The Lovecraft Child

Summary: When a New England writer's grave is desecrated, the results would be one terrifying to the long dead author.

The grave of Howard Phillips Lovecraft was found unceremoniously exhumed one summer morning, with the residents of Providence as shocked as they'd seen one of the author's infamous creations. The headstone, reading "I AM PROVIDENCE" was flecked with dirt and grit, and the casket unceremoniously hefted from its eternal rest. The stench of charnel pollution assisted the police in securing the crime scene.

Despite finding little evidence of the well-planned caper, the investigators found only trace damages to the corpse, consistent with techniques used by forensic investigators. While the incident caused an upwelling of online support, it was swiftly forgotten in the cacophony of more macabre news. A handful of investigators nevertheless continued, uncertain of the motive behind the peculiar desecration.

When traces of Lovecraft's personal genome surfaced on the dark web, those kindred souls discovered a ghoulish legacy worthy of the fictional Richard Pickman. On a site called "Empire of Necromance," the genetic material of famous science fiction, horror, fantasy, and weird fiction writers was auctioned off to the most obsessive of fans. By tracing the most tenuous of online connections, the investigators puzzled if some perverse, necrophilic list was being sated.

The culprit concealed his tracks well, using a number of stolen and forged identities to veil himself. Through home genetic engineering, he'd modified Lovecraft's viable genetic material into an egg. Through the use of artificial insemination and a foreign surrogate, he'd birthed a child directly descended from the departed author and himself. While fans of all stripes decried his actions, the most stalwart realized the fact that would have terrified the long-dead writer: that his fan-sired descendant was mixed race.