Star Wars From the Unknown Regions Episode V: The Republic Strikes

In the waning days of the Human Revolution the Republic who had essentially been abandoned to rebuild on its own became enraged about the abandonment by the NR. The NR had after the war entered its own massive depression as the war took so much money and resources. The Empire effectively halted to exist as a united government and internally split into several warring factions, the biggest having a emperor on the throne effectively becoming a nation of clans.

The Democratic Army of the New Republic had come under the control of radical generals and a radical president who wanted to see the Empire utterly annihilated and the forced reunification of Humanity. The Trading Republic had collapsed into civil war over the elections of the new president. The Galactic Republic once again fell into Civil War between a newly re-founded Separatist alliance. The once powerful Jedi Order was now on the verge of collapse due to losing so many Jedi in past wars.

The Communist had also recently retook the Andromeda from a weakened New Republic starting the Red Scare. The Communist had also revoked much of the liberties the Noble Classes once had under the Josey Empire. The NR and the Empire ineffectively attempted to halt the Communist revolution through military means but failed utterly after 3 years of war.

The Communist Revolution

The Communist Revolution in the Josey Empire started after 30 years of inefficient and corrupt government. The Communist rose up after an attempted peaceful revolution which was met by violence, the Empire fell into Civil War . The Josey Empire was supported by the Empire and the New Republic while they sent considerable support the coalition was soundly defeated after 3 years of war. The point of defeat was at the Surprise Attack on Coala which saw the Imperial and NR Join Naval base assaulted and soundly destroyed in a massive surprise destroying any possibility of a revived offensive against the Communist causing the Peace of Coala, which saw the NR and the Empire abandon Josey. Soon after the Peace Josey quickly collapsed and joined the Communist ending 500 years of Imperial Authority.

The Communist eventually expanded into parts of the Milky Way and the Lii Galaxies causing a Civil War in the Lii Galaxy and causing anti communist riots across the Milky Way and the beginning of the end for the Anti Imperialist Party who had the majority in the NR Senate who had been in control when the Communist over ran the Josey Empire and began to spread into other areas of the universe. Eventually the communist party mades its way into the Galactic Republic and started a mass ammount of problems after the Gin Incident. The GAR had in the Gin Incident fired into a protesting crowd killing over Republic was then scolded and sanctions pressed upon it for the killing of civillians. The GR then declared its independence from the NR and declared it would fight the NR if need be if the sanctions weren't lifted.

The War of Republican Independence

The NR who were still dealing with Communist insurgencies backed down and attempted to put down the Rebellions. The GR launched a surprise attack on the NR Naval Base of Commu ending the Naval threat to the GR. The GR quickly launched other military operations into the region taking the NR by complete surprise pushing them back slowly. The Imperial Senate voted for war against the NR and allied with the GR and launched an attack on the NR quickly retaking former territories. The GR and the Empire were making such significant process that the NR couldn't fully mobilize its outer rim armies. The GR and the Empire effectively put the NR on a complete retreat after 12 battles in 5 months.

The Empire had made a rapid advancement towards Earth defeating the NR in every battle effectively proving the reforms by the NR futile. The Akkadians effectively remained neutral in the war as they were still recovering from the defeat and death of Kana. The GAR lead the Kai Lung Offensive in which broke through NR Lines but at a high cost. The GR effectively had destroyed the NR outer rim armies.

On Board the GR Naval Venator Class Vessel the Argula the Jedi General Shaak Yuti was on the bridge waiting for the ship to jump, but when they jumped the hyper drive malfunctioned and the ship started to shake horribly as a light engulfed the ship, Yuti hanged on as hard as he could yelling "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?" One of the soldiers yelled "WERE IN AN UNKNOWN POSITION! WERE COMING OUT!" The Jedi master looked up and stumbled to his feet as he saw the void of space and in it several strange ships that looked almost...alive. The Jedi General then sensed life but no force. The Sailor looked up "Hyperdrive back online preparing to jump to Oraido!" The Jedi Nodded and they Jumped.

The NR had fortified the Mid and Inner Rim extremely well, the GR and Empire knew of the fortifications and thought they could break through, the GR would lead the offensive and attempt to break through, the offensive almost immediately stalled and the Clone Troopers of the GAR would begin to question the war. The Empire would join and have the same fate as the GR, a failed stalled offensive. In the Empire a revolution broke out which disposed of the Emperor and formed the Previsionary Regent of Shanxii, the Regent signed a quick peace with the NR pulling out of the war. In the GR the GAR mutinied and the Senate and Chancellor were disposed of and the Jedi Order was given controll to create a new government. They peace'd out with the NR.

The War had ended, the monarchy in the Empire had collapsed, the GR had collapsed as well, the Jedi taking over and working to form a new government. The NR had revived its pride and in the peace treaty retook lands once owned by them but taken through out the centuries. The people of the NR once more had there pride restored. In the years to follow massive reforms would follow dissolving the War Council which had ruled the NR since its founding in 2981, the war council had reigned for over 500 years and effectively established the modern NR and defended its borders against the threats of the Empire and the Akkadians for centuries. With the War Council now gone the Council of the People took power and attempted to follow through with 60% of the War Council Policies, but only 10% were truly effective.

The Jedi took over the Galactic Republic, the Monarchy in the Empire collapsed, and the NR foresaw many huge reforms, can the universe survive another universal size war or will it collapse into many nations? Time will only tell.