A/N: Hola! Fair warning, a lot of shit goes down in this chapter, so if it's really long I apologize in advance because I don't want to rush it. Happy reading!

When Violet wakes up on the floor of her apartment, her neck feeling like dozens of wooden splinters were crawling through her skin, her eyes go wide. "No, no, no, no, no!" she screams, throwing one of her chairs against the wall. "Damn it!" She quickly grabs her phone off of her coffee table, dialing Fiona's number.


"Hey Fiona. We have a problem."

"What kind of problem?"

"A vampire problem."

Fiona doesn't miss a beat. "You can find me by the creek near Clover Crest."

"I'll be right there."

Violet turns off her phone and starts to walk towards her door, but trips over her long skirt. She groans out loud in frustration.

"I have got to be the clumsiest vampire ever." She gets up, changing out of her long skirt and into a pair of jeans. She opens the front door, and when she's absolutely sure that no one's there, she vamp speeds towards her destination.

Meanwhile, Fiona was trying to sneak away from the rest of her biology class, but Bella was having none of it.

"Where do you think you're going? You better not be leaving me here to do this entire assignment for our 'field trip' by myself Fiona."

"I kind of have to. It's an emergency and I promise I'll make it up to you later. Please tell me you know your way back from here?"

Bella sighs, knowing that when Fiona says there's an emergency, there really is an emergency.

"Yeah, it's no big deal. Go do whatever it is that you have to do, I'll be fine."

Fiona squeals in delight, giving her friend a hug. "You are an absolute angel and I love you! Bye!"

Bella rolls her eyes, smiling as she watches Fiona run off.

"Crazy girl."

Once Fiona reaches the sacred meetup spot, she sees that Caleb and her brothers were already there waiting for her. The mind link between werewolves is so much more effective than cell phones.

"Why did call us all here Fiona?" asks Caleb, still in a sour mood because of their earlier conversation.

"Yeah, what's up?" asks Evan, slightly concerned.

"I don't know," Fiona admits.

"Wait, what?" says Don. He knew that his sister had her moments of craziness, but this was just…

"Hi, sorry, vamp speeding after having your neck snapped hurts like a bitch." The sound of Violet's voice causes everyone to turn around and focus their attention on her.

Caleb glares at Fiona.

"What the hell is she doing here?"

Violet tilts Caleb's head so that he can see the daggers she was shooting at him.

"She has a name, wolf boy."

Fiona sighs, quickly getting in between the two hotheads. "Okay, less fighting, more you telling me what the hell you meant by vampire problem," she says to Violet.

"Right, sorry. So, there may or may not be the first vampire ever running around Toronto."

Don's eyes practically bulge out of their sockets. "I'm sorry, what?"

"See, he was in my apartment like five hours ago, and then he wasn't."

"Translation, you let him get away," Caleb fills in the blanks, frustrated.

"The bastard snapped my neck! What did expect me to do? Stake him while I was in an unconscious state?"

"Well, you could've done something!"

"Do you have any idea what you're saying right now? You literally just told me I was capable of actually doing something to stop a gazillion-year-old vampire while in an unconscious state!"

"That's enough!" shouts Fiona. "We have a god knows how old vampire, I highly doubt it's a gazillion, running around here, and you two are arguing like little five-year-old brats!"

"Harsh," mutters Violet.

Fiona turns to Violet and asks, "Do we know where this guy could be?"

"I have no idea."

"Talk about useless," mutters Caleb, as the other four send death glares at him.

"How about we just look around the forest?" suggests Evan, trying to ease the tension. "It would be pretty convenient for him to find people for him to drain there."

"Good point," says Fiona. "Let's split up and look around."

"Wait, split up? Seriously, do you guys not watch horror movies? Splitting up is how people get killed," remarks Violet.

"Well, then it's a good thing that we're all supernatural creatures," Caleb calls out to her, already walking deeper into the forest.

"I am so ripping his heart out if I don't die," mutters Violet, walking her own way.

Rachel's POV

Why did I decide to take a walk in the forest again? Right, because I'm a weirdo. I've been walking around this place for at least an hour, and frankly, that tree branch looks delicious. I kick the tree in frustration, and mutter, "How am I the only person to ever get lost in this place? Oh, that's right, the people who actually know their way around this freaking maze actually have a life!" I get out my phone to call my Fiona, but just my luck, it's not working.

"Ugh, phones are so frustrating!" I growl, putting my phone away. "Why can't we just have carrier pigeons or something?" I run my fingers through my hair, and lean against the tree I was previously kicking. My eyes start to close, and I slowly fall asleep.

