"Clever Crow, clever crow." Raven crooned, circling above where Crow's nest dwelled.

Crow tilted to watch it's friend, "What is it Raven?"

"They're coming to kill you, Clever Crow." Raven told it, "Magpie convinced them that you told Cat where Dove had its nest in exchange for a share of the kill."

Crow clacked its beak sharply, "I would do no such thing! It would be too easy for Cat to kill me to double its meal!"

"What I said, what I said." Raven slowed, as if to land, before circling again. "Magpie said it wasn't that you wouldn't kill one of us, which is crime enough."

Claws dug into the nest in anger, "Then what of Eagle and Falcon!? They hunt the smaller birds!"

"Alas," Raven said. "They are too strong for Magpie to go against so it chooses you, Clever Crow. Be wary, friend, and never without a way to defend yourself or flee- leave now, for only death awaits you here!"

And Crow took to the sky.