I regret to inform you that I will not be posting any more work on fictionpress. I started being concerned about the safety of my writing. I'm not the best writer right now but the ideas I post here are ideas I want to get published one day, especially with my newest story, Endark. This site was fantastic when I was just posting experiments in hope it would go somewhere, but that was when I wasn't even thinking about getting published. I've appreciated all of your critical reviews and encouraging words. I will continue to read and review your stories.

HOWEVER, if you happened to be the kind of person to always finish what they start especially when it comes to literature, I do have a bit of hope left for you. If I ever get any of these stories published I will post a new chapter on it to alert you. So consider anything you read here a sample. But until then, at least you won't be getting any more pesky emails from Fictionpress JayJarvis (speaking to all you followers). ;)

Hope to be sending you another "chapter" in a year or so,