The Forgotten Years

The Horde Wars had been going on for 6 years and they had been advancing into the Clan Empire with the furiosicty against the Keda. The Hordaic 12th and 29th Armies had besieged the city of Roma. The Remnants of the Imperial 2nd Army had fled and vowed to hold to the last. 200 men holding against 150,000 Hordaic Men, you see Roma was the religious home of the Maker. The Pope Animus Canius VII had vowed to stay and to lead the defense of Roma.

Roma, Eastern Kid Clan

The Hordaic Empire had been advancing into Kedana for 6 years, Hordaic Troops had been pillaging, murdering, and enslaving most of the Kedanan people. The Hordaic Army had besieged Roma. The Imperial Army fortified anything they could to hold back the Hordaic Army.

The Imperial Army readied for the imminent attack and fortified the gates. The Generalis on the gates and says "The Horde will take this city and burn it." His captain looks at him "Sir?" the General looks at him "The Horde will take this city and destroy it." He turns around and walks back down. The Horde is seen marching forward and the horns are blown, the day turns to night as arrows blot out the sun. The Imperial garrison on the walls ducked and about 20 were killed.

The Horde charged the walls screaming "Bataar!", when they neared the wall the archers fired 200 arrows at the horde causing a line to pile upon them. The Archers kept firing until Hordaic Archers began firing again killing the Imperial troops. The Hordaic Troops began climbing the walls and fighting the Imperial troops and began pushing them back off the walls and into the city.

The Hordaic Army over ran the walls and began advancing into the town, the Imperial Archers kept firing and firing until they were taken out. Finally the Horde pushed into the town and began to slaughter the populace. The Imperial Army attempted to hold the streets but after hours of fightinbg the Horde they surrendered.

The Clan Empire was forced into another retreat,for it had taken 400,000 losses just at Roma in a vain attempt to hold it. The Hordaic Empire had taken one of the Imperials most important Western cities. With Roma gone came a massive Imperial retreat to the east, over 14 million Imperial soldiers fled east…over 400 Armies retreated. The Hordaic Empire advanced with ferocity, the Clan Empire failed to hold the Horde on every front.

The Clan Empire eventually launched a desperate offensive known as the Gerchen Mount Offensive, which would have 20 armies advance directly west and punch a hole through the Hordaic Lines and the rest of the Armies would poor in like water and mass flank the Hordaic Armies. The offensive began and was a completeand utter failure, it had rained all across the continent the night before ( a rare event known as the may shower) and caused the roads to become pure mud causing delays with artillery and cavalry and even entire armies. The Hordaic Empire merely waited for these armies and destroyed them. The Clan Empire was in complete chaos after the failed offensive, the Military now stretched beyond belief by the failed offensive wastold to retreat to the Byzan peninsula but refused know in if the Baltica fell, Kedana and other continents would fall to the Horde.

The Hordaic Empire launched an offensive into the Baltics and broke through the intial offense and began pushing inward. The war changed entirely at the battle of Kai Yuin when the Imperial Army managed to surround and surprise attack the Horde Army, killing and wounding 600,000 and capturing over 1 million Horde soldiers to. The Clan Empire for the first time since the Redanan Campaign actually won a decisive battle against the Horde and was now in a position to attack, and they did winning another major victory over the Hordaic Empire.

The Hordaic Empire fell into a chaotic retreat and began abandoning many post. Within 6 months what had taken the horde 12 years took the Clan Empire 6 months. The Horde was fleeing off the continent at any cost. The Commonwealth was taking back there own land pushing the Horde and eventually pushed them to the Spearton Beach where they were retreating.

When the Commonwealth was able to push the remnants of the Horde off they launched a short invasion of Hordaia which failed due to little knowledge of the terrain. The Clan Empire was now in a precarious position, they had the largestmilitary in the known world and the biggest industry but the worst economy. There were demands to replace the current Redanan Head Clan with a more suitable dynasty like the Nomada or Baltica's.

The Head Clan of Redana would come under invasion from the Kid Clan, the war would last 6 days. The most decisive battle from this war was the Battle of Gauja River

The Battle of Gauja River

The Kid Clan had launched an invasion of the Redana in an attempt to take Head Clan. This was against the law in every way and a few clans (though to late) tried to reform Redana and failed.

The Kid Army had been marching for 2 days from there homeland and had been marching towards the Redanan Capital of Kai, however they could not take Kai without taking the Gauja River.

As the Kid Clan advanced towards the river explosions started going off all around and in the lines causing chaos among them. When the explosions stopped the Officer attempted to reform the Line and keep marching on only to come over a hill and see entrenched soldiersarmed with Muskets aiming down there sights at fire and many scream as they fall downed. The Kid Army charged only to be shot down by another volley The Kid Clan then began to retreat, the Redanans had held the Gauja River.

While the Redanans managed to hold the Gauja River the 2nd and 3rd Kid Armies were advancing from the east giving little to no quarter on the Redanans. The 2nd mostdecisive battle of the war was the Battle of Jin Fields where the Redanans and Kid Clan met at the Jin Valley and fought for 4 days. The Redanans nearly won the battle had they not charged Yui's Line directly.

At the end of the whole 4 days over 75,000 were dead, the Redanan Army was in shambles and Kai came under siege, the Kid Clan managed to surround Redana cutting off any support from the Baltica. The Redanan Imperial Clan officially surrenedered 2 weeks after making the war days long but it is known as the 6 Day Stand due to any major fighting ending after the Battle of Jin Fields.

The Kid Clan 2 years later was recognized as Head Clan of the Clan Empire, and King Yu was given the title Emperor Yu of Kidan. The next few centuries were prosperous, but that is another story for anotherday…