From the transient axis point where all dimensions intersect, they arrived.

A vessel of unimaginable power transported through the cosmos to the furthest reaches of outer space until it finds its target: a pale blue dot ripe for cultivation. With malicious intent they descend upon our world to destroy and recreate the biosphere in the image of their own.

Every man, woman, and child gaze in awe at the imposing display of power. From the heavens a pillar of light shatters the atmosphere like glass, bombarding the firmament with otherworldly particulates. Tremors resonate through the earth as every home, every city, and even mountain is trampled beneath a tidal wave of gravitational pressure.

Our planet is driven to its knees as all species cower before this monstrous death machine. The slate wiped clean, this is no longer our home, but a floating corpse host to forces inconceivable.