In the alleyway Remy Jr. was walking around and still trying to pick up Chrissie's scent. Unfortunately, he wasn't having much success but his ears did begin to pick up something. It was her voice calling out his name and this caused him to bark loudly. He hoped that this would lead her to his location but it wasn't travelling far enough.

He did quickly run out of the alleyway and he looked around to see if he could see his giant mistress. There was still nothing but he could still hear her calling out to him. Now it sounded like her call was coming from further and further away. He knew that she was walking farther away from his location and he called out again.

Before he could do anything else he found himself surrounded by a net. He tried as much as he could but he couldn't escape from the net at all, he called out over and over again for Chrissie to come and rescue him. However, his calls were falling on deaf ears as he felt himself get picked up in the net.

It was only then that Remy Jr. was able to see who had caught him. He could see a tall man wearing a one-piece suit that covered his entire body besides his head. His suit was a brown colour and the man had short black hair and a smell about him that was like wet fur. He smiled at the puppy and he could see that some of his teeth were missing.

"Hello there little puppy," said the Man. He spoke with a somewhat odd accent which was pretty much the same as what the other people in Achute spoke. "Look at you there all alone." He chucked for a few moments as he began to walk toward a cart that was being pulled by a horse. On the cart were several cages of various sizes, also the words 'Achute Public Dog Catcher' could be read on the side. "You're coming with me!" He then placed Remy Jr. inside of a cage and although he did try to bite the man the gloves that he was wearing were too thick. It was obvious that he was more than prepared.

Remy Jr. could do nothing but continue to bark as he was placed in a cage and he felt the cart begin to move. He had no idea where he was going but he thought that he would never see Chrissie again or be embraced in any of her hugs. If he could he would have likely begun to cry.

Meanwhile Remy was still looking around for the lost puppy. Unlike Chrissie he had been looking in the right direction. He would call out the name of the puppy a few times and in his mind, he still found it odd that he shared a name with him. Out of all the names in the world that Chrissie could have given him she had decided to name the puppy after him. Her logic was that he was her best friend and thus the puppy had deserved a fitting name to go along with him.

For Remy it seemed like he was as eager to find Remy Jr. as Chrissie was but not entirely for the same reason. He just wanted to be out of Achute as soon as possible before he was recognised and return the package to Alana. He knew that she would probably be annoyed if they were late and he didn't want to invoke her wrath. On several occasions she had shown that she wasn't very fond of humans and only tolerated his presence because it would upset Chrissie otherwise. Anything that could anger her would most likely be bad for his health and future.

To a few people he would go up to them and ask if they had seen Remy Jr. He hadn't used the puppy's name and instead tried to describe him. Unfortunately, everyone that he spoke to brushed him off and walked away. It was obvious to them that he was from out of town and thus they didn't care too much. He had picked up some of their accent but not enough to successfully mimic it.

There was one idea that Remy did have and that was him to do something to lure the puppy out. He knew how much Remy Jr. enjoyed his bones and he thought that it would be a good idea to get one so that he could have the puppy come to him. The only place where he thought that he could get a bone was at a butcher's shop. Thankfully for him he noticed one that wasn't too far away.

With some haste he walked into the butcher's shop and he could see displays of different meat from several different animals. He didn't really want to think about how it was done but he also saw that there was no one manning the counter. Instead he had to ring a bell that was nearby, he had to wait several seconds before a man did approach him. He was relatively tall and had short brown hair. He wore a dark apron that had some blood on it, he was also wearing gloves that were bloodstained but he began to take them off. It was obvious that he was the butcher.

"Can I help you?" asked the Butcher. He spoke in the same accent that everyone else in the town also spoke.

"Yes, this might sound odd but is there any chance that I can purchase a bone from you?" replied Remy. "You see I'm looking for a lost dog and I was hoping to use one to find him again."

"Hmm I suppose that I can sell you a bone, but the funny thing about you mentioning a lost dog. I had one eating at my meat back there a few minutes ago."

"You don't say." Suddenly something clicked in his mind and he decided to investigate further. "This dog that you mentioned, it wasn't a puppy now was it?"

"Well it was quite small so I guess it could have been a puppy."

"Ok and did this puppy happen to have golden hair at all?"

"I didn't see too much of it but I do remember seeing that it had golden hair. Why is that the dog that you're looking for?"

"Indeed, it is very likely. You wouldn't happen to know where he went do you?" He thought that his search might have come to an end and he could leave this town as soon as he could. "If you would be so kind."

"I chased the mutt away, I don't know where it went after that. I wouldn't be surprised if Jurgen got to it."

"Jurgen? Whose Jurgen." A slight hint of worry entered his body as he thought that it couldn't be good news.

"This town used to have a stray dog problem but now Jurgen goes around and captures any strays and takes them back to his yard. If they have owners they have twenty-four hours to retrieve them from him."

"And what happens after said twenty-four hours?"

