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Rachel Jakubowski was lot of things: anti-social, hardworking, and just a little bit pretentious. So a college party was most certainly not the best place to looks for her. As her classmates party till the break of dawn, Rachel works.

She sits at her desk in her dorm room, where she's surrounded by papers and journals, frustrated with the strands of her hair that kept escaping the bun she had struggled to put them into. She takes her reading glasses off and sighs, taking a sip of her coffee, on the verge of falling asleep - note, on the verge of - when her best-friend and roommate Fiona stumbles in, trying not to break her neck in those sky high heels of hers, ruining the one chance Rachel had of sleeping.

"Honey I'm home!" Rachel groans, and then chuckles, getting up and walking over to her best-friend.

"How much have you had to drink?"

"Rach, you know I don't drink."

"I know. I'm just making sure. Now take off those shoes of death and go to sleep. Don't you have field trip or some crap like that tomorrow?"

"Shit, yes I do!" Widening her eyes in realization, Fiona dashes to her closet, clothes flying as she searches for pajamas. Rachel rolls her eyes, wondering how long it would take her best-friend to remember that she had left her pajamas on her bed, and proceeds to get back to work. She puts her reading glasses back on, trying to tuck in the long strands of her hair back into her messy bun, and starts flipping through one of the journals on her desk.

Fiona walks back over to Rachel after changing, only to find that she's still hard at work. She sighs at her stubborn, robot of a best-friend. "Rachel, are you really doing this again?"


"This!" exclaims Fiona, gesturing to the mess on her desk. "Making yourself crazy by searching for your mom! She left Rach, and I know that you want to know why, but what if her answer hurts you? What if she's a psychopath or something? What -"

Rachel cuts off her friend's rambling by saying, "Fiona, breathe!" Fiona takes a deep breath, and once Rachel sees that she's calm, she says, "Look Fiona, I know that you want to protect me, but I can take care of myself, you know that better than anyone else. Please, I just... I need some answers, okay?"

Fiona sees this rare pleading look in her best-friend's eyes, and sighs, giving in. "One hour. I will give you one hour, and if you're not in bed by then, I swear to god I'll hit you over the head and drag you to your bed."

"I know honey. That's why I'm going to listen to you."

As Fiona gets into bed, a terrifying thought pops into her head. "Does your brother know about this?"

Rachel bites her lip and chuckles nervously, causing Fiona to widen her eyes at her best-friend. She throws her favorite pink fuzzy pillow at Rachel's head, prompting her to turn around, only to be met with Fiona's death glares.

"You haven't told him?!"

"No, no I haven't -"

"Are you insane? Has all the caffeine and lack of sleep finally driven you over the edge? Do I need to get you help?"

"Fiona, I love you, you're like a sister to me, but please, for the love of all that is Draco Malfoy, tone it down, and don't breathe a word of this to Caleb, or my dad for that matter. My aunt's the only one who knows, and she promised not to tell them either."

Fiona narrows her eyes at Rachel. "This is so going to come back to bite us both in the ass."

As Fiona pulls her covers over her head, Rachel asks "Speaking of brothers, where's yours?"

Fiona gets up, groaning. "Which one?"

"The one that I hate with bright hot intensity of a thousand suns."

"You mean Don?"

"I'm not saying his name."

"Rach, he's my brother, not Voldemort."

"First of all, only PotterHeads get to make Harry Potter references. Second of all, he who shall not be named, is basically Satan."

"You're ridiculous, but to answer your question, he's probably with some poor innocent girl who expects him to be there in the morning."

"Of course he is," mutters Rachel as she gets back to work. Fiona gives her friend one last look, a strange but at the same time kind of concerned look, and then slowly falls asleep.

In one of the dorm rooms, he who shall not be named - cough cough, Don - is with some random girl, clearly having the time of life. The moans and groans coming from the vanilla and peach scented room probably reached the ears of any nearby bird, taking over the earsplitting noise of whatever seemingly innocent yet sexual innuendo-filled song they had playing on campus. And birds have terrible hearing.

Just then, Don's phone rings, causing him to let out a groan, and clearly not in pleasure. He picks it up and barks, "Hello?"

"Get up, get dressed, and get here right now!" growls a terrifying, gruff male voice.

"What do you want dad?" Don rolls his eyes, not in the mood to listen to whatever his dictator of a father had to say to him.

Then again, when is he ever?

"It's not what I want, it's what you want. Get here right now!" his dad commands.

Don immediately gets up, and gets dressed.

"Don, where are you going?" the girl whines.

"Sorry babe, duty calls." He gives her one last kiss on the lips before leaving the dorm room.

Hopefully he'll beat his brother there.

In another part of the Clover Crest University, where the party's in full swing, a girl is drinking like there's no tomorrow. She's on her fifth beer, when someone says, "Easy there Krystal!"

The girl, introduced as Krystal, turns to the person who just spoke to her. "Hey, it takes more than a couple beers to get me drunk." She gives the person in front of her a goofy smile, and spins around on her heel.

As she's walking around, or rather, stumbling around, she sees people getting up on tables and dancing. Her eyes go wide and she throws her beer aside, then getting some of the guys to help her onto the table so that she could dance as well. She soon takes off her heels, throwing them across the room.

They hit none other than her childhood friend, Evan Rosa.

He picks up the heels, and looks in the direction that they were thrown from. He cringes at the sight of his drunk best-friend. "Not again Krys."

His eyes widen when a shirt hits his face. Especially since it's Krystal's shirt. He marches over to the table and takes Krystal in his arms.

"What the hell Evan?" demands Krystal, kicking her legs in the air like a petulant child.

