I sneak into your castle
Trying to figure things out
But all I see is darkness running about
And trying to make it through alive.

Searching for your distant heart
In this spiral of mazes of a tall building
That seems to be protruding iciness
With darkness swirling around.

The deeper I dwell
The stronger the darkness becomes
But I know the deeper I go
Ill find the distant light.

Everyone has different amount of barricades
That guard the most precious thing
That keeps us all alive
Even the ones that seem so cold.

My blood keeps running alongside me
The cuts seeping away my soul
The claws and fangs along with the weapons
Keep attacking me.

I get to a big door
Barely standing on my walking machines
Barley allowing air to breathe into me
Yet I pushed aside the door anyways.

My eyes get blind
From the solar within
While I feel my soul regenerating
Back into my living self.

I see you smiling at me
No darkness can touch anymore
And the castle is no more
The friendship bonds is only thing left standing.