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This chapter is a bit romantic and has some adult themes (Though nothing above a T rating), so please read responsibly!


Once the hunter had left, and the bodies had been cleared out of the throne room, Julia ordered her guards to not disturb her unless it was an emergency, then she returned to the throne room.

Julia turned to Sion with a coy look in her eyes. "Take off your armor….you're safe now."

"Yes ma'am" Sion nodded and Julia's flesh tingled as he turned his back, dropping his helmet and shield on the floor before raising his arms to take off his chain mail. She sucked in a breath as his muscles, while not overly noticeable, could be seen through his shirt. He turned back to her and smiled "What now milady?"

They both walked towards one another and Sion gently placed a hand on Julia's face, she melted at the touch and she stretched to her tiptoes, running her fingers through his hair "I want you to promise me you'll never leave again…then I want you to kiss me." She whispered.

Sion gazed at Julia, taking in her long brown hair, her hazel eyes, and her creamy skin. He took in the way freckles surrounded her nose, and the way her eyelashes fluttered when she blinked. She was perfect, and he was the luckiest man alive. He smiled at her and brushed his nose against hers, whispering two words. "I promise."

Then he brought his lips to hers, and the world melted away.

It was just like old times as if the three months or so apart had never even existed. Their lips melded together as Sion's hands traveled to Julia's back, and her hands caressed his broad shoulders. They fit together, they belonged together, and now nothing would ever keep them apart.

They continued kissing, tracing patterns on each other's backs, gently running fingertips through hair, and squeezing one another's arms. Sion broke away from the kiss, feeling his wolf blood boil as the scent of flowers swirled around him…the flowers she always washed her hair with. She would crush the petals of flowers into water and let the mixture soak into her hair…..

Sion inhaled the addictive scent that had been his guide for this entire journey, happy that he no longer had to follow it…..because it was his.

Julia let out a moan as his lips traveled down her neck, and she hooked a leg around him to press his body closer to her. Sion's hands traveled down to her hips and he lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around him and put her lips to his ear "Throne…..now!" She breathed, playfully biting at his earlobe.

He backed up until he felt the back of his knees strike the throne. He sat down and Julia arranged herself so she was sitting on his lap, with her knees between his legs and the armrests of the throne. She ran her hands down his chest, feeling the muscles and his rapidly pounding heart. His lips kissed her neck softly, running from her throat to her jaw then back down as his fingers softly dug into her back.

She lowered her head back down to kiss him again, letting the sensation of the moment fill her. When they both pulled back Julia grinned "So you used our secret tunnel hmm…Hopefully, it brought back some memories…"

Sion smiled back "It did darling…It was my way of sneaking in to see you…whenever I wanted."

Julia felt a thrill go through her at the way he called her darling. "Yes" She whispered, letting her hands slip under his shirt, caressing the skin there. "We wouldn't want the princes and nobles to know that the princess was falling for one of her guardsmen now would we…darling?"

Sion's breath caught in his throat as her warm hands traveled over his skin. He pressed his lips to hers, moving his own hands up her sides in the way he knew she liked. He playfully bit her lip and pressed her chest to his as her hands wove under his arms and began to rub his back.

He slid a hand up to her neck and let it rest there as they continued kissing, letting the movements of their mouths, tongues, and hands speak volumes of love and affection. Julia pulled her lips away to run kisses all across Sion's forehead and he kissed her jaw and cheeks. She moved her legs to kick her shoes off the throne and wrap her legs around her love, and he pressed himself to her, making sure she was comfortable as she gently moved herself to fully sit on his lap.

"Julia…." Sion groaned as he buried his face into her shoulder, kissing the spot where her neck met her shoulder. She moaned in surprise and pleasure and angled her head to give him more access.

"Sion….." Julia whispered, and Sion's wolf blood boiled again…boiled with need and love…..boiled with the anticipation of making her the happiest woman alive.

He stood up and shifted her so that he was carrying her bridal style and she wrapped her arms around his neck, alternating between kissing his neck and nipping at his earlobe.

"You remember where my room is right?" She whispered playfully.

"Yes milady I do." Sion smiled, walking in that direction as quickly as his feet could carry him.

As they rounded the doorway Julia realized something "Darling…you're carrying me like a bride." He'd carried her before during his visits, but he often lifted her up or carried her over his shoulder… he'd never carried her like this.

"Yes I am" Sion chuckled "Yes I am. I need the practice, so that way when the real time comes I don't drop you or trip or something."

Julia froze in shock as she digested his words and then playfully pouted "That really isn't a way to ask someone to marry you Sion."

Sion put her down and reached into a pocket, pulling out a silver ring with a ruby in the middle. "How about this way?" He held the ring gingerly. He'd wanted to marry her long before he marched to war, and had kept the ring as a reminder of what he had lost when he was a monster. Now he was a man again.

He knelt down on one knee, staring up at her. "Julia, princess of the Celestial Kingdom…will you marry me?"

Tears shone in Julia's eyes and she nodded wordlessly, her response shown all over her smiling face. Sion slid the ring onto her finger and smiled back at her, inhaling the scent of flowers… a scent that was all his now.

Julia wrapped her fingers around his and yanked him towards her bedroom, practically shoving him inside and slamming the door shut. She walked over to the bed and lay down on the soft pillows, gazing up at her lover and soon to be husband. "Sion…make love to me. Please." She said, her voice cracking slightly as she realized, spur of the moment or not, this was what she wanted.

Sion's inner wolf rose to the challenge and his eyes devoured her, from her bare feet to the tips of her long brown hair. The smell of flowers was already in the room and because Julia had entered she had doubled its intensity.

Julia shuddered with anticipation as her lover gazed upon her with a stare not unlike that of a predator looking upon prey, and she curled a finger at him. "Come here." She softly commanded.

He walked over to her and leaned downwards capturing her lips in the fiercest kiss they'd ever shared, and he dominated it, making it clear he was her predator and she was his prey.

Clothing was discarded with an unheard of feeling of urgency as their hands and mouths wandered over one other, exploring and loving what the other had to offer. After a long while they finally connected for the very first time and they both fell into bliss…When their connection was completed it was as if they had floated high above the castle on clouds of pure pleasure and love.

And they never wanted it to stop.

Princess and guard, mage and monster, the labels didn't matter as they connected again and again and again, each kiss, each caress, each word a testament to their union, each action a promise… a promise to stay together and never let anything take them apart.

After their bodies were sated, they both drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms and still whispering "I love you's"

As Julia curled up into her lover's arms she released she was the luckiest woman alive. She was going to be marrying a werewolf and a man in the same body, and she briefly wondered what their child would look like.

Sion kissed her forehead as his inner wolf slumbered, tracing patterns along the bare plain of her back. "I love you Julia." He whispered as his eyes closed.

"I love you more my wolf…..my hero" She whispered back, lightly kissing his jaw before closing her own eyes.

Outside the castle the moon shone down on the pair, illuminating them and bathing them in moonlight. Their union had started something, and Julia wasn't the only being who wondered what the child would look like…..


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