Three paths

You walk all alone through a deserted bleak road, with nothing on you besides your clothes and your dead phone laying in your soak through clingy pocket pants.

No one else is around, since this is what you wanted to be…all alone, and no one to talk to or to comfort you.

Your breathe echoes across the street with sadness seeping through your skin. You keep telling yourself that you are okay






Repeating it so many times, so maybe after a while you might actually believe it. Yet deep down your whole essence of you heart is screaming that you aren't okay.

You end up at the road dividing into three different paths that seem to be all different from each other. You turn your face to the left side of where your vision wandered off to.

The one path to your left, seems to lead to a heavily tree dense forest with little light penetrating through them. The ground is encased with blackish-brown dirt that has sprouts of leaves scattered all around, and plants arched all over the paths, just the forest cascading all over the left side. Nothing else lies in sight of you, but lush shades of green with shades of brown painting your vision.

You turn to the path that's lies right in front of you. The path in the middle is completely different from the left in which the path just leads to a door, a pale white door with nothing but the words "What lies ahead, will soon become more apparent as time flows by," etched into it. The words are written not in a straight line, but more of arch on top of the door. Your mind fills with starving curiosity, while you glance longingly at the door.

You tear yourself away from the hunger filling you, and make your irises glance at the path to the right. Again, the path is completely different from the others, and what you see is a clear cloudy, liquid wall that is taking up the whole path. You don't understand it, and you walk up to it, taking your hand and touching it. It feels cool, and you move your hand around like you are playing in a pond. All of a sudden a light emits from it, and an image appears on it. You see a young kid sitting in their small room by themselves, and just staring at their blank ceiling, looking lost. You realized it's yourself, and more images play across the liquid screen. Images of you going to school, images of you meeting your best friends, images of you feel so lost and sad like you are right now…Its all the past.

You take your hand away from the wall, and the images stop playing. You look at the other two paths, and start to wonder about the middle. You walk toward the door with the starving curiosity, and put your hand on the door. You push the door slightly open to take a glance inside, and you see a room filled with furniture, paintings, nit knacks, and so much more that make up the room. A window is seen from the other side of the room, with buildings scattered outside of it. A brown door is on the left side of the room, and it suddenly gets thrown open. An older person walks out from the door, and you feel a sense of familiar with them. They have their head down, but at the moment they looked up, you realize it's you later on in your life. The same eyes, the same weak smile, the same everything…

You close the door as fast as you can with your heart pounding, and your curiosity is hungry for more, yet you know knowing too much about what lies ahead could alter what you need to go through. You look to the right, noticing you can't hold on to the past and let it hold you back from washing away all the things you are experiencing now. And you can't let yourself be taken away from the future that hasn't happen yet, you thought while looking at the door.

You take a glance at the left path, and realize what you must do. You must stay in the present, and go into the unknown. Somehow, someway, you can't give up, no matter how bad you think of yourself, since the present is now.

You start walking to the left path, and start walking through the dense forest. You start to get dirt all over your shoes, your breath starts to speed up the more you walk, and the forest starts to get darker and denser as you walk deeper…you eventually trip over a root of a tree, and start to lie on the hard ground, thinking you can't take much of this anymore. You want to go back, back to the dreams of endlessly possibilities and how things used to be, but you can't even move so you just lie there in the thick dense of plants and close your eyes, hoping all this will end.

Seconds pass into minutes, and you still don't want to do anything anymore. You keep saying it's too hard to make it through, and you are so weak…your body can't even move anymore, and you heart starts to fill with emptiness...

You say goodbye, hoping your life will just blink out of existence any second…but you feel two hands grab your body, and pick you up. Warmth starts to fill the emptiness inside you, and you open your eyes to notice that your friends found you. You realize that you aren't ever alone, and they will always find you, no matter where you are or what happens to you.