For the guy in primary school that I kind of loved.

I remember in year 3

You wanted me to like you more than your freind but I couldn't help liking you both

I remember in year 4

You and your freind would both ask to sit next to me on the bus to swimming

I remember in year 5

It was very on and off but I loved playing with you and your freinds

I remember in year 6

There was a lunch time where we broke up and got back together via mutual freinds about 10 times

I remember all through our time together

I kind of loved you in the way a child like that could

And I know now that you're having a hard time

They gang up and laugh just like they used to

But this time me and your freinds aren't there

I hope you can stand up

I hope you can find your confidence

I hope we might meet again someday

And I can tell you how I cried when I didn't get your number on the last day of year 6

And I can tell you how I never had a boyfreind since

Although I barely know any boys, you're still kinda there

And even though you won't ever read this

I want to say to you, that in the little way a child can,

I really did love you.