Darkness Falls

The blade writes the pain on her arms.

It's what's in her eyes that no one sees.

What if she were to just throw it all away?

Could she really end it all?

No one would care.

The weeping would all be done once she died.

Only then would anyone really care.

She wants to grow wings from her back.

She wants to fly away.

Deep inside of her heart is an ocean of unshed tears.

The rain clatters all around her.

She's soaked to the core.

There is no turning back to the person she used to be.

Sometimes she wishes she'd never even existed at all.

Why does she torture herself?

She doesn't know the answer.

She chases her tail inside of her head.

She doesn't know what to allow her heart to feel.

What does she really want?

She doesn't know anymore.

The days all just blend into night.

The world no longer appears to her in colors.

Why can't she be anyone but herself?

The guilt showers her several times over.

She feels invisible.

No one sees into her heart.

She's falling to pieces.

Is there anyone there to pick her up?

She feels so alone.

It's a battle she doesn't fight alone.

God has already stood up for her.

He calls her His own.

His arms remain wide open.

He waits patiently for her to cry in His arms.

Crying is like a release.

She needs to cry.

She needs to cry in His arms.

Holding it all in is all she's ever done.

Being little Miss perfect is her title in life.

The pain she can't help.

The pain is to be expected.

She doesn't feel safe anymore.

What if she were to just toss it all aside?

Who she is disgusts her.

He is fighting right there alongside her.

She isn't really alone.

It's something she has difficulty seeing.

It's something she has difficulty feeling.

His presence is always there.