"You're drunk, Krys." Evan somehow manages to reach Krystal's dorm, despite her flailing her arms and legs around like crazy person and leaving him with at least three new bruises.

"Where are your keys?"

"I'm not telling unless you let me go back," whines Krystal, pouting.

Evan groans, deciding to change his approach as a sweet smile adorns his face. "Cupcake, where are your keys?" Krystal smiles widely when she hears her favorite nickname, and happily informs Evan of their location.

"In my dorm room."

"You're kidding right?"

Krysta, shakes her head, the smile not leaving her face. "Um, no I don't think so." Evan sighs, proceeding to walk over to the room he unfortunately has to share with his older brother. He kicks the door open, praying that his brother didn't bring any of his girls in there. Luckily, the room was empty. Evan carried Krystal over to his bed, and dropped her there.

"Owie!" Evan chuckles. Drunk Krystal may be a pain, but she's also very amusing.

He puts Krystal's heels and shirt away, then walking over to the side of his bed and getting on his knees in front of her.

"Now Cupcake, I want you to close your eyes and -" Evan doesn't get to finish his sentence due to the sound of Krystal's snoring. Evan smiles as he covers her with the blanket.

Just then, his phone rings. "Hello?"

"Evan, you need to get here right now," says a deep, urgent voice.

"Dad? What happened? Is everyone okay?"

"We're fine Evan, just get here quickly."

Evan turns his phone off, and looks back at Krystal. He bites his lip, and quietly closes the door behind him.

Don and Evan both arrive at their house at the same time. They glare at each other before going inside, where they are greeted by their parents.

"Why am I here?" Don asks in a bored tone.

His father glares at him. "Alpha. This pack needs an Alpha."

Don rolls his eyes. "Yeah, we already know that dad."

"No, we need an Alpha now!"

Don and Evan both look at each other strangely, but quickly turn back to their parents. Their mother puts her hand on their father's shoulder, gesturing for him to calm down. She then turns to her sons.

"We've sensed some new vampires in town, and that's why it's so urgent for one of you to become the Alpha. And since it's almost impossible for us to choose between the two of you, we have a new way to decide the Alpha."

"I'm the oldest, so I still say -"

Don's immediately cut off by his father. "No! You may be the eldest, but you are most definitely not the most mature. You have the power and experience, but your brother's the one with all the brains. Hence why I've decided that whichever one of you finds your Luna first, and mates with her, is the next Alpha."

"I for think that this is a really stupid way to decide our Alpha, but then again, this is your father we're talking about," adds Mrs. Rosa, causing both brothers to chuckle, only stopping when they see their father glaring at them.

"One more thing boys," says Mr. Rosa, before his sons can leave. "Where's Caleb?" The brothers exchange similar 'oh shit we're totally screwed' looks, and nervously glance at their father.

Back at Clove Crest University, a car screeches into the parking lot, coming to a stop when a parking spot has finally been found. The two girls in the car get out, one of them smiling at the other as she says, "Thanks for the ride Violet."

"No problem Bella," says the girl referred to as Violet.

"Aren't you cold?" Bella gestures to her friend's crop top and shorts. Not exactly good for a September night in Toronto.

Violet smiles at her friend's maternal instincts which seem to be kicking in. "I'm fine. Let me walk you over to your dorm room. I highly doubt you want to run into drunk or high people all by yourself."

"Thanks," says Bella, giving the older girl a grateful smile.

Once the two girls reach Bella's dorm room, Violet asks "Is Krystal already sleeping?"

"I doubt it. Knowing her, she probably forgot keys in the room. And got drunk." Just then, Bella's phone beeps, and she sighs when she sees the message. "And would you look at that? I was right. She got drunk and now she's locked out."

"Is she okay?"

"Oh, no worries, a friend texted me and said she's sound asleep in his room. She'll be fine."

As the two girls hug and say their goodbyes, a guy in a leather jacket walks over to them, the most condescending of smirks on his face as he stares at the two girls. As Violet pulls away from the hug, she sees the guy and glares at him.

"Can I help you?" Bella turns around and cringes when she sees the guy.

"Caleb," she whispers.

Caleb raises an eyebrow at the younger girl. "Bella 'the good girl' Fiore is breaking the rules?"

"I just got off work," stutters Bella, clearly wanting to get away from here.

Caleb rolls his eyes. "Sure."

Bella sighs, and opens the door to her room. Violet glances and her friend, and then back at the guy in front of her. She folds her arms across her chest and marches over to him.

"What is your problem? Why are going out of your way to make my friend feel uncomfortable?"

"That is none of your business," growls Caleb. He turns around to walk away, but the minute he hears Bella close her door, he runs back to Violet and pins her to the wall.


Violet looks at him as if he were a mere cockroach.

"Werewolf. And now that introductions are over..." Violet trails off, suddenly throwing Caleb off of her with full force. She runs to where he landed, faster than any human ever could, gets on one knee, and grabs him by the throat.

"Don't ever do that again. I might still be new to this whole vampire thing, but I am still much stronger than you. Not to mention faster, more agile, and probably a hell lot smarter too." Violet violently lets go of Caleb's throat, bashing his head against the ground, and gets up. She turns around, but doesn't walk away until she looks back at him over her shoulder. "And stay away from Bella. She's a sweet girl who won't stand up to jerks like you, but I'm not. You've been warned."

Violet walks over to her car, getting in and driving off, leaving Caleb on the pavement, writhing in pain. What she didn't notice was the guy hiding behind the trees, watching her.

The guy smiles to himself. "I finally found you Vi."

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