Author's Note:This poem was written in dedication to one of my best friends who passed away from a disease that affects so many and yet goes unnoticed. He is so difficult to describe as he was so many things: intense, deep, kind, thoughtful and fiercely loving. I hope that anyone who may read this has someone like this in their lives and that you never take them for granted.

Wonder Why

Two crimson birds within a cage,

In spirit of one kind,

Would gaze out from their metal keep,

And always question "Why?"

Why are there bars to hold us in,

With so much world out there?

And why are we the only two

Who seem to have this care?

Isn't there more to life than this,

All swallowed up in grey?

Why be content with what you've got,

Why can't we have a say?

But neither had an answer to,

The riddles broad in size.

And so remained all day and night,

Transfixed upon the skies.

But as time did pass the question stayed,

An ever present thought.

And one amongst the pair surmised,

His waiting was for naught.

To know himself was what he craved

His wings upon the breeze,

And in his heart he strove to know

What it meant to be at ease.

And so,

On one fine day much like the rest,

The horizon bright with gold

His companion woke and came to find,

She was very much alone.

Nowhere in sight could he be found

No chirping sound was made,

All that remained were memories,

But those were just a shade.

And so she sat inside the bars,

Just like they used to do,

But while forlorn she seemed to feel,

There was something that she knew:

No matter where her friend had gone,

He was now content and free,

No longer bound to all that was,

He could be all he could be.

And while she knew she had to wait,

As her time was not yet nigh

Someday soon they would meet again

And no longer wonder "Why."