In the mouth of sadness,

the sounds of lamenting ring out,

pleading for someone to come to her aid.

Weighed down by a steady stream of problems

that were whispered in her ear by seekers of joy.

Her cries go unanswered,

while yet more dilemmas are heaped upon her.

She is forced to bear the limitless flood of trouble

that was put upon her by unforgiving hands.

Residing in the endless darkness of despair,

having lost all hope to escape.

Hidden but not nonexistent,

trapped for all eternity.

If you listen closely you can hear her.

Perhaps you will be the one

to guide her out of concealment.

In the ears of Happiness,

The sounds of children's laughter can be heard.

Memories and anticipations of holidays fill his mind.

Friends and family surround him,

Playing games and singing songs all day.

But when the night comes,

He can hear Sadness begging and pleading for help.

Every night he inches closer to her,



One day in the far future,

He might reach her and take some of her burden

Off of her shoulders.

But for now,

He is tainted by the knowledge of Sadness,

Hidden but not nonexistent.