In one long week

Of one long life

The story of a man

Who decides to search for happiness

Where should I go?

He wonders

Where's my prize?

Do I already know?

Is it in front of my eyes?

No, it's just my room

As dark as before

A room that's not a room

A room without a door.

A room without life

In it, just me

With nowhere to run

And nowhere to flee

And nowhere to go

For who would take me?

I must find my happiness here

And so here he is

Sitting still

Sitting straight

But feeling ill

Joy from darkness

Happiness from pain

It all seems useless

Must it all be in vain?

There's no one to love me

And no one I love

Which one is worse?

Which of the above?

In my world without humans

Am I doomed to despair

You know, I know

That life isn't fair

But if just one thing

Would just go right

I'd take what's left

And be out of sight

To better horizons

To a sea beyond the shore

This can't be all

There's got to be more

And then a thought

So sudden

So pure

I've got it! He screams

I've got the cure!

He runs to the kitchen

And snaps on the light

I know what's missing

I'll make this right!

A dash to the fridge

A yank of the door

A cascade of light

And then

A smile

It's there in the box

It's waiting for me

I knew it would

I knew it would be

On the counter it goes

Next to the stove

Unopened, untouched

A virgin treasure trove

And on the front

A name so sweet

So unforgettable

So totally and utterly complete

Fudge ripple

He says


He repeats

I must have a cone

I must have one somewhere

I must have bought them together

But where is it, where?

In the cabinet, of course,

And to the cabinet he goes

And in the next instant

He's back, back to the stove

And back to the box

That innocent beauty

Cold as snow

And waiting to be opened.

So open he does

The cover he unfurls

And would you look at that?

He cries

Would you look at that swirl?

The small chocolate curl

Spinning in a sea of vanilla

With shaking hands

He breaks the band

Scoops the swirl

And with a twirl

Plops it into the waiting cone

One scoop


Three now


He can't help it

He needs more

Life so glorious!

Life so swell!

So victorious

And so novel!

And lookee there

Look at that snack!

A tower in air

A great ole stack

Eight scoops high

And eight scoops low

A hungry eye

And like a pro

He lifts it in his hand

To the right it teeters

To the left it goes

Swaying off balance

On top of its cone

This can't be happening

It can't end like this

Don't fall now

Don't ruin my bliss

Stay calm

Stay calm

And I'll give you a kiss

A moment

And then

Thank you, he says

That was quite a scare

And now for the fun

Now for the snare

A bite he takes

So wonderful!

So perfect!

A flavor he's never tasted before

And now more bites

Tearing away

Breaking the ice

Look at how they

Get along with each other

Him so dominant

And her going further

Down into her shell

This is perfect, he says

This is perfect! he screams

I was born to do this

I was born to eat ice cream

I've finally done it!

I've gotten away!

And she showed it all

She taught me everything!

And now this!

The bottom

I've gotten to her core

Her hard cone

I want it even more!

Life can't be better

Now I know!

It's time to bite

That special spot

That waiting cone

And so...


No crunch?

No sound?

No thin walls breaking

As I go to town?

What's this?

Oh no!

He lets out a yell

And drops the cone

When he realizes

It's stale.