"Jurgen puts them down, however if his yard is particularly full then he might put some down at a quicker rate. If he does have your dog I suggest that you go to him quickly before it is too late."

"Thank you, but before I leave where is this yard?"

"On the other side of town."

"Thank you again my good sir." He then gave him a few gold coins for his help. He thought that it was best to keep the butcher on his good side in case anything unexpected happened. "For your troubles."

"A pleasure doing business with you."

With that Remy hurried outside of the butcher's shop and feeling that he didn't need the bone anymore he made his way in the direction that had been pointed out to him. He thought if he was quick that he would be able to return to Chrissie and then go back to where Alana lived. For the time being this was his ultimate goal and he was going to do everything that he could do achieve it.

Meanwhile Remy Jr. was still not having the best of time. He was continuing to bark while he was in his cage but he could do nothing to free himself or even get out of the clutches of Jurgen. He did feel the cart coming to a stop and he thought that this was going to be his opportunity to escape.

Unfortunately, he felt the cage get picked up and he could see Jurgen carrying it. This made him back louder but for the dogcatcher this was nothing, if anything Remy Jr. was probably one of the most harmless dogs that he had ever captured. It was helpful that he was only a puppy rather than a fully grown canine.

As Remy Jr. was carried out of the cart his nose began to pick up two different scents. The first was the scents of many different dogs and he could also hear them barking loudly. It put his barks to shame but that wasn't what scared him. He could also smell the stench of death from the dogs that Jurgen had put down. Most of them were either buried on some land not far away or simply burned until there was nothing left of them but ash. He knew that if he wasn't found soon that a similar fate would greet him soon.

It was only when the puppy was taken into the hut that he could see the other dogs that were there. They were all trapped inside small cages much like him, they caught his scent and barked even louder. This scared the poor puppy who began to whimper and cower inside of his cage.

"Quiet the lot of you!" said Jurgen in a very loud voice. This didn't do much to quieten down the other dogs.

Rather than trying again he just placed Remy Jr.'s cage on top of another. This one contained a much larger dog that looked to be dangerous. Given the chance it could easily maul a person if they weren't careful. It wasn't the only dog that was like that in the hut as there were others that could do the same.

Rather than going back on the job Jurgen decided to have a sit down and take a break for a while. He thought that he had caught enough dogs for now and all he had to do now was relax until he needed to go out on the job.

From his cage Remy Jr. could see another dog that was seemingly shivering. He barked over to it a couple of times but the other dog simply barked aggressively back. This did nothing the calm the puppy down who continued to cower in the corner of his cage. His thoughts drifted to Chrissie who he knew would make sure that he was safe from a place like this. Now that they were separated his fear began to get the better of him as he thought that he would never see her again. This caused him to whimper even more as he felt that his situation was hopeless.

Meanwhile some distance away Remy Jr. was not the only one feeling sad. Chrissie too was still upset and even though for the time being she had stopped crying she could start again at any moment. She was looking around everywhere for her lost puppy but so far, she had no luck. This was upsetting her even more and she was asking numerous people if they had seen him. She couldn't tell them what breed he was as to her he was simply her cute little puppy dog.

She wasn't having any luck in her search and she imagine that Remy Jr. was probably lost in an alley and was very scared. She had no idea about what he was actually experiencing and how he was close to being in mortal danger. She was still searching as best as she could but finding things was something that she had never been very good with. There were also some people who were nervous with her presence.

Most of the townspeople knew that a giant, even one as small as Chrissie was capable of quite a lot of destruction. It wouldn't take much for her to knock over a building whether it was intentional or not. It made things even more on edge when she placed her foot down and almost stepped on a cart. Thankfully she had just missed but she didn't notice as she continued to walk on.

"Remy Jr.!" shouted Chrissie. She was looking around and trying to hear any kind of response. Most of the time she didn't hear anything but once she did hear a bark. Quickly she had gone to investigate the source of the barking and at first, she thought that she had finally found her lost puppy. Unfortunately for her it had been a stray dog and this disappointed her greatly.

At one-point Chrissie even picked up another cart just to see if her lost puppy was underneath. He wasn't there and she very disappointingly placed it back on the ground. She wasn't sure what to do next and she began to think about what her sister Claire would have most likely done.

Instead her mind did begin to wander back to an earlier time in her life. She could remember crying and sitting in the home that she shared with her sister. Her sister had just come back from buying some much needed food when she saw her little sister crying. Almost instantly she put the food down and went over to her. She also bent down so that she could be at the same level as her.

"What's wrong Chrissie?" asked Claire in a sweet voice. As Chrissie's legal guardian and only real family she wanted to make sure she did everything that she could for her little sister. This included being her mother after their own mother had passed some years before.

"The other kids were mean to me," replied Chrissie. She was still crying and had to wipe away tears and she sniffed a few times.

"How were they being mean to you?" She held onto the hands of her younger sister so that she would feel safe. They had a special bond with one another that seemed to go higher than being sisters.

