In the beginning, there was only darkness.

And thus, the Lord created light. He created a world unlike any known before. He created land and water, earth and sky, plants and animals. The Lord's will was undertaken by the denizens of the heavenly land of Nirvana. These were the angels. Created by the Lord to be His perfect servants, he gave each a role. The seraphim were high ranked soldiers of peace, the cherubim loving guardians of the creatures on Earth below. The Virtues made the heavenly law, the Powers enforced it. And above all the rest were the archangels.

These five angels were created by the Lord to lead Nirvana in His stead. Gabriel, the wise messenger, Michael, the protector, Lucifer, the prince of the sun and bringer of light, Raphael, the bringer of judgment, and Uriel, spirit of repentance and punishment. Each archangel lived for the Lord's light and word. They praised His blessed name and kept peace amongst their land, and amongst the newly formed Earth. But something wasn't right. There was a broken link in the chain.

The Lord had created human life in His exact image. He had created two companions and gave them the world at their hands. The Lord so loved the humans that He declared the angels should give their blessings and their protection to them. Each group complied. The Seraphim protected the humans, the Cherubim advised them, the Virtues created new laws, and the Powers prepared to enforce them. The archangels were given their roles as well. Gabriel was to lead the humans, Michael to protect them, Raphael to give them wisdom, and Uriel to forgive.

But one disagreed.


The lightbringer saw the creation, but his pride prevented him from fulfilling his duty. He did not believe he was subservient to man. He had power, he had a seat under the Lord, he controlled the sun and the light. The men should bow to them. They were powerful angels. The humans were meek and useless parasites of the Earth.

A place that had only seen peace now saw its first glimpse of rebellion. The Lord commanded the other archangels to punish the outspoken Lucifer for his treason and his betrayal. The Lord created a desolate wasteland which laid below the Earth, filled with darkness and shadows, murky seas and treacherous mountains. He called it Hell.

Lucifer was stripped of his heavenly clothing, his halo shattered before him. He was paraded down the streets of Nirvana in blessed chains, a spectacle of shame for all to see. The archangels led him to the edge of a cliff, overseeing the dark depths of Hell. Lucifer was held down by each of the four archangels. With a hand each on both of his wings, they tore the appendages from his back, leaving gaping scars, pools of blood and the harsh cries of the pained man. Without any other words, Lucifer was pushed over the edge, and fell until he reached the pits of Hell.

Devoid of his heavenly light, Lucifer vowed revenge on the Lord, on his archangel brothers, on Nirvana, and on the filthy human parasites. Lucifer began to create his own life. He created the endless Sea of Limbo in the west, the roaming shadows in the south, the treacherous forests in the north, and the perilous mountains in the east. He created dragons, wyverns, and hellhounds, his weapons for a fight against Nirvana.

But his rebellion did not go unheard. For decades, more and more individuals began to wonder if Lucifer was right. Some kept their skepticism to themselves, others rebelled. One by one, the rebels fell, picked off and snuffed out to cleanse Nirvana of its sin. Lucifer saw these rebellions and one by one, found his own group of strong companions to help rule his nation. Each was made a king of their own land, inspired by the offense which brought them to Hell's gates. They became known as the Seven Deadly Sins.

In the center of Hell, laid the kingdom of Dis, ruled by the emperor of Hell, Lucifer himself. This land was filled with beauty and glamour, its inhabitants were noblemen who were proud of their stature. This was the Sin of Pride.

Above rested the kingdom of Qi'dem, ruled by King Belphegor. Rolling hills filled with crops, food and drink and merriment all throughout the streets. Even the beggars lived like kings and none went hungry. The Sin of Gluttony.

Next was the kingdom of Mezora, led by Queen Mammon. A glittering utopia of a capital city. There, gold, silver, and beautiful stones were mined. The capital was practically paved with the ores found in the forests of the kingdom. But the commonfolk were not as lucky. The Sin of Greed.

Below laid the kingdom of Akri'qar, governed by King Asmodeus. Luscious and fertile lands met with the mountainsides, inhabited by dragons. In the kingdom lived the incubi and succubi. The Sin of Lust.

In the south was the kingdom of Brakhava, overseen by Queen Sathanus. The land was covered in dense shadows and immense fires that burned with the rage that rested within its inhabitants. The Sin of Wrath.

To its side was the king of Isiqu, ruled by King Abaddon, son of the original king, Apollyon. A barren land filled with deserts and an oppressive heat. The inhabitants had barely changed since their fall. The Sin of Sloth.

Finally to the west was the kingdom of Rheahara, led by King Beelzebub. A beautiful land bordering on the Sea of Limbo and filled with wyverns and sea serpents. The forests that bordered the water were as green as the hearts of its people. The Sin of Envy.

The seven kingdoms created armies to fight the presence of Nirvana. They corrupted human souls and took in their fallen brethren. Each day the kingdoms began to grow beneath Lucifer's rule, waiting for the day when their revenge against the Lord would be complete.