Sitting seated in the silence

Downcast - yet my heart rose

When a quiet figure stood beside me

After in the room he strode

His appearance was unusual

Not in a way one could describe

Perhaps it was in the way he moved

Or that distant look held in his eyes

Suddenly he caught me staring

And he smiled pleasantly

I turned away, moments too late

To hide the color in my cheeks

His voice was warm - sweet to the ear

And he asked me for my name

But for all the stumblings of my tongue

I had such trouble telling him

His gentle smile gave way to grin

And with a tender sort of air

He gestured to the seat across

And asked me if he could sit there

The permission shyly granted him

He filled the empty space

All at once - in that chair

Then slowly, softly into my heart

Until he was the only one in there

I'm always enchanted at the remembrance

Of this precious memory held so dear

It never fades, yet it is romanticized

A little more with each passing year...

Yet that is not to say that I recall things more inaccurate...

But that proportional to our love that grows

All the more fondly I remember it...

And even if I could forget

How our love came to be...

I never would; the person I met...

Who took that seat across from me