I wake up, maybe a couple hours later, and see that the sun has just been replaced by the moon. I quickly get up and begin to panic.

I officially hate the outdoors.

Seriously, fuck nature!

I turn around, and then jump back and scream because there's a girl who literally just appeared in front of me. Once I've calmed down, I see that there's something familiar about said girl. I step closer to her and breathe out a sigh of relief. I then glare at the girl and demand, "What the hell Krystal?!" But she doesn't respond. Instead, she keeps walking towards... well, I don't know what.

I step in front of her, not letting her pass, and ask, "What's wrong with you?"

She tosses me aside as if I was light as a feather, my body slamming against a tree. Luckily, I was alright, which was quite surprising, but then again, who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

"What just happened?" I wonder out loud, as I watch Krystal walk away. It's like she's possessed or something... and no, she cannot be sleepwalking because sleepwalkers can't toss people aside like they're as light as feathers, unless they're superhuman.

And Krystal Abelardo is the last person on Earth who could ever be superhuman.


I start walking behind her, making sure that I don't make any noise so that she doesn't toss me aside again. I might not get as lucky the second time.

"Here little evil vampire," Violet calls out softly.

"He's not a puppy, you know that right?" a deep voice says from behind her. Violet yelps, jumping a good two feet up into the air before turning around. When she sees the owner of the voice, she smacks him hard on the chest. "Seriously? Ugh, I should've known that it was you."

"You're pretty jumpy for a vampire."

"Shut up wolfboy."

"Caleb, stop provoking her," pleads Fiona, walking up to them.

"She calls me wolfboy."

"Because you're a werewolf, you're a guy, and I don't like you very much so therefore, I'm disrespectful, and I have every right to be because as we've established so far, you're a jerk."

"Not again, please," says Fiona, sighing as she comes in between the two. "I don't have enough energy left in me to deal with this, so please shut up before I decide to rip your hearts out."

"Harsh," Violet mutters, for the second time that evening, causing Caleb to smirk. The smirk wipes off his face the second he hears a familiar scream.

"You guys heard that too right?"

"Yeah," says Violet. "Is it just me, or did that just sound like Bella?"

"It did, and it just might be," says Fiona, "but we'll never find out until we go check it out. Let's go!"

Fiona vamp speeds towards the noise, as Violet mutters, "Bossy," right before vamp speeding after her.

"Hey, wait up!" exclaims Caleb, running as fast as his werewolf speed allows him to.

"How hard can it be to find one vampire?" complains Don.

"Pretty hard considering the fact that we haven't found him yet," snaps Evan.

"Touchy." Evan simply rolls his eyes - he really should've gone with someone else.

Suddenly, the boys hear a scream, and their eyes widen.

"I think we just found our vampire," remarks Don.

"No shit Sherlock," grumbles Evan, as he begins to run to where the scream is coming from. Don growls in frustration as he follows his younger brother.

But they don't get to reach their destination when a girl bumps into them.

"What the hell you guys?" hisses Rachel.

"What do you mean 'what the hell'? You're the one who bumped into us!" Don says defensively.

"Calm down," Evan says to his brother, then turning towards Rachel and asking, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I came out here for a walk, and then I sort of got lost." Don snorts, causing both Rachel and Evan glare at him. "Anyway, I fell asleep a few hours ago, and then when I woke up, it was dark. After that, I quite literally ran into Krystal."

"Krystal?" questions Evan, suddenly worried.

"Yeah, and I highly doubt that she was sleepwalking. I mean, she wouldn't necessarily come out this deep into the forest from her dorm room. And when I tried to stop her, I think she actually knew that I was there. I mean, I stepped in front of her, and then she basically threw me against a tree like I was some kind of rag doll. After that, I started following her, trying to see where she goes, but then I bumped into you guys and lost sight of her."

"That's ridiculous!" exclaims Don.

"What, you think I'm lying?"

"I think you're just a little tired." Seeing that smug smirk on Don's face makes it really hard for Rachel to remember that he's her best-friend's brother, and best-friends don't kill each other's brothers - even if they are insufferable, insensitive, irritating and simply pure evil creatures who may or may not be Satan.

"OKAY!" booms Evan, coming in between the two. "How about Rachel and I go look for Krystal, and you go do that other thing."

