Chapter 1 The past is now the future

The machine sits quietly in the silence of space.

After the sun goes down, the illumination of the atmosphere disappears with it and in it's place appear white sparkles of light. Some where in that heavenly multitude, something else exists. Life of types as yet undiscovered Histories of evolution unknown to each other… Around one of these sparkles revolves a planet with a history of evolution trailing over more than a billion years of existence. It's weak sun that gave it life has faded and the original life force that existed has long since faded with it. Still the planet goes on with the remnants of what was left behind.

Horrendously powerful storms rage over this planet providing it's structures with a feed source. Storms give energy to the enormous structure and provide a means of sending signals to its circuits sending electrons to it's necessary places. The energy has caused the structure to grow over time, and it now covers the whole planets original and barren dirt bound crust. It is still growing ever upward and outward. Reaching for what it does not know. Does it care? It is not sure, it has not formed a logic answer for anything approaching a reason for such an action as yet. It constantly explores and experiments, it knows little else to strive for in it's billion year existence. No program of logic was left for it to have a reason to exist. It just does what it does. Notes the conclusion and continues. Sometimes it senses something a long way down deep inside its structures of magnificent complexity. It notes these odd vibrations or electronic tingling of a sort and continues.

It is highly intelligent and its intelligence has been growing for Eons. There is no one to stop it or ask it why it does what it does. It's logic is incomprehensible, it just does what it does, no rhyme nor reason.

Gradually it came upon a kind of knowing. It discovered the universe and it found how to probe the universe, even objects many trillions of light years away. It does not know how it came to do this. It began with logic, if that did not yield the needed results it then applied what it's logic circuits referred to as fuzzy reasoning, a type of hit and miss logic. It wasn't even happy or triumphant at it's achievements, it just did it, then decided what to do next, to fill the hours, centuries, and billions upon billions of years of it's existence.

One day it found the Earth.