. He wanted nothing more than for her to be by his side and they be a family. One day he did hope that this would happen but for now it was simply impossible. Claire's grandfather was still trying to find her, and it was only a matter of time before he tried something else. As long as Claire remained with Doctor Dam then she would be safe.

Then again having a giant around was more than enough protection as far as many people were concerned. However, when the giant in question was harmless then she couldn't be called to protect anyone. Instead, he decided that the current situation was the best that it could be for the time being. Anything could change though and there was a chance that something like that could happen in the near future.