"I'm not leaving you two alone by yourselves!" declares Don, surprising not just Rachel and his brother, but himself as well, causing him to struggle to find his words. "I mean, you're you, and this one here just got herself lost in a forest where no one has gotten lost before."

"Fine, you can come with us," growls Evan, "but please keep your mouth shut."

"I second that," says Rachel, giving Evan a small smile.

"Rude," grumbles Don, as he starts walking ahead of them, thinking, "What the hell is going on?"

"Do you guys see anything yet?" asks Fiona, looking around.

"No," says Caleb.

"Oh crap, over there!" shouts Violet, pointing to where a vampire was draining Bella dry.

Caleb immediately runs over there and tosses the vampire aside. He then pins him to the ground, but not for long, as the vampire pushes him off and gets up.

Just as the vampire is about to run away, Fiona points towards him and bellows, "Obustaviti!" The vampire glares at Fiona, and is about to lunge at her, but can't. It was as if there is an invisible wall around him, not allowing him to move from his spot.

"What did you do to me?" he demands.

Fiona gives him the sweetest of smiles. "It's a simple spell really. All I did was make sure that you wouldn't be able to move from your spot. Not without one of us moving you, of course."

To Fiona's surprise, the vampire smirks, almost impressed. "Clever girl."

"Um, guys," Violet's urgent voice rings out from where she's kneeling on the ground with Bella safe in her arms.

"What's wrong?" asks Fiona, turning around to face her friend.

"Why aren't you using your blood to heal Bella?!" Caleb all but screams at the top his lungs, adrenaline coursing through his body from the fight with the vampire, his eyes turning darker.

Of course, his natural ability to get angry over every little thing might've also had something to do with it.

"Because she's healing all on her own!" yells Violet, causing both Fiona and Caleb's eyes to go wide.

"Guys, what's going on?" asks Bella, who was on the verge of tears. Fiona bends down in front of her friend, and puts her hand on her cheek.

"Spavati," she mutters softly, and Bella's eyes begin to close.

"You don't think -" Fiona turns to Caleb and begins to suggest, but Caleb cuts her off immediately.

"Have you lost your mind?! Of course not! Ari would never do anything to hurt her baby sister."

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" demands Violet. "Who's Ari, and what the hell did you just do to Bella?"

"Bella's fine, I just put her to sleep. Now tell me, is that our evil vampire, or are we going to be out here all night searching?"

"No, that's our guy. What are we going to do with him?"

"Take him back to our cabin," says Caleb, crouching down to pick up Bella in his arms.

"But that's near the pack house," Fiona points out.

"Yes, but it's not as if it's right next to the pack house, so we'll be fine. Now go pick up the evil vampire."

"Sure, leave us with the evil vampire," grumbles Violet.

"You're all very judgmental, you know that right?" says the vampire, as Fiona and Violet pick him up.

"Shut up," the other three groan.

"I swear to god, Krystal totally owes me for this!" grumbles Rachel.

"Quit complaining ya' big baby!" snaps Don.

Rachel is about lunge at him, but Evan grabs her by the waist, and pulls her back, whispering into her ear, "Rach, he's not worth it. Let's just find Krystal, okay?"

"Fine," mutters Rachel, as Don rolls his eyes.

"Are you two done?" Just as the two are about to snap at him, Don says, "I think I found Krystal. Look over there."

Evan and Racel turn around, looking in the direction where Don is currently pointing.

"Why is she looking at the moon?" Rachel wonders out loud. Both Evan and Don's eyes widen at Rachel's words.

"Isn't it a solar eclipse?" Evan asks Don through their mind link.

"Yeah, I'll snap her neck before she can transform, you handle Rachel."

"Got it. And we'll get Fiona or Violet to make her forget everything."

The brothers give each other a quick nod, prompting Don to run over to where Krystal is, and snap her neck.

"Why the hell did you just do that?!" demands a baffled Rachel, her eyes widening in shock. "And more importantly, how did you just do that?!"

"Sh, she'll be fine," Evan assures her, speaking softly into her ear. "We'll take care of her, just calm down."

"What do you mean she'll be fine?! You just killed her!"

Evan and Don exchange confused glances.

"She should be doing what you told her to do," Don tells his twin through their mind link. "Why is she still freaking out?!"

"I don't know. Unless Fiona provided her with some talisman or herbs or something, she should be listening to me."

"So what do we do now?"

"You take Krystal to our cabin, I'll see what I can do with Rachel."

Don nods at his brother, and runs off with Krystal in his arms.

"Where the hell is he taking her?!" shouts Rachel, shaking with fear.

