In 2012, I had a friend named Cheyenne and all she did was talk about her ex-boyfriend that I have known since 6th grade to me. We met in middle school: I was in 7th grade and she was in 6th grade. We were both in the same special education program and that's how we met and became friends in late 2007. We were in middle school for 2 years, and after I graduated from middle school in 2009, we didn't see or speak to each other for a year because we had no way to contact each other. When I was in 10th grade and when she was in 9th grade, we reconnected in high school: we exchanged phone numbers, became friends on Facebook and texted after school and on the weekends.

We only went to high school together for a year. Her mom died in early 2011 and after the 2010-2011 school year, she moved to Florida to live with her dad. A few months later, her dad died and I felt sorry for her. After that, she changed completely and was a different person. This was not the girl I became friends with in middle school.

She had a boyfriend in New Jersey and she was cheating on him with a guy that she met in Florida. I know that because I saw that on her Facebook status, she was flirting with a boy named Brandon. She dumped my friend for the guy that she met in Florida. After that, she started talking bad about him to me. She called him a liar and a cheater even though he never lied to or cheated on her.

She told me that he cheated on her with at least 6 girls. I know that he wouldn't do that because he and I have been friends since 6th grade. It got so bad that I had to end our friendship. I told her that if she was going to talk bad about Kyle, then I didn't want to be her friend anymore. My friend who happened to be her ex is a nice guy and we became friends in 6th grade.

A year and a half later in late 2013, she texted me asking to be friends again. She was very disrespectful to me. She denied cheating on her ex. I told her to stop texting me and she never texted me again and in 2015, she emailed me asking to be friends again and she was still lying about what she did to her ex and I told her to stop emailing me and she never emailed me again. I will never forget what she did to my friend and now she lives in another state and she's dating a new guy who's probably older than her.