List Poem


Resentful of insults,

Dripping from poisoned lips,

That pierces one's heart.

Resentful of humiliation,

Of scornful laughter,

Yet powerless to retaliate.


Resentful of being belittled,

Insignificant and unimportant,

Like an ant flattened by a man.

Resentful of discrimination,

Of unrecognized achievements,

Anger at others who receive the praise.


Resentful of lies,

Masking hypnotic eyes,

Weaving a deceptive fiction.

Resentful of betrayal,

Crushing the sworn trust,

Leaving only denial.


Resentful of being an outcast,

Ostracized by society,

Like a black sheep among the whites.

Resentful of rejection,

Yet seeking acceptance,

Like a lost sheep it never will be found.


Resentful of being controlled,

Trapped by the chains of life,

Stringed like fate's little puppet.

Resentful of being someone you're not,

Wearing a mask none can see,

To conform to society's norms.


Resentment is a curse,

A poison to the mind,

With bitterness it darkens the heart,

With hatred it pollutes the soul;

Escape is a mere illusion,

For none can resist the power of resentment.