Chapter 5 – Epilogue

It took a couple of years after April's grandfather died to remodel the house the way we wanted it to look. April kept her grandmother's best furniture but we expanded the kitchen and the master bedroom.

We married and April went back to college and got her RN Degree, landing a nice job at Blue County Medical Center. Once we felt financially secure, I launched my own electrical business with anther co-worker and the business seems to be holding its own.

We spend most of our summer evenings poolside and we're not old enough to stop skinny dipping yet!

On occasion we sponsor some of the neighborhood kids on warm afternoons just as April's grandparents so kindly sponsored us all those years ago.

My mother and her friend Zoey are amused to be in-laws but something tells me that they may have known the truth even before we did. That's okay with me.