"Like I said before, Krystal will be fine. You trust me right?"

"Not right now I don't!" Rachel pushes Evan away from her and starts to run away, when he comes in front of her.

"Wait, how did you just -" Rachel begins to ask him, shocked by how fast he moved.

"I'll explain everything, just come with me, please!"

Rachel stares at him for what feels like a century. She was half sure that there's a logical explanation for all this because hello, it's Evan lodged-a-complaint-against-someone-for-stepping-on-a-bug Rosa, but also half sure that she might just end up dead tonight. In the end, Rachel simply sighs - it was either follow him now, or end up like Krystal right here right now.

"Lead the way."

Violet and Fiona drop their hostage on the floor of the cabin with a thud, causing him to cringe due to the pain.

"Gee, thanks for being gentle."

"Aren't you a like a super old vampire?" says Violet.

"Yeah, like the first vampire ever or something?" adds Fiona.

"No, I made that part up because I wanted to see if you actually know your vampire history."

"Well, I never really liked history in the first place," says Violet.

"Are you two done?" growls Caleb. "Because we have a lot of stuff do right now, and as useless as you are, it would still be nice to have an extra pair of hands to help us."

"I think he's finally warming up to me," Violet says to Fiona.

Caleb throws a stake at her, which she barely manages to catch.

"Or not." Violet tosses the stake aside, making her way over to help Caleb with Bella.

Just then, Don walks in with Krystal in his arms.

"What the hell happened to her?" demands Fiona.

"I snapped her neck."

Violet immediately vamp speeds towards him when she hears this, 100% ready to snap his neck.

"Why the fuck did you snap her neck?!"

"She's a hybrid, she'll be fine," Caleb says casually, not taking his eyes off of Bella.

"I'm sorry, did you just say that Krystal is a hybrid? As in a vampire-werewolf hybrid?"

"Yup," says Don, placing Krystal down next to Bella. "Oh and is that our evil vampire?"

"I have a name you know. And it's Adrijan, by the way, with a j."

"Yeah, really don't care. Also, with a j? Really?"

"This generation, I swear to god!"

"Shut up!" yells Violet, then turning her attention to Fiona. "So, you told me that you're an all-powerful tribrid. You told me that the guys are werewolves. But you forgot to mention that Krystal's a freaking hybrid? What's next, Bella and Rachel turning out to be witches?"

"Calm down, drama queen," snaps Caleb.

Violet, having had it with Caleb's attitude, picks up the stake that she had previously thrown aside, picks it up, and throws it in Caleb's direction. The stake launches itself into Caleb's shoulder, causing him to scream in pain. He pulls the stake out and shouts, "That hurt!"

"You're just lucky it wasn't your heart."

"Seriously, you guys had to start using weapons at this very moment?" they hear a familiar voice groan from behind them. Everybody turns around, only to find Evan with a confused and slightly pissed off looking Rachel.

"Why would you bring my sister here?!" demands Caleb, as Evan and Rachel enter the cabin.

"Yeah, I thought you were supposed to be the smart brother," snorts Violet.

"Well, the smart brother wants to know why he couldn't use his wolf charms to get Rachel to listen to him."

"Wait, what?" asks Fiona, suddenly looking alarmed. "Wolf charms are supposed to work on anyone who's not supernatural, unless they have access to herbs or talismans, which Rachel doesn't."

Just like that, everybody starts talking at once. They start trying to think of reasons for what's going on, and Rachel just can't take it.

"Enough!" she shouts, causing everything to shake.

"What the hell was that?" mutters Don.

Rachel ignores him. "I want all of you to stop talking as if I'm not here, okay?" They all nod at her, even Adrijan, who was basically just enjoying the show.

She takes a deep breath, and says, as calmly as possible, "I want to know why Don snapped Krystal's neck, and why you're all acting like it's no big deal. I want to know why Bella is unconscious on that couch. I want to know why there's some random guy here, and I want to know why the hell he's tied up. I want to know what this place is, and I want to know exactly what's going, so start talking. Preferably to me, and not amongst yourselves."

The others, minus Adrijan of course, look around at each other, unsure as to what they're supposed to say. It ends with Fiona deciding to step up.

"Look, Rach, I know this sounds crazy, but we're all supernatural creatures."

"Yeah, kinda' got that part. Continue."

"Well, apparently Krystal's a supernatural creature as well, and we think that so are you and Bella, but I'm still a little iffy on how," Violet decides to oh so helpfully add.

