I see the darkness swirling around
As I scan everything around me
Just wish I can purge
The deepest darkness.

Yet as the saying goes
Light needs Darkness
In order to maintain the balance
How else would everything stay in order?

Can't forget
That light can just be corrupted as darkness
So can think do something right
But in reality can be all wrong.

As I scan both of the balancers
My mind wanders off into the depths
Imagining another world
Where can run off with weapon in hand.

Imagining jumping from building to building
Running toward the sunset
Waiting for the sunrise
To know that it will always be this.

Casting away the deepest darkness
Will be temporary
As the light will be too much
And darkness will be reform.

Constant cycle
No matter what universe
Real or imaginary
The cycle continues on.

All we can do
Is keep fighting
Just like people before us
And every fictional character that lives on in us.

Trust me
Darkness becomes more apparent
In certain places
In certain people.

Just keep on going
Being careful of corrupted light
Thinking Darkness isn't needed
While we need it to know our true self.

You need your shadow and others
To appreciate the blinding light.