I'm in the business of writing stories. Chances are that you are, too.

The subject material we're to embark on is unlike any story I've told before. I grew up on adventure books with traditional and linear conflict arcs. Hero journeys and three act structures. It's the basis for many of the stories we tell here. But real life is messy, and fitting it neatly into these structures simply won't do.

Besides, it wouldn't be as fun.

I began writing in earnest in 2002, but I've been a lifelong storyteller. I'm not so interested in recounting the journey so much as touching on essential points along the way. Tying them into the larger framework of being an author, how those experiences have shaped me, and hopefully extrapolating something useful out of it. When you tackle a subject for so long you tend to have a lot to say on the matter. It just so happens that I can tell a few stories in the process.

I hesitate to call these essays (and yet that's the genre I put it in). Perhaps subject exploration? Certainly not a blog. FictionPress will have none of that. You'll have to be the judge of things. If any of you decide to follow me along for the ride, I intend to add your input to these episodes. Nothing quite so interactive as a 'choose-your-own-adventure.' I do have questions—perhaps only rhetorical. But if you have answers, they could change the timing of my approach to these tales. And hopefully we can share something useful together as a takeaway.

These are going to be semi-regular in updates. Part of it depends on my interests; part of it my schedule. Whatever curiosity brought you here, nurture it for a bit longer. And if you feel so inclined, leave a little message to let me know what you think. Ultimately I'm still trying to tell you a story. But maybe we can share in it. And at the end of the day, keep this simple fact in mind:

I'm a writer writing about writing.

Meta much?