As I look out of my window at the frothing blue flood of water that is the ocean, my mind wanders away from the thoughts of the mundane. I imagine a noble white unicorn galloping across the sand dunes, leaving deep gouges in the sand in its wake. I conjure up images of a gigantic garden bed filled with rutabagas watered by the sea spray picked up by the lazy breeze. I envision bright green algae coating the surface of the water, fighting against the crashing of the waves.

I look out of my window often and fantasize. A spaceship, a goddess, a bird bigger than a car. I create all of these images and more. I sometimes get reprimanded by society for daring to dream but the escape from the boring repetitiveness of "normal" life is more than worth it. Anything and everything is possible when I stare out of my window. You should try it sometime. An expanse of empty space awaits, ready to be filled.