"They called me stupid." She had been looking away for a moment but now she was looking in Claire's brown eyes. "Am I stupid Claire?"

"Of course not, you're my little sister and you're just perfect the way that you are." She gave her a smile that did seem to make Chrissie feel a little better. "I wouldn't change anything about you, you're the most perfect sister that I could have ever asked for." Her smile continued and her teeth looked to be perfectly healthy.

"Do you really mean that?"

"You know I do Chrissie, now I've just bought some food for dinner. Do you want to help me cook it? You can be my helper."

"I like being your helper." She then smiled before getting off the chair and walking away for a moment. She returned seconds later but now she was wearing an apron and a chef's hat. "Chef Chrissie is here to help."

"And help she certainly will." She was amazed with how her sister was able to make outfits for herself like this. But what was most important was that Chrissie was happy now and that her smile had returned. "Now what do you want to cook?"

"Cookies, lots and lots of cookies." There was a lot of excitement in her voice and she was practically jumping up and down.

"Then we'll cook some cookies. We'll do them together as sisters."

That last word rang through Chrissie's head as she continued her search for Remy Jr. She knew that if Claire was with her that she would do whatever it took to find the puppy and make sure that he was safely back in Chrissie's arms. She didn't want to lose him like she had lost Claire and her mother.

She didn't realise that some distance away that Remy was approaching the yard that belonged to Jurgen. He could hear the howling of the dogs and it was quite loud. The smell that greeted him was also one that made his eyes water. He didn't think that anyone could withstand such a smell for very long. But despite how disgusted he was he still made his way toward the main door and knocked on it. A part of him hoped that he wouldn't get an answer simply so that he could walk away.

To a combination of relief and disappointment he saw the door begin to open. He stood there silent as he wanted to see who the person answering was. If it was someone that he recognised it was likely that he would have bolted. Even if it wasn't someone that he had met on a more personal level he had swindled enough people in poker to know that if any of them got their hands on him he would likely be dead.

Thankfully Jurgen was someone that he didn't recognise so he felt at least a little safer. However, he was ready to bolt at any sign of danger. It was one way that he had been able to keep going for so long.

"Can I help you?" asked Jurgen. The smell seemed to intensify once the door opened. Remy had to do everything that he could not to vomit. He kept his composure and tried to make it seem like he hadn't noticed.

"Hello," replied Remy. "I am looking for a dog."

"I have many dogs, are you here to claim one or adopt it?" He had to cough right after he spoke and it prevented Remy from speaking for a few seconds.

"Claim, I believe that you might have captured a stray puppy earlier. Possibly a golden retriever, it belongs to a very dear friend of mine. She is heartbroken right now that he is missing and I was told that this was the best place to find a missing dog."

"Indeed, it is. All stray dogs are eventually kept here with most of them being buried as well. Let's hope that yours isn't on that list." He stepped away from the door and gestured his hand. "Would you like to come inside?"

Remy was reluctant to do so as the smell was still very strong. However, his need to find Remy Jr. outweighed his disgust so he did step inside. He could see all the caged dogs and they were barking at him. There was so many of them barking that he couldn't hear a thing. He couldn't even hear the barking of Remy Jr. who could see him and was trying to get his attention.

In the end he had to cover his ears as he thought that they were going to explode. He could see that Jurgen was trying to talk to him but he couldn't hear a single word that the man was saying. The dogs were simply too loud and the smell was too great for him, in the end he just walked out of the building once again. Jurgen did follow quite closely behind him as well and he seemed to chuckle.

"Did you see the one that you were looking for?" asked Jurgen. He had to wait several seconds for Remy to regain his composure.

"N-No I didn't," replied Remy. He had not seen the entirety of the hut but something inside of him didn't want to go back inside. "I guess that he's not here."

"That is a shame, he could still be out there. I won't keep you from your search."

"Ok, thank you for your help."

With that Remy began to walk away from the Jurgen and the hut, he wanted to get as far away as he could. Later he was definitely going to bath himself to ensure that he didn't have the stench of the place on his person. He assumed that Remy Jr. was still out there somewhere and that he simply needed to look.

He didn't realise that Remy Jr. was actually inside of the hut. He had been very excited at the sight of Remy and had been trying to get his attention. Unfortunately, it had not worked and he had seen his would-be protector walk out. This disappointed the puppy greatly as his ears dropped and he began to whimper.

The other dogs were still barking quite loudly and this scared him more than he had ever imagined. For the time being he was safe in the cage but it wouldn't be too long before Jurgen did his duty and put him down. If that were to happen Chrissie was unlikely to see him again and she would never know what happened to him. He began to imagine her crying much like she did when she became very upset.

He realised that he was going to have to try and get out by himself. He knew that he needed to fend for himself this time as there was no one else who was going to help him. First, he needed to figure out how to get out of his cage, then he would need to find Chrissie for a touching reunion.