p style="text-align: center;"Oh Kristy,/p
p style="text-align: center;"I wish things were different./p
p style="text-align: center;"I don't know what to say. What am I meant to say? You're gone, my family's gone, Maria's gone. I'm the only one left./p
p style="text-align: center;"The world seems to be crumbling to ashes around me. The Union's all but gone, and the rest of the world follows Them now. Like in the prophecy. Why couldn't we believe something for just one second? Maybe we'd be in a different situation./p
p style="text-align: center;"But it doesn't do well to focus on could-have-beens, does it? I would say dreams, but when people say all dreams come true, they seem to forget that nightmares are dreams too. This is a waking nightmare./p
p style="text-align: center;"But I'll fight. For your sakes. I'll get them for you or die trying, don't you worry./p
p style="text-align: center;"See you on the other side then, I guess./p
p style="text-align: center;"Xxx/p
p style="text-align: center;"Jacob/p