So last week, Roxy spent slept over at her best friend's, Melody, house. It was the first time Roxy slept over at Melody's house, so it was a new experience to her. Anyways Roxy came over, and they spent the day with a few other friends for a few hours, making ice cream and baking chocolate chip cookies. By the time their friends left, Roxy and Melody were a bit tired but still wide awake by the time 10 o'clock hit at night.

Boredom filled Melody's room, and both of them were trying to cure it with text messaging their friends or watching stupid movies that they only use for background noise. Melody forgot to take her medicine for her stomach, so her stomach kept making rumbling noises every once in a while.

Every second Melody would ask, "Hey Roxy, want to hear my stomach?"

Roxy would roll her eyes, and say "No, you stupid bitch."

Melody would smile, and then say "Too bad." Her stomach started to rumble after each time.

A few more hours passed with laughter and stupid comments until they both felt the need to sleep, which was around one in the morning. All the lights were turned off, and both tried to get comfortable in where they were sleeping. Roxy was sleeping on Melody's bed, and Melody was sleeping on an inflatable air mattress. After an hour passed neither of them could get an ounce of sleep still in the bleak of the night.

Eventually Melody fell asleep, but Roxy still couldn't fall asleep for even a few minutes. Roxy kept tossing and turning, due to being uncomfortable in a bed that wasn't her own. Too many sounds kept plaguing Roxy while trying to sleep.

"Woosh!" "Woosh" "Woosh" These sounds kept coming from the air conditioning.

Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! The pigeon outside the window kept going on and on.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" kept coming from upstairs the apartment.

Footsteps kept thumping all around the house.

All these noises at once, made Roxy's paranoia rise up inside her. Roxy took a glance at Melody, and notice a slight rumbling sound coming from Melody. Roxy rolled her eyes a bit, and remembered earlier on how Melody kept her stomach rumbling to mess with her.

After a while Roxy drifted into an uneasy sleep, but then she heard a loud "Ssssssssssssssssss" noise coming from the outside the room. Roxy open her eyes with a feeling grogginess hitting her, and she noticed Melody was also awake. Melody was sitting up on her mattress, and looking around. The strange noise was heard again which sounded like some sort of hissing noise, and Melody decided to turn on the lights of the room. Roxy took a glance at the clock to notice it was only three in the morning, which felt strange considering Roxy was pretty sure she fell asleep after that time.

Melody looked at Roxy with a weird look plastered on her face, and asked "What the hell was that noise?!"

Roxy squinted her eyes a bit and said, "Maybe it's the cat. It sounds like a hissing noise to me."

Melody got up, and said, "Let's go see what it is, I want to know what the hell it is."

Roxy got up, and open the door. "Okay, good idea. I was having trouble sleeping anyways."

Both of them went outside into the hallway. The hallways were pitch blacked, so it was hard for either Roxy or Melody to see well, yet a faint red glow was coming from Melody's living room. They walked into the living room, and Melody flipped on the lights to be able to see better, yet the lights didn't turn on.

She tried a few more times, and then asked "What the hell is with the damn lights?!".

Roxy giggled a bit with an uneasiness feeling, and said "I think there is a ghost in your apartment, dude. "

After a few seconds Melody gave up on the light switch, and said "Screw this! I'm going to go look for flashlight. "

Roxy took a glance at the red glow, and said "Okay, while you do that, I'm going to see what that red glow is. It's giving me a weird feeling." A twitch appeared in Roxy's body, making fear enter her a bit.

"Yeah go ahead," Melody said while squinting in the darkness to look for a flashlight. Melody found a flashlight sitting on the counter top of the kitchen area, and turned it on right away.

Roxy jumped from the sudden light hitting her, and screamed "Eeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppp!"

Melody burst out laughing, and said, "I found the flashlight."

Roxy mouth turn slightly downward and her eyes had a glare tint to them. "I can see that, you stupid bitch," Roxy said

Melody stuck her tongue out, and said "Okay, now you can go check the red glow."

Roxy and Melody walked closer to the far corner of the living room where the couch and windows are to see Melody's cat, sleeping peacefully, but the strange faint red glow was actually coming from the computer in the far left corner of the living room.

"Wait, I could have sworn the red glow was coming from the right corner of the room, but okay. I must be so damn tire that my eyes are playing tricks on me," said Roxy with a confused expression spreading through her face.

Melody glanced at the red glow, and said, "This room feels so off to me right now…"

They both walked up to the computer to see the screen itself was red, and the glow was emitting it. Roxy touched the computer screen with her hands and felt a thick liquid on her fingers. Roxy pulled her hands from screen, and look at her hand.

"Omg, this is blood!" Roxy said staring intently at the dark red liquid splattered all over her hand.

Melody gives Roxy a weird look.

