A single grave in the dead of night

surrounded by those of a similar sight:

Waist high and white, intricately carved, with flowers

growing so thought of this memorial never sours

despite the horrid word

you read, vision blurred.

'Victim', nothing more, brings the terrors of the past

to the front of your mind as quick as the gun's blast

that ripped the life of this innocent soul

from their hands, all for one unattainable goal.

The school books read:

"The guns fell silent at German Surrender

At 11am on the 11th of November,"

All in all, such a tragic loss.

Europe saved! But at what cost?

One war ended for another to start in a game,

a race for power restarted by those we had given the blame.

The past repeated for 'Work and Bread'.

Generations lost, the world forever in debt,

One hundred years on, lest we forget.

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