The Homofascist

That's me! =D

Ladies and gentlemen, I have yet another confession to make. After dealing with just too much from this society, I have decided to cross the line. I have officially decided to go balls out and fully adopt the label of homofascist. I am more than happy to try and coherently explain how this will affect both me and you by addressing some of the common complaints used against sexual and gender non-conformists like me.

Complaint #1: What I do is wrong, sinful, unnatural, etc.

Good. I like anything that makes conservatives uncomfortable. Conservatives have been offending me for years and years, and it's high-time I spoke up.

Complaint #2: I'm intolerant.

I am, thank you for the compliment. Tolerance is severely overrated. There is nothing to "tolerate" when it comes to who a person is born as. I also sure as hell do not have to put up with any so-called "belief" or any system of beliefs that considers me a lesser human being. Nobody is born into an ideology and if don't having your beliefs mocked, then don't believe stupid crap.

Complaint #3: I'm "politically correct."

If your idea of this fictitious concept is that nobody is right or wrong, that everyone is entitled to their stupid "opinion," and everybody is equally both the culprit and the victim no matter the situation, then no. Don't say it again. Also, if you are insinuating that representation of a human being is somehow "politically correct," I may just have to kick your ass.

Complaint #4: I don't want anyone to have a dissenting "opinion."

Once again, thank you for the compliment. What I do with my life, with my mind, with my body is entirely none of your business. Keep your mouth shut and your thoughts buried. I am the only expert when it comes to decisions made for myself. If disregard of your unwanted input based on your stupid ideas is the worst thing that has ever happened to you, then you are a lost cause.

Complaint #5: This is liberal agenda.

I have no political affiliation whatsoever and have no intention of holding any sort of position of power over anyone.

Complaint #6: You want everyone to fall in line with your beliefs.

What do I look like, a filthy christian? If you people want to live completely fruitless lives by conforming to whatever system of belief you want to tie yourself down to, I am happy for you. I, on the other hand, will set myself free by searching for the cold hard facts. Oh, and if you're offended by "filthy little Christian," good, because I repeat that nobody is born into an ideology.

I have ranted enough about how I feel about mainstream politics and civics to where that I think that you get the idea of how I feel. I am not just speaking as someone who questions his sexuality, but also as an atheist and an autistic. If breaking social norms and living my own life the way that I individually want to, as well asserting that individuality awards me the label of homofascist, then I shall wear it proudly upon my sleeve.