"I'm sorry, but I think I just heard you say that I'm a supernatural creature," scoffs Rachel, folding her arms across her chest.

"Yeah, but we're not really sure how," Evan tells her. "Well, we might be, but not really."

"Oh, and there's a crazyass lunatic who wants to take over the world," adds Don, causing Fiona, Evan, and Caleb to glare at him, unsure if he had a death wish, or if he'd just finally cracked.

"Wait, rewind that last part for me," says Violet, a little confused as to why she's only hearing about this lunatic right now.

Don ignores her, as well as the death glares he keeps receiving from his siblings and Caleb, choosing to continue to put his foot in his mouth. "And said lunatic also happens to be your mother."

Fiona cringes and slaps her forehead, Evan glares at him, Caleb stabs him in the side with the stake he was still holding, Violet's eyes go wide, and Adrijan... well, he just smirks and keeps on enjoying the show.

Rachel on the other hand, is furious. "Is this why you've been so against me trying to find my mother?!" she demands, glaring at her best-friend. "Because you were worried that I'd find her and your little secret would be out in the open?"

"Rach -" Fiona begins to say, but Rachel cuts her off.

"Save it."

Caleb and Fiona both try to go calm her down, but she beats them to it. "How could you guys not tell me any of this?!"

"Rach, we just wanted to protect you," Fiona says softly.

"Protect me?! That was not your call to make! You know that I don't like being lied to, Fiona."

"Rachel, just listen -" Caleb begins to say.

"To what? Even more lies?! No thank you," hisses Rachel, walking away from them. But not before turning back around to say, "You can all go to hell."

As Rachel leaves the cabin, Adrijan remarks, "Well that was interesting."

"Glad you're enjoying our misery," says Fiona. She then crushes his hand with her brown leather boot covered feet.


Adrijan winces slightly at the pain, trying really hard not to let it show. "Cute, real cute."

"Fiona, please stop hurting the evil vampire," Evan says exasperatedly, gently moving his sister aside.

"Yeah, we kinda need him," Violet reminds her.

Fiona says nothing, simply choosing to grunt, causing everyone to take that as a sign that she'd calmed down.

Or so they'd thought.

Before anyone could react, Fiona marches over to Don, who had finally gotten that stake out of his ribs, takes the stake from his hand, and stabs him in the stomach. He falls to the ground, screaming in pain. He takes the stake out from his stomach and throws it aside.

"What the hell?!"

Fiona grabs her brother by the collar of his shirt and looks him right in the eye, scaring the living daylights out of him.

"You just told my best-friend that her mother is a crazy lunatic who wants to take over the world. That hurt her. Go fix it."

Don merely shrugs. "I just thought I'd rip the Band-Aid right off."

"Do you not realize the consequences of your actions?!"

"The consequences of my actions? Who do you think you are, mom?"

Fiona lets go of her brother's collar, grabs him by the throat, and pins him to the wall. "Listen to me very carefully Donatello," she hisses in her brother's face. "You are going to go find Rachel, apologize for being an ass, and then convince her to come back here so that we can explain the situation to her. Do I make myself clear?"

Don slowly nods, causing Fiona to let go of his throat. He practically runs out of the cabin, hoping that Rachel hadn't done anything stupid yet... for his own sake, of course.

Fiona turns back to face everyone else. When she sees the strange looks they're giving her, she asks, "Why are you all staring at me as if I've grown another head?"

"Because that was both cool and scary at the same time," remarks Violet. "Remind me to never make you mad."

"With pleasure." Fiona then turns to Caleb and asks, "So, are you going to rip my brother's arm off when he gets back?"

"No, I think you've done enough for the both of us."

"Whatever you say."

Out of the corner of her eye, Fiona notices Adrijan looking at her.


"That was impressive. Not bad little girl."

Fiona can't stop a smile from appearing on her face.

"Shut up old man."

"Rachel!" Don calls out into the dark forest. "This is not the time for you to be freezing people out, Ice Queen!"

"Can you please, for once in your life, just shut the hell up?"

"Rachel? Is that you?" When he doesn't get a response he asks, "Where are you?"

"Go away!" he hears her shout. Don groans in frustration, wondering where the hell she could be, when he remembered something. It was a longshot, but it might just work. He walks over to one of the trees, and sits down, leaning his head against the tree trunk.

"I know you're right behind this tree."

"What you do want?" says Rachel, who sounds like she's been doing a lot of crying. Don completely ignores what she had just said, giddy on the inside because his hunch had been right.

