It's five in the morning and the sky outside of his dorm still dark and asleep, but George isn't.

He can't fall asleep, not while the most beautiful woman in the world is in the same bed as him. She's sleeping on her side, her ocean-blue eyes hidden from sight, and her chest rises-and-falls in an easy rhythm. Her pale skin contrasts his dark sheets as her muscular arms wrap around one of his pillows.

He lightly traces a finger from her shoulder, down the fabric of her tanktop, to the curve of her hip where the hem of her sweatpants sits. If this is what having a girlfriend is like, he's going to be perpetually tired, but that's completely okay. He'd rather never sleep again than give up moments like this.

He asked her to officially be his girlfriend over dinner the previous afternoon, although everyone had assumed they were together from the moment she arrived on campus in September. They were just naturally good together, like pie and coffee.

He's certain that Marie thought her spending the night in his dorm meant they were going to do R-rated things, but he respected her too much for that. He just held her as they watched Star Wars, and when she fell asleep on his shoulder he helped her into bed.

And now she's moving restlessly in bed next to him, the pillow falling from her arms as she reaches for him. Her body fits perfectly next to his as he pulls her close and lets his lips kiss her hair lightly. She's still half-dreaming, but she inhales against his chest. For her, the smell of his t-shirt alone is enough to scare away nightmares.

He holds her close, his hands lightly massaging her back as her body twitches and falls back into a deep sleep. His kisses her temple softly and finally falls into a dream of his own.

If this is what having a girlfriend is like, he'll deal with his mom's temper tantrums. He wouldn't give Megan up for anything.