This story is based of an similar experience I had during my last Sweethearts school dance. This isn't the exact events and the person who took me to this Sweethearts dance wasn't the girl that I was interested in. Feedback is always helpful.

Micheal's POV: I got asked to sweethearts by my love-interest, Anna. This is the first and last girls choice dance I will be going to, unless Sadie Hawkins comes back to our high school. I am so excited to be with her for this dance. I don't really like dating, but I do like her. I don't know if she likes me or not, one of my friends claims that she does, but it is hard to say. I answer back and waiting to hear what we will be doing. I figure out from my friend that we won't be doing the date part on the designated sweethearts dance, because of sport competitions that are going on that day. All the same, I am excited to be with my love-interest. The FFA has decided to do a theme of throwback. Students attending were to wear clothing styles from 20's -80's. Anna told me that she is dressing in the 50's. I get preparing for the dance, despite my lack of dancing skills. I have my jeans rolled up with white socks, a black short-sleeved shirt rolled up like in the 50's, a brown jacket, and sunglasses. I put my prescription glasses inside the coat, and I put on my prescription shades. They are handy for being outside and driving. They also have a use for school dances. I am waiting for my date to pick me up.

She is here and she looks stunning in her choice of dress. We leave my house and I sit next to her on the drive to the school. It takes a while because of where I live. We are a small school. We get there and go in. We start by going to the dance floor because the pictures area is packed. After a bit of time, we go get our picture taken as a couple and as a group. After a couple of slow dances, which I dance with her, I tell her I'm going outside to cool off. She is okay with this, and I go outside to the track/football field, after running a lap out in the colder weather, I decide its time to reflect, after all, graduation is a little more than a month away. I sit in the bleachers, right where I sat this school year at our high school football games, I think about all the games, and the outdoor pep assembly we had before homecoming. Then I think about the Half time show that we put on. I play bass guitar, and am the Band President. It was a fun year full of twists from me messing up to students who would talk-back and not listen to me. I am really going to miss this, I sit down and close my eyes. After a few moments, I can hear someone coming this way, opening my eyes, I see that it is Anna, she comes over and sits next to me. "What are you thinking about?" She asks with that beautiful voice. She has a look of genuine curiosity and concern.
"I am just thinking about Band. I am going to miss the great year of playing at the football games, the boys basketball games, and especially you girls playing basketball." She played basketball during the winter. "I am going to miss the unity we have as a band, I am going to miss being their for my 'family'." It is pretty much common band geek knowledge that the band is another family you are in. "I will also miss working in the library for our librarian. It is really great to be very useful. I am ready to graduate, but I will miss being needed in our library." I love being helpful. She looks very empathetic and puts her hand on top of mine (which is resting on the bleachers between me and her).

"I am going to miss basketball and choir. I can't imagine how much you are feeling because I have seen you work miracles in the library. I have also seen your leadership in Band. There are many who look up to you. I am certain that you will leave behind a legacy that many will remember." She then has a really cute expression as she says, "You know, I was lucky enough to have asked you. There were quite a few girls who were planning on asking you to sweethearts." I am surprised, because I had it planned out that I wasn't going to get asked to one girl choice dance. I must have had a very confused look on my face, because she gave out a slight giggle, which is slightly out-of-character for her. Anna says, "There's something I must confess to you..." She starts blushing slightly and she is avoiding eye contact (which is ironic, since I'm still in shades). "I am in love with you, Michael." My heart skipped a few beats, as I leaned in, and she did the same. I then gave her a soft, light, and short kiss on her lips. I felt a buzz go down my spine. That one kiss was very magical. She then had a flirtatious look on her face. She then gives me a kiss on the cheek and smiling says, "I will miss you most of all." We then stare silently at the football field before us. I am trying to process what had happened. I am hoping to get married to her, if she waits for me. I hope she will, but that is why we won't be getting into a relationship yet. We then decide to walk back to where the dance was. We walked hand in hand, then we separated our hands as to not attract attention. By the time we got back in, the end of the current song was close. The last song they were playing was a romantic slow dance song. I offered her my hand, and we moved to an area that was a ways away from everyone else. As we danced, I had thought about the middle school dances I had danced with her. I then thought to Prom last year. I had asked her, and we went to Prom, despite my wanting to skip the whole event. At the end of the dance, I had twirled her around. We then loaded up and started going homeward. Anna asked Beth (the one who was driving) to drop us off a short ways away from the fence that marked my house. Me and her got out, and we walked the rest of the way to my house, having enough light from the car lights, the house, and the moon to see the road clearly. Once we got the steps, I told her that I enjoyed the dance. We then were locked in a embrace, one that neither of us wanted to end. We had to end it though, as Beth had driven the rest of the way to pick Anna up. We assumed that Beth didn't see anything, I went into my house, and had taken off my shoes, and I go downstairs to my bedroom. I take a quick shower, and then go to bed, having a wonderful dream about Anna.

There's Chapter 1 of this two-shot, Chapter 2 will be in Anna's Point of View. Feedback is always welcome.