"I know this because it's the tree with the biggest trunk. All the other ones are too skinny and uncomfortable for you to hide behind." Rachel says nothing, so Don simply continues. "I also know this because Eva did the same thing. You two may not have been very close, but you're still very alike. Your brains work the same way."

Rachel scoffs. "Oh, so just because you knew everything about my cousin, you think that you know everything about me as well?"

"Pretty much, yeah."

That was not the response she had been expecting.

And it sent her over the edge - all the rage that was bottled up inside of her was released, and unfortunately for Don, he was the nearest target.

"You are so full of yourself! You think that you're so great with all your charm and charisma, not to mention your ability to make girls give up everything for you in a heartbeat. But you are nothing but a guy pretending to be a playboy without a care in the world. What you're really trying to do, is get over your dead girlfriend."

Don lets out a low growl, but surprisingly, doesn't lash out at Rachel, trying his best to keep his anger at bay.

"And what about you? Rachel Nathalia Jakubowski. Damaged, broken, doesn't trust anyone... not to mention, an all-around judgmental bitch. You're no better than me you know. You think that just because you spend hours in your dorm room by yourself rather than actually going out and enjoying your life that you're better than the rest of us, and don't you dare deny it because you and I both know that I'm telling the truth.

You put up walls, not because you're scared, but because you're happy. You're happy with the way your somewhat average life is, and you don't want to let people in because you think that it'll change everything. Fiona and Caleb are the only people you let in, because they're the only people you want in your life. They're the only ones you think you need in your life. You make friends, but you don't want those friends in your life. All you want is your best-friend and your big brother, because they're all you've had for years. That's why them lying to you hurt you so much. If it was Bella or my brother, you wouldn't give a crap."

Rachel counts to ten in her head, keeping her childish thoughts to herself. What did he know, she thought, nothing, that's what! And so what if he's right? It doesn't matter because I'll never admit it.

"Suck an egg," she hisses, starting to get up, but she can't move due to Don's strong grip on her wrist.

"Let. Go."

Don tilts his head in her direction, looking her right in the eye. "Stop running away from your problems. You can't just treat this as another hurdle in your life. You can't just get over this like you always do."

"Let. Go!"

"It's not that easy. Just get over yourself, and stop being such a big baby."

"I said let fucking GO!"

Don lets go of Rachel's wrist, screaming in pain.

"What happened?" Rachel is quick to ask, concerned by Don's pain.

"You burned my hand," he tells her, looking down at his hand.

"I what?" Rachel whips her eyes down towards Don's hand, grabbing a hold of it. Sure enough, his hand had turned a light, but bright red.

"How... I don't -"

"If you really want to know, then you'll come back to the cabin with me." Rachel's eyes shoot up to Don's face at the sound of his voice. "Or would you rather accidentally set more things on fire?" She lets go of his hand, and gets up.

"Fine, let's go."

Don gets up as well, looking surprised. "Really? You'll come, just like that?"

Rachel sighs, unable to believe what she was about to say. "Look, I just burned you, and I have no idea how. If you guys know how to help me, then I'll listen to you. Fiona and Caleb may have lied to protect me, but I know that they'll also tell the truth to help me. So you win, I'll come with you."

Don is about to say something else, when they hear a scream.

"That came from the cabin -" Don begins.

"and it sounded a whole lot like Bella," Rachel finishes.

"Let's go!" Don immediately begins sprinting for the cabin, with Rachel following him.

"What's going on?" Rachel demands when she enters the cabin.

"Well, before Bella turned into Sleeping Beauty, Adrijan over there was draining her of her blood," Violet informs her. "You can see why she's a little distraught."

"Why is he here?" shrieks Bella, tears streaming down her face, as Caleb tries to calm her down.

"He can't hurt you. I won't let him."

"But he - what?" Bella struggles to find her words. Rachel goes over to her, and makes her sit down.

"Relax, we're all here," she says to Bella. Bella nods, trying to gain control of her emotions.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar, yet sort of familiar, voice calls out, "Is this a bad time?" They all turn around to see a familiar-to-some-and-unfamiliar-to-others looking guy.

Fiona sighs. "No, Lucas. In fact, you're right on time."

Lucas turns his attention towards a shocked Violet, cocking an eyebrow at her. "Not happy to see me Vi?" Before Violet or anyone else can say anything, they all hear a loud gasp.

Looks like Krystal's awake...

Musical Inspirations: Sweeter by Gavin DeGraw & Last To Know by Three Days Grace