"Im pretty sure this isn't a trick anymore…" Roxy said with her widen eyes, and her complexion turning pale. Her heart beat started to rise each second that passes by.

Melody whispers a few words that Roxy couldn't hear at all except for the word "nightmare."

"Ssssssssssssssssssssssss," appears out from behind them.

Melody turns around and shines the flashlight at whatever is making the noise, but all she saw was a red eerie mist seeping around them, and the hissing sound growing louder. Roxy was in shock trance from the blood seeping down her fingers, and felt a presence at her legs. Roxy looked down to see Melody's cat rubbing against her leg, but when the cat looked up Roxy its eyes were beaming with blackness in the mist of red.

Melody took a glance at Roxy, mouthed the words, "Let's get the hell out of here."

Roxy understood, and both ran to the door, trying to unlock it, but the lock seems to be broken, no matter how many times they twist the lock to open the door.

Roxy whispered, "Fucking son of a bitch…." Roxy noticed the red mist was starting to surround them again, with "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" sound getting louder.

Roxy looked at her hands to notice the blood on her hands turned to black.

"I don't know what to do now…," Roxy said mumbling off into silence, while looking at her hand.

"Im getting a knife…," Melody said.

Melody ran to the counter, but tripped on something when she was close to it. She fell on her knees, and ended up lying on the floor, where a faint groan escaped her mouth. Melody looked up to notice her cat staring at her with black eyes, and his teeth were sharped with a blackish color. The one thought that both Melody and Roxy had was what the hell was going to happen to them.

Roxy was getting covered with red mist, and couldn't see anything but it.

"Get the hell away from me!" Roxy yelled at the red mist, while trying to get rid of it by waving her hands and pushing it away, but more red mist took the place of the mist she got rid of. Roxy's head started to throb from the hissing sound, and she kept starting to make words out from it. She heard the words "You are all alone!"

Tears started to plague Roxy's face, and she kept yelling, "Get away from me!"

Melody tries to get up from her cat, but realized that not one ounce of her body would move. The cat starting to hiss while the sound of a familiar voice escaped from the cat to her saying, "You don't deserve any friends!" The blackness on Roxy's hands started to seep throughout her whole body, and Roxy was paralyzed to do anything but to drift out into darkness. Melody tried to cover her ears from the familiar voice, and kept thinking that it is not true, and she deserves friends. The cat kept hissing louder and louder, and Melody couldn't take much more for it, so she kept screaming in her mind the same thought. The cat got into pouncing stance, and jumped at her with one final hiss. The last thing Melody said was screaming, "I do deserve my friends! Shut up!" until she felt a sharp stab of pain, and she too drifted out into darkness…..

Roxy and Melody both woke up at the same time, with a fast beating heart pulsing through them. The birds were chirping, and the sunlight was protruding from the little crevices of the blinds covering the windows. Roxy tried to calm herself down, and said, "It was just a dream," over and over.

Melody looked at her with a weird face and said,"I had the weirdest dream that I actually remember for once."

"Yeah, I had a weird dream too. Your apartment just gave me a damn nightmare, but then that's typical dreaming for me," Roxy said, while her heart beat started to slow down a bit.

"What was your dream about?" asked Melody.

Roxy shrugs and says " I dreamt that it was the dead of the morning, and we woke up from some strange hissing noise. We went into your living room to find a strange red glow emitting, and we both died I think. You died from you cat being possessed, and I died from the red mist I think."

Melody eyes widen slightly, and said "That's the exact dream I had too…you also had your hand covered in blood and the door wouldn't open…" Her heart sped up a bit again.

They gave each other weird looks.

"Yeah…That is so messed up. Do we really have some empathetic link with each other then?" said Roxy, while a strange feeling overtook her.

"Maybe..I don't know. We should go out into the living room," said Melody with her stomach rumbling, and strange feeling entering her also.

They walked out into the living room, and saw a flash of a glow of red light.

Roxy jumps, and emits a high pitch scream.

Melody instincts took over, and she grabbed a knife.

The red glow passed by, and they both realized that a siren was heard outside, and that it was from a police car.

Both looked at each other, and burst out laughing.

"Okay totally stupid bitches for thinking the siren of a police car was the red glow from the dream," said Roxy while laughing.

"Yeah, but you are the one that jumped and screamed like a girly girl," said Melody. Melody stuck her tongue out, and laughed some more.

Roxy glared at her a bit, but a small smile was still portrayed on her face. "Hey, you are the one that has a knife in her hand." Roxy noticed the cat walking around, and says in a teasing tone, "And what are you going to do with it? Stab your cat now?"

"No, I love my kitty!" Melody said while putting the knife away.

Roxy gave her a look, and said, "Sure you do."

Silence followed after….both wondering if it was really a nightmare or not.